Sunday, November 9, 2014

A New Friend.

My cup is over flowing with Joy.
It is Wilbur here... Gd-day  every one.
The sun is shining, the flowers are out and I have a FRIEND...
His name is Bucca, and he was conceived in Tuscany.
I LOVE him so much.
Ines from  Guess who made him?

He was so glad to hop out of the pretty pink box, and he jumped right onto my shoulder and whispered in my ear....'Where am I". 
"You are in Australia little bear"
I told him not to be frightened I was his best friend, and would look after him well.
I would show him all around Adelaide where I live, and I would even show him a Koala, and a Kangaroo.

He was very excited.

You can see him in the box with a delicious bear chocolate.
It must have been a little warm in the box because the bear chocolate had his nose a bit skew wiff. I can tell you he tasted soooo!!! good. Bucca and I shared.
Do you know what was keeping Bucca safe on his journey. A beautiful little blue pot, filled with Lavender to make him smell beautiful.
How thoughtful  of Ines.

Granny and I will treasure him and love him for ever. 
He will last forever and more because he is made perfectly.
Just a tiny bundle of perfection.
Thank you so much Ines.

 Granny goes to Craft on Thursdays at a church. Each year they have a Display Day showing all the wonderful crafts that are made during the year.
The bear class displayed there bears like a toy shop.
This is the shop keeper with all the money.

Can you see me whispering in a bears ear.

There were so many different crafts Granny said it would be too long to show them all, so here are just a few.

Lead Light
Panel embelishments
Wool embroidery
Wood carving

Phew... What a busy day. I had to be nice to all those bears in the shop. 
I wanted a ride on that horse, but Golly would not let me.

Oh well I'm home and both Granny and I are having toast for tea?
With honey and peanut butter. 
See... I told Granny when you are tired that is just the right thing to eat.

I'm all snuggled up in bed with little Bucca.
See you all next week.

This photo is  especially for Ines. and my followers. From my garden.

 Please go to Iris's site and see here wonderful work

My thought for the day.
"A bad attitude is like a flat Tyre.
You can't go any where with out changing it." 


  1. Dearest Kay,
    Oh my what a gift this Bucca bear from Germany is! Ines did a wonderful job on him and also for packing him up safely for the long journey.
    Your link at the top is not correct, you forgot the 'e' as the German Umlaut ä means always 'ae'...
    So you can click here: Bärenkinder
    At the bottom you mention Iris but you do mean the same Ines of course...
    Guess you were more tired from that Craft Show than the two bears were and that's okay. Some good tea does perk us up.
    Wishing you a lovely new week ahead.

  2. Ohhhhh wat een PRACHTIG beertje is Bucca Kay, en wat een bijzonder mooi cadeau!!!! Zo lief als dat kleintje op de schouder van Wilbur zit te pronken. Ik zag dat de link van Ines niet werkt Kay, hieronder de link die wel goed werkt. Bij baren moet nog een extra... e ... worden toegevoegd, kijk maar naar de link hieronder. het zou jammer zijn als niemand op het blog van Ines zou kunnen kijken.

    Leuk trouwens alle ambachten die jullie hebben bekeken, en de bloemenfoto uit jou tuin, SUPER mooi.
    Wat een fantastische weelde om daar van te kunnen genieten.

    Wens jullie een fijne week toe,

    Veel liefs,

  3. Dear Wilbur, I am in totally enchanted by your new Firend :)
    Bucca is absolutely adorable!
    and what nice events are always happening around you:) that handcrafts exhibition is just great!

  4. Wilbur,your new friend is so pretty being blue and so sweet.The displays look amazing. There certainly is lots of talent there.

  5. Sono felice che tu abbia un nuovo amico! E' proprio carino!

  6. Hi Wilbur and Granny! You are greatly loved in the blogisphere - what a beautiful gift of friendship and appreciation is little Bucca. How is he settling in? Give him our love - we look forward to meeting him in person one day soon. Love from Kayzy and the Critters :)

  7. A bundle of perfection ... Bucca is certainly very special and travelling all the way from Tuscany must have been quite an adventure. I do hope he likes honey.

  8. Hello Wilbur and Granny! How nice! a little blue bear coming to live with you and a special new friend for you Wilbur! Wow!
    Bucca will never feel lonely, I'm sure! How exciting you will show Bucca a Kaola and a Kangaroo!

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures; I'm beginning to believe Australia must be one of the most creative countries in the world!

    Big Hugs! Pink

  9. Oh what a cute little bear! Bucca is really sweet with his blue fur. Please take good care of your little friend and have a lot of fun with him... ;-)

    Tinchen and the reporter-girls


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