Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm all wrapped up.

It's present wrapping day.
I don't understand these Humans... "Granny why are you wrapping every present with the same coloured Paper.""Well you see Wilbur, every year I have a theme, and this year it is red and white stripe. Last year it was plain white, The year before that was silver. Do you get the hang of it."  Well how do we know who's present is who's.
"We get little tags like this to put the peoples name on it." Ok, I suppose that will work. 
Boy I was all tied up in ribbon and sticky tape, and paper. We had loads of wrapping to do.
Granny said we had to stop for supper and we will do some more tomorrow.
I've had this wrapping today, BUT it makes me think Christmas is getting closer every day.
I am so excited. I keep wondering what I might get in my stocking.......
Before I go, I wanted to show you our purple driveway. The Jacaranda's are nearly finished and I haven't posted a purple post, so I thought I would show you our pretty driveway.
The perfume is wonderful.
Well I am having toast Peanut butter and Honey for supper, with a lovely warm glass of milk.
Now its off to bed, and guess what, all I can see are stripes. Granny said to count sheep if I can't sleep. Well I tell you all the sheep have stripy coats, and that puts me off.
Oh well morning will come soon enough.
See you all next week.

and Merry Christmas to all my lovely followers.

My thought for the day.
"Happiness is a perfume you can not pour on others,
with out getting a little on yourself."
by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Market.

The Christmas Market.

Granny and I got up early to go to the Christmas market at Marion.
What a lot of Christmas things there were. I probably won't say a lot because there are quite a lot of pictures.
When you see all the goodies you will know why I had a Great time.
These are some of the snow men that Granny made last week.

There was a whole table of Santa Pinata's. I was trying to make friends because I know they had lots of lollies inside them.
There was a second hand book stall, Granny said" to pass the time, read a book."
Well look at the book beside me, I picked it up and I wasn't game to turn the first page. It looked far too scary for me. Especially at a Christmas market.
 Now this Santa sack looks just the right size for me. I told Granny I need my own sack. Not just added on to the Grand kids sack. 
This lady had wonderful quilts and stitchery's. 
 It even says Love your Family. Well I do love my family very much ... hmmmm most of the time.
Now we are getting serious. A trader outside had the most amazing STRAWBERRY'S
He said I could taste as many as I wanted. Well Granny felt as though she needed to buy several punnets  to give to neighbours, because I ate so many. They were the most delicious strawberry's Granny had every tasted. 
There was a table that looked just like a Forrest. It was full of Christmas trees. This is just a few.
 The lady that painted this little reindeer is a special friend of Granny's. She paints really well. 
 On her stall I found this sign.It says Grandparents fill the world with LOVE.
I do believe that, don't you.
There was cake
Christmas ornaments.
Plus biscuits made like Christmas trees. 
On the same stall there were Reindeer. They look real, I hope they taste like chocolate. 
Plus little plum Puddings, YUM YUM... 
Then Santa's little helper handed out lollies. I made sure I made friends with him. He even gave me the biggest cuddle.
I felt very important in the Helpers arms. Can you see me waving to every one.

Well Granny said only a light supper tonight, because she thought I might get a tummy ache, because I had tasted so many things.
Just a half a slice of toast, peanut butter and honey.
Then Off to bed. I am getting out a Christmas book that tells about the very First Christmas to read tonight.

See you all next week.


Welcome to Liane Brocante.
Liane makes wonderful bears and hats. Plus things for Flea market.
Visit her at 

My thought for the day...
" The decision to have a child is to accept ,
that your heart will forever walk about outside your body."

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!!

 Granny and I are making snow men...
They have no stuffu'n, no white paint, no faces or hats, just nuth'n...
Get this, I think Granny has lost her marbles, it has been 40 deg here this week and she decides to make of all thing Snow men.
We its not 40 deg today, just a beautiful 25deg. so I guess I will let her dream. She dreams all the time of living in a country where it snows for Christmas. She says "how romantic it would be". I say "I'd freeze my paws off." She says "Think of mulled wine, on an open fire". I say" I just want my normal Chocolate milk."
She say " We could build a snow man." I say we could do that here."
Well the Snow man that we are going to make, do not melt. Well I don't think they melt?
We cut them out in calico, then put tiny little pebbles in them so they would stand up.
They did look all floppy before they were stuffed.
In this picture some are stuffed and some not. I had to help with the stuffing, I was getting quite hot with all this hard work, plus all that fluff and stuff was getting up my nose.
A little Snow man that Granny made last year was all worried he would melt.
Never fear when Wilbur is here. 
 These two were scared to death; and being a bear I had to get my thinking cap on.

See I knew I could solve the problem. I just needed to squeeze into a space in the fridge and I knew he would be hunky Dory. That little snow man was so happy he thought he could get all his mates in that fridge. So out were thrown the butter, the cream and yoghurt . I still think it will be a squeeze.' Come here little frosty and see if this is better". Oh no "Stone the crows" its freezing, can you see my teeth chattering.

Well little frosty you can stay there I am hopping out.    I told the Snowies they could go and live in the picture below.   I need  Warm chocolate milk with toast, peanut butter and honey. YUM...YUM.. in my tum.
See you all next week. 

to a new follower this week.

Marion Krauskopf
Marion comes from Germany, I guess it is snowing there?
She makes wonderful bear, go and have a peek at

"Almost all of our unhappiness is the result of comparing ourselves to others."