Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting excited about  camp...

I am dreaming about camp, and thinking about camp, and talking about camp...

It is driving Granny batty, because she tells me I ask her 10 times a day " how long before camp"
So she said I could see for myself how long. Granny found a calendar and said every morning I could tick the days off. I had my picture with the first tick. It was on 23rd March. I have 2 more ticks now.

Ohhh!!! dear there is a lot of ticks to go before camp...
It did make me feel a bit better because Granny said that she needed to take my shots up a little, she didn't think I would grow that much before camp. 

I hate having to stand still on the table while Granny pins up my shorts.
The ruler comes out and those terrible pins...

"Granny don't prick me I don't like this one little bit."
I had to hold my arm up high I don't want pricks in my paws.
Granny said "Now see what happens when you wriggle Wilbur, one leg is longer that the other you must stand STILL".
I told Granny I don't care how long the legs of my short are I am sick of standing still and those pins frighten me. So she said we could have a break and try latter. I say MUCH latter.
Before supper I was reading a book about Gollies, because I am still missing Golly a bit.
He was my best friend and "Friends are the best things in life." 

Guess what I had for supper? You will never guess!!! Peanut butter on toast, and a glass on warm milk.
See you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur

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Phil is a graphic artist from Russia. She is a doll maker her blog name is "Mottley  Grass" take a peep at her site.

"Take time for friendship,
its the source of all happiness."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Rastis is a little bunny 16cm.tall and he is made from soft, luxurious alpaca, in a light fawn colour.
He is 5 way jointed with his head jointed with a cotter pin and arms and legs jointed with bolts and lock nuts.
His soft ear lining is of ultra suede, the same as his hopperty little paw pads. He has a fluffy white
 tail made from mohair.
His shinny little black eyes are made from glass. His face has been shaded to give depth and expression to his cute little face.
As you can see he has a back pack made of leather and is holding 3 hand felted carrots, that Rastis has picked out of the neighbours vegie patch. They were so crisp and juicy, he could not resist.
He stands well on his own because of crushed garnet in his feet for weight. and is filled with poly fill.
He can also stand very well in the running position, because he is so used to running away from the farmers vegie patch.
Rastis is NOT suitable for children because of small parts.


$80.00 Australian dollars, plus Postage. (I only send registered post)
I accept Pay Pal, Direct Credit, and Money Order.
If you would like more information please email me.
Rastis is looking for a new home, as long as there is a vegie patch next door.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some One is Missing...

Some one is missing!!!
Do you know the feeling when you love some one and they are not with you.
Well that is just how I feel. Beary sad.
Golly and I had been playing out side, climbing trees all day. When we came in for lunch, Granny said to Golly. " Golly, can you remember when no body loved you, and then we found you, and now we love you very much, and always will."  "Well now there are more people who love you, they wanted to ask you if you would like to go and live at their house. They have children that love Gollies to bits, plus they have a whole family of Gollies. They thought you might like to live with a big family of Gollies."

Wait up Granny what are you saying.... Golly won't sleep with me.....

Granny said that Golly wouldn't sleep with me, but we could write letters and send pictures to each other.
Golly said he loves children, and he really likes other Gollies, and he decided to go.
I was so up set, I hugged Golly tight and told him I would never, never stop loving him.
And I am real sorry for shutting him in the cupboard, and all the squabbles we had.
So I hugged him more and I told him I would write often.
Granny had to get tissues to dry my eyes, then we both gave Golly squishy hugs and kisses to last a long time.
Granny said if he didn't like it he could always come back to our home.

Sob.... Sob.. Sob.... when I went inside.

Granny told me she had some thing to cheer me up. I thought nothing would make me.. FEEL..BETTER.
She came out of her bedroom with a letter she got today saying
Greetings from CAMP GOOD BEAR.
Ooow. they was news about the camp I am going on...
It was so exciting I can't tell you all about it today, but the fun bit is this....
It gave us a list of clothes we have to take.
"Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb/. jammies, bearing suits, sunscreen, perhaps their favourite blankie and pillow (we do have little" homesick" cubs that first day or two and having their blankie does help)."

Well guess what, Granny said I have a little present for you. 
Da Da... out came these smashing budgie smuggler bear suits. I love the red colour, I could see my self surfing in those bear suits.
Have a look how smashing I look.
I wish you could see me Golly, I will have to send you a picture.

I wonder what Golly is having for supper.
Do you think it will be toast and peanut butter like me. I hope they know he doesn't like his warm milk too hot. " Granny they won't give him his milk hot will they".   Granny says they will look after him well and stop worrying.

 Granny says she has another surprise for me, if I stop crying tomorrow.
Something for camp. I will try not to cry, but sometimes my eyes just leak....
See you all next week.

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"D Bears"  are from Germany,
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My thought for the week.
"Some people come into our lives and quickly go,
Some stay for awhile, leave foot prints on our hearts,
and we are never ever the same."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day of Fun and a Few Quarrels

 A Day Of Fun And A Few Quarrels

Granny was gardening because it was such a sunny day. So we were playing hide and seek in the garden.
WELL it WAS, such fun until I could not find Golly. He is so, so hard to find because he is BLACK.
Golly was hiding in the cupboard where Granny keeps her  spray.  All I could see was two tiny white dots that are Golly's eyes. He was so hard to find I thought it would be fun to shut him in.
So shut went the door, and I ran behind the bushes to see what would happen. Well what a whoose  Golly was. He was yelling" Let Me Out" "Let me out, Wilbur I won't play with you ever again." 
No way was I going to let him out,..... no way. Now I tell you a secret. If he was not a whoose  I might have let him out, so I just sat behind the bush. All I could hear was him banging on the wire. Eventually along came Granny and said in a very cross voice" You boys, you will be the death of me, now Golly get out of there."
She opened the door and out he popped. "Come inside both of you at once."
We were not allowed to play outside for the rest of the day, so we got the trucks and trains out.
 OF COURSE GOLLY HAD TO HAVE FIRST PICK. Spoilt brat. So he had the train; I really didn't mind. All was going well, when Golly was saying "Look out Wilbur,  the train is going to crash into you.
"Don't do that Golly, I don't want to crash." You are messing up my play. Grrrr annoying little so and so.
So he went away and did his own thing. I found a bunny Granny has not finished making, on the table and thought it would be so much fun to take bunny for a ride on my truck.

Until you know who, comes from no where and crashed the truck with bunny on. Oh dear....
Granny was not a happy chappy, when she found out we were playing with her unfinished bunny.
He didn't even have his tail on.

Oh well sometimes play is fun and sometimes if we don't listen to one another it goes wrong.
We had peanut paste on toast and a glass of hot chocolate for supper.

Then Granny read us a story about Bush Creatures. 
Do you all know what a Poteroo is? Well it is a tiny little animal a bit like a kangaroo.
We learnt about echindna's and snakes and lizards, all kind of things that live in the bush. 
Lights out. Time to sleep, I can still see golly is not asleep, his white eyes are still showing.
I give him a hug just encase he is frightened.

See you all next week.

 Thanks to all my friend for commenting on my blog.

 Thought of the week:
The poorest person is not one who doesn't have a cent,
but he doesn't have a dream.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I love this little fellow, he was so good to make because the mink I had was beautiful.
He is 20cm. tall and as soft as soft.
He has a special place in my heart, but I must not let it get to me because he is for an order.
Hope you like him too.
Hugs Kay.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

An encounter with BEE'S

Golly and I  had been outside playing with our neighbour. They are lucky children they have a little car. We had such fun racing around the lawn. We made out we were in the Grand Prix.

Look out we are coming fast. Golly is yelling, "Put the peddle down faster." Wwwwooow it was making me dizzy.
We came home and our tummies were grumbling... Granny was in the sewing room, so we thought she wouldn't know if we pinched the honey bottle and some bread.

Oh NO She is yelling out. " What are you to rug rats up to, I can hear you in the kitchen. What are you doing ?"
" Nuthin, nothing at all Granny really, we are doing Nuthin."   "OK be good kids."
We went out into the garden under the camellia tree, where it was dark and dirty and snaily, and it felt like our cubby. No one could see us in this dark cubby. We got a slice of bread from the kitchen as well.
"Me first "said Golly, so Golly went to up end the Honey and, guess what landed on his bread.
"Don't kick it off Wilbur it might get cross."
Just as I was going to get it off the bread, one landed on my nose.
"Oh dear, oh dear, Golly what are we going to do. I must stay still or he will sting me."

Now we are in big trouble one landed on the honey pot.

I am going to call Granny, I think she needs to come and rescue us.
Granny help we need you quickly".
Granny was yelling out "I can't find you, where are you"." Here Granny,under the bush."
She eventually found us because the honey pot was yellow.
"Granny help the bee's are getting us."
She scooped us up and took us inside real quick. Well the big.... talkin to happened. It was very big.....
We were told in a very cross voice not to pinch the honey in future, and to ask for some bread if we were hungry.
Well no honey, it is still outside in the dark; but we had Peanut Paste and went to bed feeling as though we had been very naughty. So we yelled out to Granny, "Sorry Granny ,we won't do that again."
Just a little warning to all you bears out there. DON'T STEEL THE HONEY, it is not worth it.
See you all next week.


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My thought of the week
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."