Saturday, February 25, 2012

I went to press save and my finger slipped, so Wilbur posted early.
Hugs Granny

Granny and I went to the play ground this morning and  we were so surprised when we could hear sobbing coming from one of the little cubby houses. We went over to see what it was and there sitting in the door way was a little black golly. I felt so, so sorry for that little chap, and asked him his name. All we heard was sob, sob, sniff, sniff. Wedried his eyes and I  put my arms around him, and told him not to worryI would be his friend, and we would try and find his Mom.
Granny got on her phone and no luck at all. So we said to the golly ( because we didn't know his name)   "would you  like to play .".
 We went to the swings, He was all upset so I  let him sit on my lap to have a swing.
Hang on tight Golly, Granny will wizz us."Only go slowly Granny I don't want him frightened." 
This rocky horse was better not so scary.
Granny was watching from the bench and her heart took a leap when Golly got up on the fort first, and was reaching down to give me a help up.
We sat up there talking for ages, he was telling me how sad he was because he knew he was left at the playground because no body wanted him. I was telling  him about where I lived and about my snugly bead, and my toast and peanut butter. Golly said because he was black the thing he liked on toast was Vegemite.
He told me he was very hungry.
Then I ran over to Granny and asked if he could come and live with us. I said I didn't mind if we had to share a bed. I just couldn't let Golly sleep outside one more night.
Granny said Yes.
So I went over to a tree and sat down and told Golly to climb up on my back and I would give him a piggy back all the way home. I had Peanut paste on toast and Golly had vegemite on toast. I will show you another day. We just want to go to bed and talk.
See you all next week.

Big Surprises in a post package.
Thank you so  much Marie Christine from One Toe Bears.
I was the very, very lucky winner of her valentine Give Away.
We opened that parcel and what do you think we found?
The most darling little bear with a big pink heart saying he loved us.
Tears were flowing down Granny's face. We quickly got him out of that box he had to travel all over the sea in. All the way from Holland.
When we got him out guess what there was more. Lovely luscious raspberry mohair and some ultra suede,
That's not all there is MORE  a beautiful necklace with the Eiffel tower on and a charm.
Granny could not believe how lucky we were.
Thank you so much Marie-Christine.xxxxxx  big Hugs from Australia.


Elvena Sviridor we do hope you enjoy visiting us, and following our adventures.
Elvena has a lovely blog with some great Teddy Bears on have a look.
We always love having more friends.

My thought for the week:
"Peace is seeing a sunset and knowing who to thank."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cookie Crumble is a cute little 20cm bear.
He loves to take cakes and cookies to his friends.

Cookie Crumble is 20cm tall and is made out of a very soft pale grey alpaca. He has been sculpted with scissors and needle to get his facial expression. His bright shinning  black glass eyes, with whites, look into your heart. His little button nose has been embroidered, waxed and shone.
His paw pads are made of ultra suede and his body is filled with glass beads and poly fill.
He can move his arms and legs as well as his head., being 5 way jointed, with cotter pin , bolts and lock nuts.
He is looking for a mum who bakes cakes.

$90.00 Australian dollars, plus postage. (I only send registered post)
I accept, Pay Pal, Money Order or Direct Credit.
If you are interested please email me for any info.
Cookie Crumble is ready to post now.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

5.30 Sunday morning???
That means one thing.

The picture of the clock is so bad because Granny didn't even have her eyes open. 

 I always find a few friends at the market like this dog. His mum was selling bandanna's for dogs and bones in pretty colours. All sorts odd doggy things. 

I don't know what this market is turning into. Lots of doggy things. Can you believe, there was a stall called Pup Cakes. They even had cakes for dogs. (What about bears)
It was early and every one was setting up their stall, Granny was quite taken with this lovely Olive oil stall, it had nice olives as well. I thought I looked like king of the olives.
OK Granny can't go past pretties. These where lovely bright paper pretties.
Hmmm! You know I don't like pants. Well some one else doesn't like pants. They chopped the legs off,and made bags for girls. Good Idea!!!
Oh no! Granny keeps looking for bathers for me. These were far too small. Really a bear likes to swim with just his fur on.

Have you ever heard of lolly pizza's. Well here they are. Da Da... Granny kept saying it is toooo much and it is toooo big, and  too fatening and wouldn't buy me one. 

This lady had little bells made out of pods, I was playing with them and sure enough what comes out but earrings; just to see how they look. RUN Wilbur Run !!! I kept telling myself.
Well we are back at Granny's stall with the teddies and I feel at home here. The only problem is that it is such a long day.
Got home, I wanted to put my feet up on the lounge, but Granny was calling out. 
"Wilbur, please come and help unpack." A bears work is never done.
It wasn't long before she made me a big glass of chocolate milk and peanut paste on toast for supper.
Some times I work so hard I just need to go to bed.
See you all next week.

New friends are very welcome.
We love you spending time and visiting us. 
Ece Hanson from  has joined us.
Ece comes from California, take a peep at her lovely blog.

Also lovely Yana Shefter from Russia joined us as well. she has a lovely give away on her blog.
Take a look at

My thought for the day.
"Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Wattle

New Wattle Tea Cosy
 This tea cosy is hand felted with muted greens. The leaves are hand wired for form, with the fluffy balls of wattle.
Keep your tea warm with a hand felted tea cosy.

$40.00 Australian dollars, plus postage. ( I only send registered mail.)
I will accept Pay Pal, Direct credit or Money Order.
Please email me for more information. or to order.
This tea cosy is ready to post now.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Join me for a garden party
 I would love all my friends to join me for a garden party for Valentines day.
To all the people who live in the Northern hemisphere; come and join us, we are basking in the sun.
DA, DA!!! can you remember the blood sweat and tears I put into sanding this heart for Granny. Well here it is. I thought I would show you all before I wrapped it up. I know she will love it.
Guess what, I am sooooo, sooo excited the postmen came with a letter addressed to me. It must be special because it came by air mail, and it had a little bear holding a heart on the out side. 
Wow!! some one loves me.....xxxx The card has a big polar bear on it with lots of hearts (Swoon) of all different colours. My little heart is going boom diddy, boom, diddy boom boom boom. Who is it from?
I can't believe it; it is from my dearest friend Prudence. She is the sweetest bear that ever there was, fancy sending me a valentines day card. I will put it under my pillow and dream about her. Thanks Prudence.xx
I think if I jump in a pretty red bag, and tell Granny I love her with all of ME!!!!! do you think she would like it? I would have my little parcel to give her at the bottom of the bag for a SURPRISE,
I want all the people who read my story to know how much I love them. This is smooches from me, just for you.

 I picked this rose as a present from me, especially for you.
All this excitement is making me tired, Early to bed with peanut butter on toast for supper.
Granny please,
Please Granny will you get my card from Prudence I need to have beautiful dreams!

Welcome to my new followers.

All followers of my blog are my friends,  you will always find  love and shelter here. Today we Welcome:
Mimi from
Mimi makes the most wonderful cloth dolls. Pop over and take a look.

Welcome also to Lorraine Young Pottery, we love having you follow us.

We want to also make Anya welcome. Anya comes from Russia and makes the most amazing creatures; like hedgehogs, and Rams. It is well worth having a look.

My thought for the week
To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, and sing it to them when they have forgotten.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My blog was recently tagged by a dear friend, Maddy Rose, who has the delightfully and warm blog,  featuring her wonderful paper mache'.( Santa and the Mrs. )with the Liebster blog award. Liebster is German for favorite. This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers. I'm supposed to list the names of five blogs I follow that have less than 200 followers and it hasn't been easy.  I've finally settled on the five that are listed below.

2. Kayzy'



The rules are to list the five blogs and make contact by leaving a message in the comment window letting the blog owner know they've been tagged. 

Do a post telling who the award came from and finally put a copy of the award on the side bar you your blog to be copied by the award recipients.

Thank you for thinking of me, Maddy Rose  and hopefully the bloggers whose blogs I have tagged will know I tagged them because their blogs are deserving.

As always, thanks for stopping by.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

SHHH!!!!! Don't tell Granny what I'm doing.
It is a surprise.
Can you remember we made these hearts last week. WELL Dear Maddy Rose  from the blog Santa and the Mrs. gave Granny the recipe, and she must be better than me, because the sanding is driving me nuts.... did you hear me nuts...
Maddy Rose must be such a patient person how does she sand all those Santa's that she makes.
Then I had to paint my smooth heart. The other two I will just call rustic heart. (Now there is nothing wrong with rustic hearts they love just as well. Well I say they do.)
After it was dry, I painted glue all over it, then sprinkled it with Sugar.... NO, NO, I was only joking.The ants would have a lovely picnic if I put sugar on it. It is crystallised glass. So it looks like sugar.
Now to choose a ribbon. Oh dear I hope Granny doesn't mind me getting her ribbons in a mess. I will say the next door neighbours cat did it. Well for the final thing you will have to wait. I have a few more touches to put on it before I show you my final art work.
I feel like a milk shake that I had last week. "Granny can I please have a green milk shake." She shouts back
"No Wilbur the milk is getting low, you will want it saved for your hot chocolate tonight." As if she knows what I wan't. I wan't a milk shake now. "Granny can I have 1/2 a milk shake." "  No Wilbur, did you hear me we are short of milk."  She is being very hard to get on with at the moment, especially when I have been working so hard. "Granny can I please have a 1/4 of a milk shake"  "OK if that will stop you pestering me."
All that work for a 1/4 of a milk shake.

Can't wait for the full glass of hot chocolate tonight.
Of course the peanut butter as well.
See you all next week.

Big bear hugs and welcome to PEA, Misty and Tiffany.  They all live at
Check those rascal bears out. She has a lovely blog from her kitchen as well.

Big bear hugs to Jasmine, we love having you follow us Jasmine.

Bear hugs also to Susan from
She has lovely flowers and things she has done, to make her house a home. Go and have a peep.

I'm being naughty because Granny didn't give me a big milk shake. Our thought for the day is:...
Kitchen pickers
Bigger knickers ha, ha, ha.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shelli is 16 1/2 cm tall, go to my bear page to see all her details.

 Winky is made from hand dyed silk, and is 15cm tall. Go to my bear page to read all about him.
He needs a kiss good night.