Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can you keep a secret.


We have flowers every where. I can't tell you what for because I would be in trouble, but I can tell you we celebrated you know who's B....................y . OK I know it is code language, but you get my drift. Some people get sensitive!!!!! 
All of these flowers are over a week old so they still look, and smell lovely. 
Don't get idea's all of my girlfriends out there!!!! They are for my Granny.
She had so many friends that gave her flowers and cards. I really think they come some times because they like ME!!!
We had lots of cups of tea and coffee. I just came in for the cake and biscuits.

There was far tooo much talking and boring stuff going on inside so I have been practicing my skate board riding all week. I am getting better, although those jumps scare me a bit. I think I will be a speed racer.
What fun.

This has tired me out. When every one had gone home, Granny took her shoes off and sat in a comfy chair for a snooze. 
I had to wake her for my toast with honey and peanut butter supper.

See you all next week.

Welcome to all my followers, Granny and I appreciate all your lovely comments.

My thought of the week:---
"Figures don't lie---------but girdles often re-distribute the truth."

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Day in the Garden

A day in the garden
 Granny had a morning in the garden, and I wanted to help.
I was digging and found these worms. I thought fishing.... but then I thought I could keep them for a pet. "Hey Granny can I keep these worms for a pet." can you believe she said NO. They have to dig the garden. "Has she gone loopy, I can't see any shovels on the end of these worms."  "Granny they can't dig the garden they haven't got a shovel." 
"Wilbur they don't need a shovel, they dig by eating the soil and it comes out the other end and it lets oxygen into the soil."  "WHAT!!!!!". YUK!!!!!!. Have you ever heard of something so strange? Oh well, I sat down in a huff and I sure when pale with pain. I sat on a prickle. "Granny please pick me up quickly." 
 She pulled the prickle out (of guess where) and sat me near the beautiful Jasmine. It really smells so beautiful, it made me forget about the prickle. I dreamed of some one.
I do wish you could smell it. I would like to make a posy to send to a friend. I'm not saying who this friend is!!! I know she would love the perfume if it didn't die before it reached her house.

Its Supper time with beautiful runny Honey and peanut butter on toast.
See you all next week,

I'm sending all my followers this beautiful rose today, to say Thank You for following me.

My thought for the week:-
"Don't waste time looking at your hill,-climb it."

Sunday, September 15, 2013

To Market to Market...

An early morning rise.
We went to the Market on Oaklands.
It has been ages since I went to the market.
Talk about an early rise, at least it is spring now and not as cold as winter.
I found these apples, they were cute pin cushions and they even had a ladybird on their leave. I was thinking more about playing football with them.
Ahrrr.... love hearts. Well I think Granny should have one of these. You put your hand in the middle of the heart and wallah!!! it becomes a pot holder. 
I got the early morning munchies.. You know how it is when your tummy rumbles.
I found just the right thing. A cherry ripe chocolate cake. Yum!! 
I did find a friend to play with.
What to you think of Luscious Kitty. She tells me she is very polite, and hold the door open for people. Especially when it is windy.
I just wish you could see this stall in the real. It has the most lovely Christmas decorations that have been all hand painted by this lovely gentleman's wife. I thought he had the best smile and made the picture very happy.
Can you see these little flower fairy's, Granny fell in love with them. 
Well the hat parade again!!!
What do you think suits me best. 
Monkey or Ladybug.
I think I am going Ladybug.
I feel as though I could be a pilot in this hat.
We do have amazing things at Market on Oaklands. You need to come and have a look. 
By lunch time I felt so worn out from our early morning start. I found this lovely lady who said I could curl up and have a snooze on her very bright lovely cushions and quilts. They are from Bohemian Decor. I was dreaming I was looking through a kaleidoscope.

Granny had a bear that she only finished late last night, and it didn't even have its photo taken and it sold. I was so sad, I really wanted it as my friend.
She did have a photo of it before she did more scissor work, and shading to his face, which made him look cute.
Here he is before he had his shading done.
I'm eating Toast, honey and peanut butter for super, and I am getting drips on my fur, just because I put too much honey on. (Don't tell Granny) I will lick it off when I am in bed.

See you all next week.

Welcome to Cathy who lives in NY. She has a beautiful cat.

My thought for the day.
"A smile is the lighting system of the face,
and the heating system of the heart."

Monday, September 9, 2013

Wilbur goes to school.

Granny said I had to go to school.
I was getting a biscuit out of the jar, when Granny said "Only one Wilbur.' Well I took one. Then she said "did you have one before".
Well I had to say yes because I was taught never to tell lies.
That's when the TROUBLE started.
"Wilbur if you had one biscuit before and another one now that is NOT one biscuit. it is 2....
Well I thought it was one then and one now, and perhaps one later on. Perhaps one just before bed would be good as well.
"Wilbur you will have to go to school to learn how to add up.
The teacher looked fairly old he had crooked glasses on. There were 2 other bears in class. One was a sooky and would not put her pillow down. It was a wonder she didn't suck her thumb.
Then there was the pink girl. Well I learnt a little about her as well. 
Some things Granny did teach me, and that was to be polite. I don't know who taught  these two girls!!!!

"I wan't the sharpener and the rubber nest to me"....." You can't have it it's mine... NO the pink pencil matches my pillow. I want the pink pencil."
NO please or thank you.
 Get off the table girls.  Sooky tried to take my pencil, and write on my paper. Grrr. I didn't say any thing, I thought the teacher would tell them to stop it. 
Bossy britches was on the table telling Sooky she would pinch her.  Then there was a yell!!! she let out a scream. It woke the teacher up (I thought he must have been asleep.) He told those girls to get off the desk right away and to give the pencils back. They could only have one. (He seemed very cross.)
I asked if I could learn from the book about Potions and Solutions, it looks far more interesting than sums. I was told NO.... by Mr. Grumpy. He said I had to keep practicing my sums so I didn't take too many biscuits.
I promise Granny I will try harder to count the biscuits next time.
At least I did have manners.
ONE piece of toast, peanut butter and honey with ONE glass of milk tonight.
I think I will dream of counting cookies until I go to sleep.

See you all next week.

To all my lovely readers. We love hearing from you. Thank You.

My thought for the day.
"An antique is something that's been useless for so long, it's still in excellent condition."

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spooky tree's

Spook's and scary tree's
Granny was going to visit a friend in hospital, so I said I would go for the ride and read my book while she visited. (I don't like hospitals.)

When we got there she said "Wilbur don't open the door for any one."
Well...... I looked out the window and I saw all these trees. They looked as though they came out of a Harry Potter story.
I just had to hop out of the car and have a closer look. Talk about spooky,they
were all twisty and knobbly.

Well it wouldn't hurt to climb them a little bit would it? There were so many foot holes it was fun.
Then things went a bit wrong!!!!
Can you see that hole just in the picture to the left of my ear. 
Guess what came out of that hole???
A terrible frightening wasp.He looked so fearst, I told him to buzz off, good and loud.
Then he came and looked me in the eye, 
My legs were all a quiver, and my heart was racing, I felt so frightened. I was the one who buzzed off. 
Very quickly..and very fast..

Oh dear what if he follows me??? Granny said to not get out the car!!!!
My world went gray and cold "Harry Potter you can have all the spooky trees you want. "

I jumped back in the car and shut the door quickly. I put my book over my head and just then Granny came back.
"Wilbur what are you puffing for and why have you got the book over your head."
I just told her it was a scary story, and I was shading my eyes.

Don't tell Granny!!! (I always feel safe when she is around, I  feel safe and I know nothing bad will happen to me.)

We went home and had some slice Granny made with honey .
Plus peanut butter and honey on toast, of course.

I hope I don't dream tonight?
I will catch up with you all soon.

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                                               My thought for the day:-      

                                        "When God  measures a person,
He puts a tape around the heart 
instead of the head."