Sunday, October 26, 2014

Perfume and Prickles

Roses, Roses every where.
If you live in South Australia, you would know how beautiful the roses are this year.
Granny brings them inside, de-prickels them and puts them in a vase, then a few days latter she chucks them out. I don't.... don't... understand her at all.
If she wants to smell the roses why doesn't she go outside, because there is plenty of perfume out there.

Now I bet two bob, that you think this rose is a painting... Nup...
Granny went to the rose show and took some photos.
These are not in our garden

Some one!!! we don't know who!!!! must have very soar fingers de-prickeling all of these roses

Now this is our famous Sydney Harbor Bridge with the opera house in the forground (Well it is make out.) Just in case you think a sheet is water?? 

Granny wants this rose in her garden.. Well first question... Does it have prickles.
I am sick to death of prickles.. Every time I chase a ball it goes under the rose bush. My beautiful fur gets all tangled. and guess what????
Bears have blood too.

I have been all day chasing the earwigs off the roses. They get inside the flowers and have a chew.

Oh well I need to come inside and get de tangles and de scratched.
I have the sneezes from all the pollen.
A working bear needs supper served up to him. 
Toast with honey and peanut butter.
Plus a big mug of warm chocolate milk.

I will see you all next week when I have stopped sneezing.

Granny picked this rose from her garden for all her family of followers.

My thought for the week.

"If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose,
you must accept the thorns which it bears"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Voices of the village.

Voices of the Village.
That is where I went today. 
I went up to Gallery one, where Granny teaches, because they were having a very special day. With lots of different cultures, music and art.
The sun was shining and every one had a great day.
We heard the band play, 
I did painting with Judith Hombsch, She is a real artist!!!!

I helped Judy Styles with felting 

There was a lovely patchwork stall selling raffel tickets for Childhood Cancer.
I'm sure I will win. Then I will have a new quilt to snuggle under.

 Wow!!!!! dazzling Belly dancers, were dancing.

These ladies were getting into their very pretty costumes 
I was holding my breath with such beautiful music. 
These guys are GOOD...
Robert Zumac and his mate Tommy, from "Les Gitans Blancs"

There was food from heaps and heaps of different countries. It all smelt amazing.
Guess what they didn't have, toast with peanut butter and honey. (Bear Food).

Gosh you want to see my master piece. Well I guess with the help of Judith Hombsch... I think I helped pretty good, don't you? 
Granny demonstrated making bears all day. she is sewing another little mink bear.

Well I could not wait to come home and have toast, honey and peanut butter for supper. YUM!!!!

Do you know what!!!! I think I will be an artist when I grow up????
May be.

The roses are so beautiful in Adelaide at the moment. I might show you some pictures next week.
This is a rose we took a picture of at the Rose Show.
Just for my followers.

See you all next week 

My thought for the week.

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home."

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Andre' my little bear.


I would like to introduce Andre' to you. He is a 19 cm. little bear that is weighted so he can stand on his own.
He is made from woven back synthetic, in a very, very soft pile of a pale grey, or may be a little touch of very pale blue.
He has glass shiny eyes, and a little clay nose. 
The face has been sculpted with scissors and needle.
With shading around the eyes, and ears. 
He has ultra suede paw pads and is lock nut and cotter pin jointed.
He comes with his own violin. 

If you are interested in Andre' please contact me. Either message me on Face book or my email address is on the side bar.

Andre' is $80.00 Australian dollars. Plus postage. I will only send insured postage.
I accept Pay Pal, Money Order or Direct credit

I hope he serenades you with his music. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Adelaide Reborn doll show.

I'm Late, I'm late for a very important date.
With all my followers....!

Granny wouldn't give me her pass word to the pooter.. so I couldn't write my blog. I felt a bit mad with her, although she says she was too worn out, or too busy, or too,,, something. Excuses, excuses!!!!!
We had a Reborn dolls, and teddy show. We had a great fun weekend, meeting old friends, our regular buyers and new customers.
Plus very special friends from interstate.
I have lots of photos to show you, but this girl was a very, very large girl.

This Father Christmas was fun. It was his day off and he had his dogs with him, and a hole in his sock.

Lots of babies. I took my ear muff's in case they started crying.

Trust Granny she didn't get all the sign in. It was the cuddle corner. 
Can you imagine all the hugs I would get if I stayed in that corner. 
Enough girly frilly stuff, this is a guy after my own heart.
Awww... Shucks,.. I'm blushing....
I met up with Shirley again. She still looks beautiful.
Some of her friends were with her as well. That little guy hopped right up onto my lap.
OK these guys are great. They have seen the world and have had a lot of experience in just being there when their owner wants to be comforted.
"Bear with me" is another bear stall. That Val has.
This stall was called Dream Weaver. Well that big mushroom was looking over lots of very lovely enchanted things that made you dream.

This is my dear friend Annette with her lovely bears.
Then another friend Lesley from
 Y Bears Y knot
had lovely teeny weeny bears.

My very special friend Valma comes all the way from Sydney for the show. 
Granny says all of us bear makers could not survive with out Valma's fur.
From "Teddy's Bit's.."
Oh no!!! I have to shift very quickly.. I can smell pig pong!!!!

Granny is too tired to get my supper so I will just raid the cupboard myself.
Now what do you think I would like????
Are yes.. here is the peanut paste and honey jar sitting together.
No toast, just bread tonight.
I will see you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur.

For all my beautiful followers, Here is some flowers we grew for you.

My thought for the week

"The easiest way to get a healthy body is to marry one."