Saturday, December 31, 2011

I have had a wonderful year, finding new friends who read Wilbur"s story every week. Thank you to each and every one of you. I hope in 2012' I can create more bears for sale and have a lovely time with Wilbur. I do appreciate all the people who follow my blog, it certainly was a new experience for me. My heart felt wishes for you all to have a wonderful 2012.
Hugs Granny and Wilbur.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Look what Father Christmas brought me. A Whoopee Cushion.
I am going to have fun.... fun..... fun...
Aeroplanes to fly, and a whole jar of honey just for me.
I was so excited, and couldn't wait to try the Whoopee out.
I put it in one of Granny's posh ladies  bears chair, and she was not amused.

OK!!. it looks good I hope she sits on it. Ha Ha Ha.!!!!!
 I must admit I couldn't stop laughing. She looked so hoity, as if to say, what manners have you got Wilbur.
Well, I will tell you what manners. I took it down to the grand kids, and they played tricks all day. So there; lady bear. Some people laughed at it. 

 What juicy, delicious ham. We had Turkey as well ,and then the famous Plum Pudding.
I'm still having nibbles and my tummy is growing.
This is the left overs and I just love having a little taste every now and again.

Is my tummy big yet!!!!!!!!!

We are so luck to have new friends visit our blog, and now follow us.
We are all friends on the one branch, and there is always room for more.

Svetlana Dobranravou She make lovely rustic bears, bunnies, and will find her blog at

Amanda from Pandy Potter Bears Amanda has the most beautiful blog,  and bears.

Larissa has lovely bears take a look at

Sarah Medina has the most wonderful fantasy bears at

Plus lovely Dora Hed.
Thank you all so much we do love to have followers.

Well I need to sleep all this food off. No Peanut butter and Honey for me tonight. Just another taste of pudding.
See you all next week.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


My journey this year into Blogger land, has been a wonderful experience,.I have made wonderful friends.
People that help far beyond what one would expect. My journey has enlightened me and enriched me.
Thank you to all my dear followers, who I appreciate so much.

May you all find Peace, Love, and Joy in your hearts, this Christmas
and wonderful friendships in 2012.
Happy Bear making to you all.

Warm Hugs

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Christmas Shop

Granny said for a special treat I could go to the Christmas shop with her.
It is in Adelaide. South Australia ,on Goodwood Rd.
We thought we were about to have the time of our lives. We did have a lovely time, with Thousands and thousands of decorations. BIG ones small  ones and any size in between.
There were so many people in the store (that shows how good it was) that is was very hard to get a photo.
The manager said we could, but there were too many people, so we only have a few to show you.
Here I am sitting under a huge tree full to the brim with decorations.

Then granny wanted to get a picture of the post box to the north pole, so I had to tell the people to stop coming around the corner until Granny had clicked the camera. Can you see me?
Wow! we found this big Polar Bear with blue lights on him. I wanted a ride but Granny said it wasn't for riding on. What a party pooper. drats.
We saw so many beautiful things, it was hard to remember it all. I just LOVE Christmas.
When we got outside, we thought we would take a photo of their window, like some clever people do.
Well, Granny is not so clever, and she has got reflections in it, so it doesn't look so good.

I was walking back to the car, and saw some more Christmas things, I felt so tired and ruffed up by all the people and trying to see, because I'm not very tall. My scarf was falling off, and I didn't know if I was going backwards or forwards.
We were so tired when we got home, that Granny got all the Christmas books out, and said I could read which ever one I wanted. Look at the big pile.
My favourite is "Santa visits Australia," because that is where I live. It tells me in the book, he comes to Australia, so I'm getting excited. Poor Santa has a thick red suit on ,because it is cold where he comes from.
Well in Australia, it is our Summer and it gets quite hot. I think I might leave out a pair of shorts for him.

Rudolf makes friend with our kangaroo's and poor old Santa has to shake the sand out of his boots when he is in the dessert.

 OK! I have found a nice short story I will read to the rug rats tonight.
Granny's favourite is "Rick Rutherford's Country Christmas" it is all about how he decorates his home at Christmas time.

I forgot to tell you all, because I didn't want to boast... hm hm,  but I had a special photographer come to gallery one to take my photo. Have a look at that lens. I hope my hair is fine and my nose is polished,
I did feel quite important.

Time for a good snack of peanut butter and honey on toast.
I need to get all those rug rats into bed to read a story.

I may be one day late next week because I will have too fat a tummy after Christmas lunch.
See you all next week.


 We are so pleased to Welcome  Jody Johnson who has a blog to die for.
She makes the most amazing dolls you have ever seen. to have a look go to 
We hope you will come and read of Wilbur's adventures and to see some of my bears.

Another lovely lady has joined as a follower called Iryna Butkerych we hope you enjoy our blog Iryna.
Iryna makes lovely stockings and toys at
go and have a visit.

A very warm welcome to Bobby Bear who makes wonderful bears, you need to take a look.
I'm sure you will love visiting her.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cooking and The Brown Paper Pie

Granny and I made rum balls this week. The recipe made 110, so we have lots to give to friends.
Here they are getting their white chocolate on the top.
We had to ice holly on the top to make them look pretty.
A friend gave Granny this very easy recipe:
Buy 2 cheap dark fruit cakes from Coles or Woolworth crumble the two cakes up into a large bowl.
Splash some Rum, Brandy, Sherry or what ever you like over the cake crumbs. Melt 1 block of Copha and pour over the crumbs, and mix well.
Let it cool a little and then roll into balls with wet hands, so they don't get sticky. Leave on baking paper until they firm up. Then dip in melted white Chocolate. Ice holly on top. or put a little bit of glace' cherry.
How easy is that.
Then every year, Granny could not have Christmas without making hoards of shortbread's.
She make boxes and boxes full. All the family need a box each. She puts them in pretty celephane bags to give to friends, plus the grand kids eat a lot. Of course I don't eat any.....???? hmmm I know they are yummy.
Then their is the Christmas cake that has been soaking in brandy for a month.
I might get woozy, snossled, woooonky if I eat this cake.
Granny makes little one, big ones and some as big as my head..Ha Ha
Oh dear it is a busy week, but this part I love.
I write Christmas cards to all my friends, and Granny has a lot of friends she likes to write to. There are some people we only hear from at Christmas so it is special to write them a note. Then it is such a thrill to hear what they have been up to in the year.
I must NOT get INK on my fur Granny says.
Now there is the Brown Paper Pie.
Granny think we must be the only ones to have this tradition of the brown paper pie.
Every year Granny shops for a little trinket that is suitable for each person that will be at the Christmas table.
It might be a bracelet for a little girl, or earings for the girls, may be a pen for a man in the office or a little sheep if they were a farmer. Just something tiny. She wraps the parcels up and ties a very long ribbon to the 
Then all the parcels go in the pie dish, and the ribbons with each persons name comes out the top of the pie, to their place at the table. At the beginning of the meal we pull the pie. It's great fun.
Granny said her mother used to always do it, so that is why she still does it.
Now this pie is not the real one, because Granny has not finished buying for every one yet. Plus our pie needs to be much, much bigger. So I helped her wrap these make out presents, to show you.
May be you could tell me of some of your traditions. I would love it if it involved LOLLIES.

Granny is baking again I must go and lick the spoon.
See you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur.


 Welcome, and thanks for visiting us, Carol Parsons, Milly and Me(who have a web site)   They have beautiful teddies.
Plus Tnika from  you will swoon over her bears also.
We love to have you as followers.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Decorations  At Last.
Wilbur was so happy Wednesday, the day finally arrived when Granny said we could get the decorations out,or rather DOWN, from the high, high cupboard. Then Granny had to get up and down the ladder many, many times.
I could not wait to open the box????? What is down the bottom.
Well ,you SEE, Granny's and my tree, is really a memory tree; so it probably would not win a contest for the most beautiful tree. BUT. We love it because of all the memories.
Granny carefully unfolds from the tissue a few little decorations that were her mothers. Can you see the little birds, and the funny red snow man that has seen better days. A little boot ,and a glass pine cone.
Granny just loves them because she can remember them on the tree they had when she was little girl.
Hmmmm!!! that must have been a hundred years ago!!!!
Then there are all the things her grandchildren have made for her, and some neighbours children; she knows where every one came from. See that lanky green elf, a 90 year old lady gave that to Granny.

Then of course there is the Christmas BOWS. Now, not many people would put these poor old bows on their tree. Granny does every year, because it reminds her, of the year she had to move from the family home, and didn't have any money, but still wanted to give the kids Christmas. She tells the story, that she went to a nursery , found the part where they throw out all the plants that were dying ,or looked a bit sick, and asked the man if she could buy it. He said " yes; although I can't guarantee it will grow." So she took it home, and watered it,and looked after it with much care. It was a funny shape, but that did not matter one little bit. Not having enough money to buy decorations, she bought the cheapest reel of ribbon and put bows all over the tree. She said it looked very pretty.  So every year we put some of those ribbons on the tree. Not to feel sad about the past; but to be grateful about where we are now.
All these little lead light bells have the name of every grandchild on, so they always have a special place on the tree.
Then of course no tree would be right with out candy canes.
This Nativity Set was Granny's mothers, she tells me the camel is a ring in. Well, I like it,so it stays.
OK ;WHO is this big White Fairy Floss Where did HE come from. Out of that BIG cupboard.
He looks kind of friendly so I guess he can stay.
HELP!! we have Two masked bears in our midst. I don't want them pinching MY stocking.
WHERE did they come from. They had big boofy heads, I said Granny they have to go....
I'm scared of them. They won't even look me in the eye.
My stocking is hanging right in the middle of the fireplace.
Do you think Santa will stop?
This big Santa that Granny made sits on our sideboard.

Then we always put out this Nativity set. Granny likes rustic; I think that is because she is a bit rustic.
Or old, or rusty, No! probably grey, and creaky is the word.
We both still love it no matter what. I keep looking in that little manger and wonder about that baby all those years ago.
It is dark now, and I wanted to have a look outside of our window to see what Santa looks like in the dark...
I'm happy, but Granny said, she washed her window last week and they still look a bit dirty.
I tell her, if people are looking at the Santa, they won't be looking at the dirt on her window.
What do you think ?

Oh! I do love it at night when the lights are turned on, can you see me climbing the ladder, I'm still working and putting the last bit of tinsel on.. Granny is calling out for me to go to bed.
It was a great day, I can go to bed and dream of all the beautiful decorations, and be thankful for everything we have.

See you all next week.

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I am very fortunate to have two lovely new followers this week.
Welcome Janet Polley, I hope you can join us with a cuppa,and read about Wilbur's adventures.
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