Sunday, March 30, 2014

A touch of the sun.

Warm Autumn Days
in Australia.
It was a lovely warm day, and Granny went down to see her grandsons, so of course I went as well.
I though I needed a work out, I had been getting comments from you know who???
About a round tummy.
So I could eat more for lunch, I thought a few punches would be the right thing to do.
Then I spied a pool. No way was I working out when I could relax.
They have a beautiful pool and it was just the right day for it.
What peace... and tranquility.
After a great time on the water, I went for a swim, then I just chilled out reading a book in the shade.
Now where is my lunch.." Honey Muffins will do fine thanks."

Come to Australia to live. Beautiful one day and better the next.

I will just have a snack of toast with peanut butter and honey for supper.
See you next week.

This is a picture of Adelaide at sunset after a beautiful day.
Adelaide River Torrens

Welcome to 
This clever lady comes from the Netherlands and is very creative making Bunnies, Teddies and Cats.

My thought for the week.
"The most dangerous part of the motor car,
is the nut behind the steering wheel."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A new mink bear

"Cinnamon Pie"
Cinnamon Pie is a little mink Bear. Made out of vintage recycled mink.
He has Light brown mink, legs, arms, ears and body with a cream chest and head.
He has ultra suede paw pads, with black shiny glass eyes. He is weighted with glass beads.
His face has been  extensively scissor and needle sculpted. He has a cute little button Polymer clay nose that has been shone. With shading on his nose.

He is so soft and ready to cuddle a new Mum.

If you are interested in Cinnamon Pie  please contact me by finding my email address on the contact button  at the side of my blog.

$166.00 Australian dollars, plus postage. I only send registered mail.
I accept Pay Pal, and direct credit.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Felted collar.

Granny said I had to show you the collar she felted first.
Then I can have my say.

I don't know what it is about felting, but Granny love to get amoungst the soap, and water, and rolling to make pretty scarves.
This one is for sale and she will put it on the side bar of things for sale.
It cost $66.00 Australian.

Well that's her out the way.
Now I can tell you, we went to a club called bears and friends, and the theme was coloured bear.
Granny said I couldn't go because I wasn't coloured.
If I am not coloured what colour am I?????
Beautiful soft gold of course.
That's a colour
Well I will sneak in her basket and see who's there.
ahmm... 'clearing my throat".
This rabbit is soft gold like me. She just has coloured flowers in her hair.
This bunch is all colours. Grey, blue, black(now that isn't a colour).
lavender and pink.

 I guess you could say these were coloured. I think they must come from a lot of different countries.

 Yes.... I know, I know... red is a colour and there seems to be a lot of red.

Well I did have eyes on this beautiful little cat. He is really very small and very beautiful. It was a purchase one of our girls made from over seas. 
So I am GOLD.. what better colour could you be but gold.
The sun is gold and people who are rich have a lot of gold.
I know granny must be rich because she has me.
Teddy bears are full of love and hugs, I am giving Granny a big hug tonight, because I'm GOLD.
Just letting you know my honey that is on my toast is gold as well.

See you all next week.

This will be one of the last roses before winter. See it is soft and beautiful light gold like me
I picked it for all my followers.

My thought for the day.

"By the time you find greener pastures,
you can't get over the fence."

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Great things happen at a market.

Hi  Ho every one,
It's market day again.
Well Granny said I got a little bit of a big head
today, because there was a real live photo booth 
there, where there was a real live photographer.
Not like Granny and her little camera.
What do you think?

This is me with the famous photographer.
How do you like all that sparkle.
It felt pretty cool.
They are called 

My favorite little friend always gives me a hug every market day.

       Made friends with cats, Elephants and Giraffe
Owl back packs
and monkey hats.
Then blow me down, Granny found crocodile arm warmers.
I felt as though I was at a zoo. Those arm warmers would be good in the winter, especially where Prudence lives in America when they have lots of snow.
The mad Hatters top hat and fob watches,
I couldn't get out of having to try on a neck lace. Granny thinks its pretty.
I thought this tea cosy would be just right for when Granny has her friends for afternoon tea. It is so pretty.

Hu Hummmmm... I even got to be a barrister. I could pull the leavers and out would hisssss steam and coffee and I tried to make a heart on the top of the froth.

Oh well its a hard life and when we got home Granny said I needed a bath....
I only like going in water when I go swimming.
What was bought today?
Yes you have to guess.
Bath Salts
Well I am so relaxed after my bath and honey and peanut paste on toast, I'm sure I will nod off as soon as I hit the pillow.

See you all next week.

All new friends and followers are welcome and we love having you stop by.

Welcome Anthony from Crown critters. He makes the most beautiful realistic bears, with great sculpting.

Welcome Natali. Natali makes lovely Easter baskets and art.

My thought for the week.

"A Diplomat is someone who thinks twice before saying nothing."

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Special Mail.

Do any of you know the song 
"Love Letters in the sand."

Well I got a love letter in the" post." 
I  went out with Granny to get the mail and GUESS what????
I pull from the mail box a letter addressed to ME...
I could not believe my eyes. 
The letter said it came all the way from the Netherlands.
That means it had a plane ride over the ocean.

It said the writer of this card heard I had a colorful Elli making eyes at me.
The writing said she was a pretty bear, and single,..... Big Help is needed now.
She says she has beautiful flowers in her garden and the bear on the card was holding some for me..
Then she didn't know what to say, and there was lots of hmm's and eh's and humm's
Then she signed it beautifully.
Lovely Greeting from Holland!!

Am I blushing, or have I got a temperature????
"Granny will people and bears tease me getting love letters."
She said, it really was a friendship letter not a love letter. "So do you have to say lovey, mushy things for love letters Granny?"
Oh dear it is so lovely to be admired from people way over the sea.
Especially from a bear in the Netherlands where they have windmills and tulips.
(I looked it up)
Wendy..... I wonder what she looks like??
Will she have pink fur.. or brown. May be she is a blond..?
Her mom is called Pink so she might be pink.
Does she have pimples? Is she tiny or my size?
I have so many questions going around in my head.

Granny says I am loosing it and going to mush, and I need to get back to the real world.
So this big bear was brought for Granny to mend this week. He is sitting on a normal size chair.
He is a whooper and is quite heavy. There are still a few seams to stitch 

This is a Shibori scarf Granny made at felting yesterday. It is not finished yet.
Well I am a little off my tucker with all that love letter thing.
I think I will survive on lovely thoughts of Wendy.

See you all next week.


A warm welcome to Denise from
Denise makes really great bears and has the most beautiful garden.
We hope you enjoy your time reading our blog and seeing our bears.

My thought for the week.
"Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.
"Mark Twain."

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where is the liniment

For those of you who don't know our Auzzie slang it means I'm pooped.
Oh no... that is slang too. I'm jiggered... No I don't think that will be in the dictionary either.
Well I will just say I'm worn out, exhausted, no energy.
Yep, that is me. 
Where is the liniment???
Granny has been chopping down her Yew tree because it got toooo... big.
That's OK. She got help to do that.
It is the chopping up of all the branches to fit in our bin. I think it will take for ever to get rid of . We sawed and chopped and snipped for ever.
Blood sweat and tears went into cutting up this tree. 
Not only did we cut it up. You know who!!! had to jump up and down in the bin to make more room for even more wood.
See sometimes it is good to be portly, you can squish it down a lot.
Drat's  do you hear that, Granny is singing out to me that she needs to tell you some thing.. "Why can't I tell them Granny".  She is hassling me she wants a turn, I should let her because I might not get fed.

Hi Every one this has to be fairly quick because Wilbur will get his knickers in a knot.
It was "Gallery Ones" 40th Anniversary yesterday. On display was works from teachers for the 40 years it has been running. I could go through the macrame, tie dying, leather work, pottery, glass work, patchwork, smocking, weaving, spinning, painting, smocking, china painting, beading, lace making, knitting, drawing, felting, mosaics, and teddy bears, and many more crafts that have been taught over the years.  

It was lovely to see the history and the various crafts that have been in fashion through the ages.

This patch work was stunning. 
Felting is what I love. 
Our Gallery today. This is where I teach every week.

Enough!!! Granny you have had your turn and it took too long.
"Sorry," I will be nice Granny? I would love toast, peanut butter and honey for supper, (Kisses and Hugs Granny) I will be good.

I HOPE to see you next week.

To all my followers. I took this photo of my Marraya today, because I wanted you to smell my beautiful perfumed garden. Granny says she want to stay out there all day it is so nice.

My thought for the week.

"When you criticize the younger generation,
just remember who it was who raised it."