Sunday, October 21, 2012

The story of the special dish.

 The dish what leaks!!!!
Things are a little quite around here this week. Granny is having  huffing and puffing with asthma, so I have been giving her cuddles and trying to look after her.

Granny said it was a good time for a true story.
Now this happened when Granny's mother was a girl, so it was nearly before dinosaurs.
Granny said:.......
"My mum"s name was Doreen. She was the eldest in the family and helped care for the little ones, she had twin sisters a few years younger than her and two brothers younger still. They lived on a farm out of the town, so the only transport was a horse and Sulky. 
It was getting near her mothers birthday, so Doreen, saddled up the horse and Sulky and took her twin sisters into town to buy their mum a present. 
Now this tiny little town had one shop that sold everything, from petrol to bolts and screw drivers, to chook feed, to fruit and veg, groceries, magazines  and every thing you could possibly think of. One side of the shop there was a little room that had some nice pretty things in. Like; cups and saucers, glasses, a few dishes and I think some cottons and scissors .I remember the floor boards were wooden and very worn. When you walked in that little room they squeaked and were very dusty.
In that room the 3 girls found this dish, just the right present for their mother.

It was very pretty and Doreen thought it would be a lovely fruit bowl.
It was carefully wrapped in brown paper and string put around it, then they paid for it and carefully placed in the Sulky.   Doreen told the twins, it was a secret and they were not aloud to tell their mum what her birthday present was. 
They drove home in the Sulky and as soon as the twins went running in the door to their Mum, they blurted out. "Mum, we have bought you a dish what leaks. From that moment on this dish that has been handed down to me, which must be about 90 years old has always been known as the dish what leaks."

I do love that story and I guess Granny's children and me will still tell that story for years to come. When I dust it I have to be very careful, because it is one of Granny's treasures.
I did get out this little cup and saucer to have a look at when I was dusting the dish. It is very cute, but a boy bear really needs a mug.

I think I will go and make Granny a cup of tea and we can share toast  peanut butter and honey. That would make any one better.
See you all next week.

This is a rose from Granny's garden for our two new followers and all my regular readers.
Welcome Tatyana. 
Tatynan make wonderful Bears and Elephants I'm sure you would like to take a look at

Welcome to Marina Nostromo
Marina has amazing work of the finest cross stitch which is a Christmas theme. 
Very beautiful.
You will find her at

My thought for the week.
" The only one who can make a success of loafing, is a baker."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Teddy Bear Hospital at Urrbrae House.

Granny and her girls had a Teddy Bear hospital at Urrbrae House. Where they had the Teddy Bears Picnic.

Urrbrae House is an Historical house that Peter Wait built for his wife. It is a lovely large home that is owned by the University today. It is open to the public and so are all the grounds. How lucky are we to have such beauty and history for us to enjoy.

This is the second year, that the staff and volunteer's  at Urrbrae house house have given a Teddy Bears Picnic to children, in the School holidays, and it was free.
The Hospital was in the dining room on the long table. Of course I came along to tell the bears that Granny does not hurt. I know because she fixed my paws 2 weeks ago.
We had needles and treads, band aids, bandages, stingoes, medicine, an exray, Honey to give them after they had been brave.
This little girl had her poor panda with his head coming off. Granny needed to sew that one on very fast.
We had lots and lots of children....
Plus 5 nurses and Doctors to mend the teddies. My they were busy all day.
This photo is before we started. Can you see all the little pots of honey we gave the children to take home for medicine for their bears. I did sneak a few myself.
They had beautiful ladies in period costumes that were helping the children. They looked so pretty. 
Out on the lawn the played throw the ball into the clowns mouth. Then they had to find Goldie Locks and the Three bears in the sensory garden.
They had blowing bubbles, a photo shoot at the Teddy bears picnic and a parachute game.
There were lots of children with their bears, having a grand parade.
Plus big bears, small bears, rabbits, mice, foxes, dogs, cats...... I hope  I remembered them all. "Hey Granny ( What other animals did we have)". Y'er,she thinks that's all.
I do hope I can go with Granny next year. Granny said that I was so good, she even might make me a nurses hat.
Phew!!!! is was a hot day, We came home and had a smile in our hearts because it was the best day.
Yummy Toast, Peanut butter and Honey for supper.
See you all next week.
We love having new followers. This week Sabine has joined us.
She has a lovely site with knitted and crochet bears.
Go and have a look.
My thought for the week:
"Business is like a wheel barrow. Nothing happens until you start pushing."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cream Puff

Cream Puff

This little girl is 21cm. tall and is made out of Tissavel faux fur in a cream colour.It is extremely soft to touch.
She has a sweet face that has been meticulously needle and scissor sculpted to make her cute little expression. 
She has a hand sculpted clay nose with thread mouth. Her eyes are black English glass, that sparkle. She has light shading on her face.
Her paw pads are ultra suede and she is jointed with a cotter pin for the head and bolt and lock nuts for the arms and legs. She is filled with glass sand, a little pouch of stainless steel shot  (to make her a nice weight to hold) and poly fill. She will stand on her own.
She comes with a clay cream puff. Her favourite party food.
Cream puff wears a silk jacket in cream with a pink silk bow at the neck line.
Plus a diamante heart in her hair.

Cream Puff is available now.
$90.00 Aust. dollars plus postage. I only post registered mail.
I accept Pay Pal, Direct credit or Bank cheque.

Cream Puff is a collectors bear and is NOT suitable for children because of small parts.
If you are interested  and would like more information please contact me by email.

Cream Puff is waiting for a new Mum or Dad who will feed her cream puffs.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Onkaparinga Show 2012

Wilbur is besotted with Love at the Doll and Teddy show.

Saturday and Sunday I went to the Onkaparinga Teddy and Doll show.
I found my true love.
Her name is Shirley. I have met Shirley before. Can you remember she stayed at my house for a little while when her mum was away.
Well I haven't seen her for months and months and there she was sitting on a table to be sold.
I had to beg her mum so much NOT to SELL her. It nearly broke my heart for her to go to a home that was not near me. I have become very, very fond of Shirley.
You know the feeling!!!!! Your heart skips a beat and you think you have never seen such love and beauty inside and out before.
I can tell you I had the best day sitting with Shirley making sure she wasn't sold.

There were lots of stalls, so I will scroll down some pictures for you to have a look at.

Below is a picture of Granny's friend Kay from Kayzy's Critters and Granny's bears Kay's Kids.
They often share a stall because they are mates.
This is a new bear Granny just finished called Cream puff. I must say I could eat a cream puff, but not that one.
This is a great koala, His name is Kenneth.

These are the best dolls and bear in show. Wow they have a trophy as well.
This Polar Bear was very nice it was won by Wendy Lammings
Granny says Congratulations Wendy.
This is a few more bears in the competition.

We were so pleased to have Teddy's Bit's come all the way from N.S.W. Granny was able to buy lots of things from her to make Teddy's with. So lots more bears will be made from Granny's fingers.
Valma, the owner of Teddy's Bits was so helpful to new bear makers, and especially to Granny. 
There were some pretty dolls.

                                       Now these little fairies are very special, Granny went nutty over them. They are called  " Earth Angels" by Margaret Leonard.

I know there are a lot of pictures, but I thought you just might like a look.
Especially of Shirley. 
I am tired and Granny has let me have my toast, peanut butter and honey in the lounge by the fire.
I will go to bed and dream about Shirley.

See you all next week.

Granny picked this rose from her garden for all of her followers.
We love hearing from you all, and thanks for reading about my friend SHIRLEY.

Thought for the week.
"Absence is to love, what wind is to fire;
It extinguishes the small, and inflames the great."