Sunday, April 28, 2013

Linda Benson's work shop, and Hahndorf Doll and Bear show.

Granny said she had the best 3 days sewing a brown bear that they made at the workshop .I am sulking because Granny has been too busy to play with me.
I couldn't post last week because she was busy.
I've even gone fuzzy because I am so up set.
Granny said to tell you all if you get a chance to do Linda's work shop you should do it.
They all made beautiful bears. Most didn't get finished. Granny's, is still sitting on the table getting stuffed and then the tail needs to go on.
This is a photo of all of us with the talented Linda  in the middle kneeling down.
They all are smiling and I was left home.

Poor little Bear. Taking the photo makes Granny see he has a crooked nose.  More stitching happening around here I can tell. 
Poor bear hasn't been sewn up, can you see the white where his tummy is falling out.
For goodness sake Granny, I can't bear!!!! looking at innards. Do you think mine look like that.
This big bear is by Linda, he has got the most gentle face. At least I got to know him because I met him at the Hahndorf Doll and Bear Sow.
Can you see me stoking him. I felt like I was stoking a pussy cat he was so soft and lovely.
This is more of Linda's bears, you will drool over them. Granny did. 

Grany said to share a few photo's of the show with you.

The best part of the show was seeing Shirley again. I love seeing  Shirley she is one of my special friends.
We had lot of talks while Granny was selling her bears.

Well that was a long winded post. See I told Granny we should have written to you all last week.
Now it is time for supper. Back to Peanut Butter and HONEY on toast.
See you all next week.

Welcome to Sophia. Sophia comes from Greece, and makes cloth dolls, ducks and puppies. 
you can find her at

My Thought for the Day.
"People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one."

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Scenes from Adelaide

In Adelaide we have pigs in the mall.
They have lovely shinny heads and backs where people have patted them.

My, this porker looks very happy I think some of the people have been feeding him, what do you think?

This pig has a whole rubbish bin of scraps. Talk about a pig in mud...
I tried to tell him he will get a tummy ache, like I did at Easter if he ate toooo much.
I think he listened to me because he walked away.
Every one loves our pigs that are in the center of our city's shopping mall.
Are these Bee Hives.
They are sculptures that depict the symbol of home, that were made for the Centenary of Federation.

Oh Granny I really feel like I might slip off.
In our park lands there are about 22 or 23 of these mounds. They look quite good among the gum trees.

It was a busy day going into town, I am worn out and I am just hangin out for Toast, honey and peanut butter for supper. At least I don't eat like those pigs.

I know it is spring in the northern hemisphere so these hyacinths are for all my followers

Welcome to a new follower Corina.

My thought for the week:
"We all need a lots of powerful long-term goals
to help us past the short term obstacles."