Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning

Easter Sunday
What a wonderful day of celebration.

Granny spoils me, I had eggs for breakfast with funny faces painted on them.
I could choose what ever egg cup I liked. Granny has a good collection of egg cups. 
I love this bunny and chicken one. I thought it was just right for Easter morning. 
I was very hungry so I was allowed two eggs. Well if you have two eggs you need different egg cups don't you?
This little egg cup makes me smile, because the little boy is so pleased I chose him. 
 After breakfast we went on an egg hunt. I was so excited, I haven't been on an egg hunt since last year.
Can you see just a glistening of gold in this photo? Well Easter bunny was sure sneaky trying to hide this egg.
 Look it was so big it nearly filled my basket. Hmmm..... are you thinking what I am thinking???? Lots of chocolate in that egg.
"Granny come here quickly" I think Easter bunny was trying to plant this bunny. OOOH!! I am putting him in my basket very quickly.  
More, more more... little eggs...." Granny I have too many eggs." Look I think Easter bunny played leap frog over these toad stools.
Granny said that is alright Wilbur, the nice part about Easter is sharing. She said I can give the children a couple of door away some of my eggs. That will make them smile."
I like giving at Easter do you?
Granny said, the egg is a symbol of new life. Does that mean Granny is having a baby?????
Wow!!! I hope not. I wonder what new life will happen in our house. Perhaps it might be new bears.
All that chocolate made my tummy turn upside down. I think I will just have warm milk for supper.

See you all Next Week and Happy Easter to you all.

My thought for the day.
"Easter is one time of the year when you can put all your eggs in one basket."

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Golly Day

GOLLY DAY at Teddy bear and Friends.

Last weekend it was Golly day.
You have know idea how many Gollies came along. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. Well that is a song Granny sings if any one can bear... to listen.
I tell you not even a mouse would want to hear Granny sing. It certainly is not good for the ears.
I think this guy is rather hansom.

Then we have this cute pair. I can hear Granny muttering about terrible photos. 
She is saying dark skinned people are hard to take a photo of. I don't get it; you just make sure they are in the picture and click its done.
"Know it's not Wilbur, some things are hard to photograph."
OK Granny, don't get your knickers in a knot (It would be a big knot)  you didn't hear what I said did you.
I think Granny must have been on the booze that day. Look how fuzzy the next photo is. Unless she was trying to be clever and give it just the right effect.
Now this is some GOLLY. He must be a special golly because he is wearing check pants. I think he must be a cook. 
Just look how many we had. I think they must have been breeding?
Now this Teddy is our mascot. He is called Ollie.  That is funny he only needs a G in his name and he would be related. Someone perched themselves down on his lap.
This pair look up to mischief. What do you think?
This is a huge Golly, he must have been 1 1/2 meters tall. Hmm... Yes I think he would be a good friend .
A whole basket full of Gollies. How many eyes can you see?
Now these gollies have the right idea, they are riding birds. Look out when they take off.
Here is a special Mumma golly with a beautiful Easter egg.

I bet you can't guess who this hansom fellow is ? Of course he had to have a girl golly sitting on his knee and two baby gollies.
Tricked you..... Ha ha it is Me Wilbur.
We even had Gollies minding the Afternoon tea. Perhaps they made the cakes.
I think Gollies would be good bakers, You could tell when you had too much flour on your hands, it would show up, and the you would have to wash them.

What a busy day. I went home and had toast, peanut butter and honey for supper, then I went to bed dreaming about how many sparkling eyes I saw today.


Welcome to two new followers this week.
Lydia from St. Petersburg.You will find the most romantic bears on Lydia's site.

Joanna Zatorska lives in Poland and she makes bears and other beautiful things. If you google Joanna Zatorska you will find her site.

My thought for the week.

"Life is like a mirror,
We get the best results when we smile at it."

Sunday, March 17, 2013

So Much is Happening this week.

So much happened this week I must tell you all about it.
Can you remember I went to Art class two weeks ago? Well, I met this new bear who is very distinguished, and he has a title.
One of the art students that paints thing to look like nothing.... well it is supposed to look like abstract, and abstract looks like nothing. Does that make sense?
This student brought along her bear to meet me and his name is Sir Edward. I have never met a sir before.
We sat on the veranda and had a big chin wag. I listened and listened about how he became a Sir. I can't believe it,  his Mum said he even looked like a Sir when he was born. 
Have you ever seen a baby that looked like a Sir?I was quite confused and then it made me wonder why my Granny didn't think I looked like a sir when I was born.
I think I am stuck with just Wilbur.

It was market again today, so early out of bed!!!! which I don't like.
I know I am always trying on hats and I know what you are saying!!!! Pink again. 
Well I just want to show you what was on the top of this hat.
Yep! you are right, a train. So it wasn't a sissy hat at all.
I did find these cute dolls (some were BOY's)...
Then I found these Bilby's. 
These are big Bilby's, because in real life Bilby's are quite small and at one time they thought they were distinct. (I'm not sure does that mean they smell) Stink means smelly, I'm not sure what distinct means.
I found these doggy biscuits that say Peanut Butter Veggie Biscuits.
I was quite disappointing they didn't have peanut butter bear biscuits'

Then they had All Sorts of wonderful flavors for Happy Hounds'.
Is this discrimination against bears. 
If I ate one do you think I would start barking??
I'm not game to try.
Then just as we were packing up I met a very different bear. He had a funny hat on and he was a Scottish bear. I know some one who might read this, would love Scottish bears.
His name was Jock. What do you think he keeps under that big hat?
Yesterday Granny went to the "Bears and Friends Club." and it was 
I must show you lots of lovely Golly photos next week.

It was very early crawling out of my bed this morning, so I'm off to have Toast, Peanut Butter and Honey with a nice glass of milk. Then hop into bed and dream about being a Sir...

See you all next week.

This little Robin red breast is for all my lovely readers.

My thought for the week.
"Man may be able to fly like a bird.
But he still can't sit on a barbed wire fence."

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Japanese Garden in Adelaide

We visited a Japanese Garden 

It was a very hot day when we visited a beautiful Japanese garden.
It is a walled garden and when you go through the gates it is so peaceful.
The only thing that was not peaceful was the sun... and something else!!!!!
Can you guess?
I'm telling everyone Welcome to this beautiful garden!
Now this is the picture that I want you to squint your eyes and see what was NOT peaceful in this photo...
Can you see something that is sitting on that dome in the water. Well, it is a bird called a White necked Heron. and I don't like it.
That Heron was as fat as fat and was eating the big gold fish in this beautiful pond. 
I told him to move on but I don't know why, he just stood on that dome and every time a fish went passed he did a dive into the water and caught a fish. 

Now this is very clever, water drips into the bamboo and when enough is in it, splash... it tips up and comes out the spout.
I'm leaning over the pond to tell the fish to hide under a rock until the Heron fly's away.
Apart from that dumb bird it was very peaceful.
Hmmm. This is soft green grass to sleep on in the shade.
This is a Japanese Tea House. No tea is being served here today, I think it is far to hot.
Lots odd little waterfalls make a lovely trickling sound.
Arrrrr.... a good place to rest and ponder... You know, think.
Well do you know what I was thinking? 
My brains cogs were turning and I was trying to work out how to catch that bird with out hurting him.
I don't think my cogs were turning fast enough because I couldn't come up with any ideas
Well I'm thinking!!!!! What if I shared my toast with him? Do you think that would fill him up so he didn't want to eat fish.
He was swimming under those water lillies, while I was watching. 
Look OUT Bird!!! I hope you get a tummy ache.
This stature had a lions head coming out from the top. It was a wonder that didn't scare the bird.

Bye Japanese Garden. I hope all those fish go hiding.
Granny and I were so glad to get home and have a nice cold brrrrr... drink.

Then it was time for toast with peanut butter and  honey for supper.
No bed clothes on tonight, I will just sleep in my fur.
See you all next week.


A warm welcome to The Teddy Bear House. 
It is the most beautiful site. I hope you take a look.

Welcome to a lovely lady from the Ukraine. She has a site with great dolls and bears. 

My thought for the week.

"The easiest way to get a healthy body is to marry one." 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm planning on being an Artist.

Granny took me to Gallery One

Granny teaches Teddy Bear making on Fridays. I told her I am lonely when I am home all day by myself. I asked her if  Shirley could come and play? She said no, that wasn't a good idea, but I could come with her if I promised to be good.
What fun I was amongst real artists. They were painting abstract painting. I'm sure I would be good at it because it is not supposed to look like anything.
I was listening very hard, and trying to keep out of the way because they were all concentrating very hard to paint Nothing??? Well some thing that looked like nothing. Get the drift.
This one looked like squares, I think may be it was a painting that looked like nothing that you could make out it was a board game. Yes I can see you had to jump from one red square to the other. Well that's what I think.
In the gallery they had lovely things to sell. Felted scarves, felted beads, bags, jewelry, soap, tea pot warmers, Wood carving, all sorts of nice things.
I am always spoilt by Granny's students I love seeing the bears they are making. 

The gallery manager Julie took me on a tour of all the paintings that were in an exhibition. I liked this one, it was of STUFF on an oil rig. You know boy stuff.
I had a go at painting a hat for myself in Abstract that was supposed to look like nothing. Do you think I got the right abstract? Does it look like nothing? 
Well it is supposed to be a hat, although I do hope it doesn't look like one; so I can pass the painting test.
I'm dreaming of being the next Vincent Van Gogh
I don't think he would pass in Andrew's class because it looks like something.  Well I think it does.

Ahh! I concentrated so hard all day I'm ready for toast with peanut butter and honey, plus a glass of warm chocolate milk for supper.

See you all next week.

I picked a bunch of Native Australian flowers for all my beautiful followers
I hope you like them.

My thought for the week.
"Any one who doesn't know what soap tastes like has never washed a dog."