Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guess what we are making????
Well it is a bowl full of white, wet  fluffy stuff. Have you guessed yet?
There is a clue in the picture.
No can't guess well.......
See what I am sitting on. That is all shredded up into a bowl with hot water on it to soak.
Guess yet????
Next Granny gets the mixer out and puts in stuff and mixes it all up.
She was afraid it would set on her cake mixer beaters. But no every thing was OK.
After we squeezed all the water out of the paper, we added that to the bowl as well.
It was a lovely thick whipped cream or peanut butter feel. 
I got too close looking into the bowl and got SPLATTERED.
I had to have a very big wash, encase it messed my fur up.
Now I didn't tell you why I was so happy this weekend.. Well it was because Granny's grandaughter
came and had a sleep over. We had extra fun, and Abbey wanted to make hearts.
So we made an extra big one with wire in it, 3 little ones and a little tray over a tub.
We had the best fun patting and smoothing and stirring the;You guessed it PAPER MACH'E
Then we put it out in the sun to dry. It still wasn't dry when it was time to take Abbey home so, she took it home on a tray. Granny said don't paint it until it dry's, probably 4 days.
We stopped to share a green milk shake.  It was so good, we had been so busy all morning.
School tomorrow, so I won't see the kids so much now. It will be just Granny and me!!!

Now I need to tell you the most important thing...
Dear Maddyrose was kind enough to give me her recipe. You need to check her sculpting out  at . She does the most fabulous sculpting of Santa and elves, plus all kinds of lovely things. So a big thanks you Maddyrose. We thought it was a good thing to try when the kids were here. Granny liked it so much she thinks she will have a try herself one day.

Well we played games, and did drawing , laughed, and had the best time..
Now it is time for real peanut paste on toast ,and a glass of milk before bed.
See you all next week

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Misty eyed Granny

OMG! why oh why does Granny keep all this stuff.
Can you believe she wanted a little pink button, so out comes the great big bin of buttons. We were sifting through them and granny was telling me where she got some of them from. You could see her face going back 
a million years (I think).
We dug very deep into that big tub. I thought I might get lost in it.
Look at these pretty buttons, some of them went on a jacket for Granny. She wore it to her daughters wedding.( Years ago.did you hear me Years ago.) 
Granny is perplexed as to what these would have been on. They are round like a ball with an insert of flashing blue glass in the middle. They belonged to her Great, great Aunt.

Wow I wish you could see these for real, all sparkling in every colour. Granny goes all misty eyed when she talks about these buttons. They were on a ball gown in the middle 1960's. She tell me to Not knock them off the table because they are REAL. I thought all buttons were real, because other wise you couldn't do them up.
This is a pretty on like a flower.
Some of these are black glass with gold on, some just mettle but they look all lacy.
I guess these came of a brave soldiers coat. I wonder where that soldier fought?
Wow!!! Granny bought out a little treasure chest she was given by a friend before Christmas.
We carefully opened the lid and out came all these treasures.
There were gold chains and cuff links, Fob chain, plus buttons. I must tell you something secret. Don't tell any one but Granny took off 100 year old ear wax off some old earrings......
I love this button with the Diamond in the middle. It is very heavy. Now do you think granny needs to make me a Dinner suit so I can wear those cuff links. (I really don't like wearing pants.)

I  just thought I would ask you all a very personal question. Granny has gone out of the room, so I can talk about it. The thing is..... It is Valentines day coming up, and I don't like crowds at the shops. So this is the plan.!!!!!
See this little bear; WELL it was given to Granny about 2 years ago, from a dear friend of Granny's;
Monica Spicer. 
 I was thinking,.... if I hid it for a couple of weeks, and wrapped it up do you think I could give it to her for Valentines day. Because it has a little heart, and says Hugs 5cents. I thought it would be Ok.
I have looked around the house and I can't see another thing I could give her except a big smooch.
PLEASE let me know what you think?

I'm so exhausted, it is a glass of hot chocolate and peanut butter and off to bed.
See you all next week.


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Carol Burges has a wonderful blog, she is always doing something very interesting. Pop over to have a look.

Yvonne from Switzerland ,talks about their traditions and the wonderful snow covered country at the moment.

My thought for the week;
"The perfect example of minority rule,
is a baby in the house!"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yippee!!! Granny has been looking after the grand kids, so that means fun, fun, fun,
Well for some of the time, and some of the time I feel scared......
We were having fun playing in the tunnels,

Riding Barbies car, although My tush felt a bit squished in that little blue car.  The seat was hard; hard plastic not nice soft pillow  seats. I thought Barbie would want soft seats, she hasn't got much padding. I had to put my feet up so I could wizz along.
Then we played where's Wilbur. I bet you can't spot me with all those toys. I had to get squished, with 2 bears, a duck, a doll and an elf.  At least the bed was soft.
Granny's grand daughter, thought I would make the coolest Rock STAR. They say you need a stylist, well !!!!!
What do you think of my new look? I just have to work on my diction and I will top the charts.
Just to get the idea we listened to some CD's and had a bit of a jam.

Do you know what this is?????? I wasn't sure if it was a lizard or snake or monster!!!!!
Until my grandson said "don't worry,  Wilbur it is only Swimmer". OK I'm cool! This is Swimmer the turtle.
I like his shell, but I'm not toooo keen on his neck and head.

I must be brave he is coming VERY CLOSE.
This is the part where I was very  frightened. I could see his teeth and they say he bites when he is hungry.
I hope he isn't hungry, I am sitting very still hoping he will walk away.
It was enough excitement for one day. When Granny got home she found 2 lovely mink coats that had been posted to her from the other side of the world , where it is cold. She unpicked the lining straight away and was jumping up and down with excitement. She tells me we will have lovely little mink bears that she is designing very soon.
It was so soft and cuddly that I just wanted to snuggle into it.

A very busy day, so supper of toast and peanut butter with honey was just right.
Plus a story before bed.
See you all next week.

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My Thought for the week:
"So live, that you wouldn't be ashamed ,to sell the parrot to the town gossip."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What do you do when it is
HOT ???

It was so hot at the beginning of the week that Granny said she was staying inside to quilt.
I thought boring!!!!!!! Well she said I just had to put up with it and go and do a jig saw.  Look at all those pieces, will I ever finish!!!!  Now I have got started, it is not so, bad. Granny said, find the outside pieces first.

At least it is not as hot as outside. Granny sewed and sewed she said she was determined to finish her quilt.

"OK what is going on here, why are the tips of my shoes in the photo and not ALL of me."
Granny said she wanted you to see her quilt not ME......" How come."
Thanks Granny I knew you would take a photo of me.
Well while she was fluffing around I thought I would have a little try at the sewing machine. She was so busy ironing the pillow slips she wouldn't notice.
When she came into the sewing room she was so UP TIGHT saying be careful, you must never ever try and sew with out me here. Then she was all flustered and said never, ever can I sew.
Well how is a bear supposed to learn. When she finished she said she would make me a nice tea of bread and butter,with peanut butter and honey on top.
It was too Hot for toast.

See you all next week
Smooches and Hugs


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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year.
We had the best night. Granny and I were home for New Year. We watched the fireworks on the telli, they were so pretty. When the clock struck 12. I gave Granny a big smooch, because I really do love her.

We threw streamers all over the dinning room, Then out comes the champagne and chocolates. Isn't Granny sweet, I though she was going to put me on a diet after Christmas.

Well I had 1/2 a glass and I thought", I think I will just stay home and celebrate " I would NOT DRIVE anywhere. So we ate chocolates and drank champagne, Granny said she watered mine down.
We sang Auld Lang Sign and there it was the year 2012.
I'm really looking forward to the New Year. I keep wondering what stories we will make this year.
Did you notice, I haven't got my scarf on. It is Melting hot, hot. 41 and it will be tomorrow as well. I haven't worked out how to take my fur off.  

Thinking about it after having this lovely drink, I might sleep in the bath. Then when I get too hot I can just turn the cold tap on. Granny tells me the story ,that when she was a girl, they used to sleep out side on the lawn.
I don't think I will try that tonight because fire crackers are gong off and I get a bit frightened.
Well I must say it was cooler, but it was HARD. So I'm getting the creeks out of  my  leg joints today.
Happy New Year to you all. I just love your comments, it makes a bear feel special.
I need to feel special this morning. This partying is not what I'm used to.

I will be back on peanut butter and Honey on toast tonight for supper.
See you all next week when I'm recovered.?????

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