Sunday, January 26, 2014

We are having a Bonza Australia Day

G'd Day," its Australia Day
Today is Australia day and the sun is shining and I have my Australia clobber on.
This is Granny's beautiful grand daughter Abby holding me. I have a hat umbrella on and my Aussie bathers.
I thought you might like to see the stars on the back of my bathers. We do have to 
be careful out in the sun because we can get sun burnt very easily . I know with my great hat I will be fine.
I tried to get as high as I could to wave my flag. I know every one thinks their country is wonderful. Well I think Australia is the best country in the world to live in.
Blue sky's, sandy beaches, and fresh air. Plus I wouldn't want to live any where else because Granny lives here.

We have great Barbecues, with friends and a lot of fun.
We even have Dunny races. (Do the people over seas know what a dunny is? Well it is Hmmmm... You know....
We do any thing for a laugh. like playing cricket in the back yard with a shovel, and the rubbish tin for the wickets.

This is all too much excitement for one day Granny says.
So I am looking forward to Toast and you know what for supper.
Hugs Wilbur

 This little koala picture is for all my lovely followers.

My thought for the day.
"It is good to remember that the tea kettle,
although up to its neck in hot water, continues to sing."

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm a hot furry sweaty bear.

Phew!!!! what a week.
Well you could say we had a very hot week and broke all the records.
I must tell you I didn't care about records I just wanted it cool.
It is very hard when you can't unzip your fur.
This is a picture of one of the beaches near us. A lot of tourists go there as well. 
Granny said it was tooooo hot to go in the middle of the day. So we only went once in the evening. The trouble was when we got home our house was still too hot.

The weather man said we had 5 days over 42 deg.  and some 45. At night it got down to about 30 deg. 

Now I should not complain.

Look at the terrible fires that were all around our state and the wonderful Firemen in all their kit, and the heat had to fight them. 
We have 4 that are still not out.
I don't think I will be a fireman, but I will shake a fireman's hand when I see one and say "Thank You." 
Because it was hot Granny decided to clean out the craft room. 
WELL you had to look out where you stood because you might have been chucked in the bin. 
Granny went to IKEA and bought a lot of pretty pink and white striped boxes.
The old boxes got chucked.. plus lots of things Granny kept thinking it might come in handy. I don't know what these Grannies are thinking some times.
These were some of the pretty laces she has boxes for silk lace, fine lace, crochet lace, old lace very old lace, cotton  lace, You name it she has it... As long as it does not go on me.   
We had buttons and craft books and beads and crochet cotton, UFO's. and lots more. 
At least Granny goes to a craft group and they are happy to take what you don't want and some one else does.
I really should not tell you... I am whispering  She hasn't finished yet.
Oh well it is cooler now and I am able to even put a sheet over me to sleep. 

I have just had toast, with peanut butter and honey for supper.
When I say my prayers I am going to ask that all that all the fires go out, and every one is safe.

Welcome to all my followers and my new follower Cvetik.
I think of us as a wonderful group of friends. 

My thought for the week.

"Some people are making such
thorough preparation for rainy days
that they aren't enjoying today's sunshine."

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Friends are the most precious thing....
Granny and I were invited to a friends last weekend. She is a wonderful Mum with 2 gorgeous girls and a son. 
Well,the girls were home on holidays and they decided to give us a High tea party.
I thought I was in seveth heaven,with all those yummy cakes and scones plus can you see below a bowl of snakes. Yep,they are the kind of friends that I like.

Afterwards we went out into their lovely garden and guess who  hoped over to me. Two beautiful bunnies. Ginger Fluff and Cleo.
Cleo was certainly getting very smoochy. Ginger Fluff was more interested in my shoes.
Then we went down to the cook house to see if there was any eggs.There was one. I sat there and tried and tried to lay an egg but nothing happened.
We had a lovely afternoon, with very special friends.

Guess what!!!!!
The postie gave me a letter this week. I think it must have been held up with all that snow in Canada. 
It is from all the bears at Honey Pot Lane.
Thank you so much it just makes Christmas all the more special,to keep getting Christmas wishes.
I go to bed every night with all my cards and I read them and think "How lucky am I to have such great friends. I tuck them under my pillow and hope I will dream about all my friends.
I have just finished, my toast, peanut butter and honey.
Life could not be better.
See you all next week.

You are all invited to afternoon tea at Granny's place.

My thought for the week.

"Love over flows and joy never ends
in a home that is blessed
with family and friends."

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year.

A Good New Year.
With all our visitors gone we had wash day. 
Did you know how much fun wash day is?????
Granny had pegged the washing out and went inside, I had so much fun. Did you know it was like having a playground in your own back yard.
I felt safe in this swing. I don't think I will fall out.
Then such a surprise...
Granny and I received a parcel all the way from Russia.
Mary made me this cute little bird and post cards from the city where she lives.
Plus a beautiful Christmas card that she must have spent hours making.
Thank you so much Mary,
We watches the firework on the Television. They were over Sydney Harbor.
I thought smoke would come out of the screen there was so much smoke and pretty lights.

We had extra honey and peanut on toast for supper because it was New Year.
Then we went to bed thankful that we have warm beds and a roof over our head, food in our tummy's and wonderful friends.
We are so blessed.

My thought for the week.

"Happiness, like pure gold, is rarely found in huge nuggets,
but scattered in precious, glittering particles, through the common rock of daily living.
It is only when we gather these shining particles together that we realize how rich we are in joy."