Sunday, September 28, 2014

I have got the Snishew's....

OH...dear...I have a cold....
I have a sniffley nose, so I need lots of tissues, plus of course my dear Granny made my favorite supper, and gave it to me in bed.
To cheer me up she even picked her first rose for the season. Granny says it smells wonderful, but I can't smell a thing.

I have something very special to tell you.
Can you remember when my dear friend Svetlana Mikhailova sent me a wonderful parcel with the most beautiful Lavender bear and two gorgeous children's books. 
 I didn't know the story of one of them, so Granny got it translated, and the lady made a book with both languages in.
Because I am sick and these books are special, Granny said I could read them

I can read the story in one book and look at the pictures in the other.
I don't know if you can see this to read. I think it is so special that I can see my friend from Russia's writing and read it in words I know. 
I will treasure both of these books for ever and ever...
I have honey milk and peanut and honey toast...
Granny said she put extra honey on it.

I will see you all when my sniffles are better, next week.

A big Welcome to my new followers.
This Clivia is growing in my garden, and it is just for you.
Welcome to Night Owl
This lady has a wonderful collection of Barbie dolls.

Judith makes lovely Christmas cards, Lovely Lacey needle keeps, dolls and anything crafty.

Irina makes lovely little bears.
Her blog is called The three Bears.

Svetlana makes wonderful soap.

My thought for the day.

"Blessed are those who can give
with out remembering,
and take without forgetting." 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday afternoon

What do you do on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon?
Granny is sewing and there is nothing to do. I tried to organize her pin cushion. It was such a mess I had to give up.
So I found Granny's comfy chair and read a book.
I know you would have to be fairly ancient like Granny, if you read Epaminondas, when you went to school.
It is about a darling little black boy. Granny says the pictures make her smile and she remembers the stories.
Well she found one the other day and put it in her collection.
Do any of you know these stories?
If you lived close I could read it in bear language to you.
It was a toss up between Brambley Hedge and Epaminondas. 
Well it is such a boring day !!!!! I might read them both.
Granny has this on the table sewing today, it is very soft and cuddley.
This little grey bear is certainly a long way from finishing.
Granny was just trying him out to see if the violin would fit him. He has to go in a musical exhibition. Well if I had a mouth organ I go go in the competition!!***##.
All that reading has made me hungry, you know what that means!!!
Toast with peanut butter and honey on top.
Plus a glass of warm chocolate milk.

I will see you all next week.

A Spring photo for all my lovely followers.

Little pigs and Puppies. 

My thought for the week.
"To get a rainbow,
You've got to put up with the rain."

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The smells of spring.

Spring is in the air.
Granny loves the changing seasons.
The crisp cold of winter, with the rain that nourishes our land and the Soft temperatures of Autumn, with the lazy days and leaves fluttering to the ground.
Then there are the warm days of summer. (as long as they don't get too hot), with the day light saving and eating our meals out side and going to the beach.
 Spring comes with the wonderful scent of flowers wafting through the air.
Like the Jasmine.
Then Granny says that the garden needs to be fertilized.
So what do we have to do????
Put stinky fertilizer all over the garden and pretty flowers so we can't smell them.
Does it Pong???? Fhewwww... it is on the nose.
Then granny says "Don't worry the smell will be gone in 3-4 days.
What do we have to do???
Go around with a peg on our noses.
She says it makes the flowers grow so the garden smells nice.
I beg your Pardon!!!! you just put stink all over the garden.
"What is wrong with humans, I just don't get it."
Yep!! you got it. Grow pretty flowers and then what???

more manure.
Lovely lavender that smells so beautiful, (If we could smell it)
So after fertilizing we have to mulch. Well that was more fun.
I could nearly hide in this straw. It is supposed to keep the moisture in the soil when it gets cooking hot... 

At least I had a ride in the barrow.

Granny is happy now and she hopes to smell her garden again (ONE DAY)

I just found some photos of some of our Australian native flowers for you.
We don't grow them in our yard, although we love taking a gander at them.

This is a Waratah 

This is a Hakea.
And this one is the Sturt Dessert Pea.
After a stinky, pong day, I had a wash and ate toast, with peanut butter and honey on top.
Yum, Diddly Scrumptious.
With a warm cup of chocolate milk.

I'm off to bed with a honey biscuit under my nose, so I can smell, and dream of good things.
See you all next week.

Spring has sprung and all the little lambs are born at this time of the year.
I hope you like them.

Best Spring wishes to all my followers.

My thought for the day. 

"A garden is a place where you plant your dreams."

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A fun sticky day at the market.

Blackwood Market.

 It was market day again today and GUESS who was there.
The Fairy Floss man.
I am having such a good time with my friend eating fairy floss,
I'm not at all sticky,... no, no not at all.!!!!
I loved watching that sugar spin around and come out all fluffy and you could have what ever flavor you liked.
Ours was Strawberry and lemon.
Granny said I was acting like I was on sugar over dose. ( what is that!!!)
She said to check out all the lovely fresh fruit.
OK.. I know Granny thinks the Apple man has the best apples in South Australia.
Of course I had to buy some for her,.... just to get in the good books.
Then there was the Orange and Lemon man. These are picked fresh off the tree.
(do they taste like fairy floss.. No, no..)
But they are very juicy.
Then I loved these ladies, they were making fresh flat bread filled with yummy fillings like, spinach and fetta, lamb, vegetarian, and lots more that Granny can't remember. They cooked it on a big hot dome. 
They had Baklava and long bread that had yummy things in it.
I could have some more right now, as long as I had Fairy floss for dessert. 
Now this stall had lots and lots of jars of pickles and chilies. Can you see in those packets there is Kangaroo jerky. I didn't have any, I didn't want to hop. 
Next to Granny's stall was this lovely girl and she had lots and lots of things for dogs. This Bandana is for a doggy, but if you didn't know that you would think it was made for a bear. Her hand towels were made into little doggies.
They didn't bark all day. 
Hand dyed beautiful silk scarves and little jump suits and sock's for babies. 
Now you all know I am no baby!!! (why does Granny put me in things like this) 
This card had the most amazing boat on it and it all folds down when you shut the card. I think Granny needed some fairy floss. She is getting shaky with the camera. 
Bet you can't guess what these are???
The long things are to seal plastic bags of lollies or fairy floss, rice or any thing really. The Wheely thing is part of a whipper snipper. You know the thingy that mows the lawn edges. 
OK I know I say I don't like trying things on. Well I don't mind this hat it had space ships on it. 
Can you see these little hang about animals I thought they were ear rings. 
I have a cow on my ear. Granny said they were to hang on the cot or the door knob.
I was getting tired, although when I saw the big Jumpy castle I had to have a bounce. What fun. 
It was a great day and Spring was in the air.
I'm tuckered out and just want my toast, peanut butter and Honey. Then to jump into bed. I think I will be dreaming about something pink, fluffy, and sweet.
See you all next week.

It is Spring in Australia and the Lorikeet's are in the mood for love.
Welcome Olga Motolova to our follower family.
Olga does very beautiful
She even has crochet teddy bears.
Welcome to Anastasia Belous as well.

My thought for the day.
"The man who sings his own praises is usually a soloist."