Sunday, June 30, 2013

Plane ticket..Hooray!!

My plane ticket has arrived.
I am very happy I have one plane ticket in my hot little paw.

What is that plane ticket saying ... No very large luggage allowed. Drats and cats tails!!! what am I going to do. I thought I had the case thing sorted.
Well because we have lots of sizes of cases I will have to go down to the next one.
What does one hand luggage mean? One BIG one, or Medium, or if Granny has a say a little one.

She was so stroppy because she couldn't find her black tights, that I had to hold the case on the wheels, I had to confess. I took them. It has been a trying week. 

Da Da...
It is 11 sleeps before I am there in that happy place  "Camp Good Bear".
Us bearcelors need to get there a day early so we are all organized to welcome all the other bears and help them settle in.
Any bears reading this, I am just letting you know we are going to have the best time ever.
I will be waiting for you.

Last weekend Granny went to her "Bears and Friends" meeting. The theme for this meeting was to bring your favorite bear. Well because I haven't been in the good books lately I thought I might have been left behind. 
Granny swooped my up in her arms and said she couldn't bear.... to take any one else.
Ahhhh swooon... looovey cuddles... Granny loves me.

Here are some pictures of other peoples Favorited bears.
These were supposed to be space men.
Hmmm.. some nice bears here, but of course not as nice as me..(It wasn't me that said that)
Wow this bear must be special, he has a portrate of himself. I think I need to get Granny to paint me.
Talk about old girls, they look as old as Granny.
Awwww I love that brown bear. I might make eyes to her.
Now this girl looks as though she could give heaps of love
A lovely Panda and a little pretty girl.

Well I have to tell you Granny was saying words that I don't understand when she switched the computer on for me. It didn't work. She is so glad she has a son in law that was on the other end of the phone and hey presto. It got fixed. 

That is enough excitement for one day. I am going to bed with my ticket under my pillow so I don't loose it.
Warm milk with toast, peanut butter and honey, warms my tummy and makes me feel good.
See you all next week.

Welcome to Gabby. at
Gabby has lovely photos of her home and garden.

She has a lovely home they have done up. What a clever husband.

My thought for the week.

"The early bird gets the worm
but the second mouse gets the cheese."

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Don't get you knickers in a knot.

DON'T get your knickers in a knot.
Granny asked me to try my bathers on, in case they didn't fit me from last year. I do need to have all my clothes fitting to go to camp.
Well  !!! I am telling you to NOT get your knickers or bathers in a knot. It was so uncomfortable, I felt all wobbly and I couldn't pull them up. 
I can't get my bathers on.   
I fell right over, and Granny came to the rescue. She said I had to lay my bathers out flat first.
Put one leg in then the other and they won't get all in a knot.
Hmmm. That feels much better. I'm comfy, and I can twist and  bend and turn upside down and they still stay on, and they are still comfy.

You know Granny says life is like that. If you stay calm and think things out, and don't get your knickers in a knot, life is much more comfortable, You don't get pulls in funny places. You are not trying hard to pull things up. Things fit together much easier when your knickers or bathers are not in a knot.
What do you think?.

Now, I need the vacation; well that is coming. Friends ; well I will have lots of those at camp.
My knickers are fine. What more do I need.
I remember, honey and peanut butter on toast and a big glass of warm chocolate milk.

See you all next week.

Welcome to :
Tinchen, she makes lovely bears as comes from Germany.

Yolanda Mora'n makes the most perfect miniatures.

My thought for the day.
"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides,"

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Problem Solved.

Problem Solved.
I have had my problem solving brain working all week. I think I have cracked it. 
Can you remember Granny saying I couldn't carry the case it was too big. WELL. Have I a surprise for her. Yep... first of all I had to go to Granny's stocking draw. Some of them looked too fine and not strong enough. Soooo I found a pair of thick black ones she wears when it is cold. Next ingredient; a old skate board that was in the grandies cupboard. Now, not the largest case but the next size down will be my part of the compromise.  
 Out to the veranda. Now will those stockings tie around the case and the skate board?
I have got a bit of clearance. Yep... I have solved the problem.
 Now you all have to keep quite for awhile. I am keeping this a secret from Granny for awhile.
When she hollers.. you can't lift that big case I can tell her I can push it with ease.
                  Hmmm. I feel good when I have solved a problem.

Today was market day again and it was very cold this morning I could huff in the air and steam would come out.. It looked like I was a train.

    I met this Big, cuddly fat cat.
It must have been cat day, I met a lovely orange cat, she was sorta pretty, with flowers on her tummy.
 Hmm.. this doll was making eyes at me. I really liked those pigs. I wanted to be friends, so I told him I did not like pork, Just honey and peanut butter.  
                  I climbed  up on this table because I thought I might get a taste test of these cakes.
Guess What? They were not cakes at all. They were baby's singlets and socks rolled up to look like a cake.
                                                       I hope they washed the socks.
A lolly stall yummm... Granny said I couldn't drink what was in that bottle,it was adults drink.
I'm sure if I was thirsty she would let me have a sip. What do you think? 
This is a pretty wool scarf that has been needle felted.
A nice warm cup of tea is just what would warm Granny up.
At the end of the market I was so tired and worn out from a busy day so I had a massage.
This lovely lady had the most wonderful hands that made all my muscles tingle. I was nearly going to sleep until this. 
She changed from nice smooth massage into chop chop..??? chop,chop..
"hey lady, what are you doing, where have your nice smooth hand gone..., I want relaxation."
She told me my muscles would like it in the morning. Well I hope they do. That woke me up very quickly.
We are home again in the warm, and I will have to ask my muscles  how they feel tomorrow.

Toast with honey and Peanut paste with a lovely mug of warm milk is just right for supper.
See you all next week.


Welcome to Tanya from Russia. Tanya makes beautiful bears, You will find her at

My thought for the day.
"May your life always be like a pot of tea....
overflowing to warm the soul."

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Delemer of the cases

The Delmer of the cases.

What a week....???? Big, small. middle size, Granny and I have been having discussions all week bout how big a case to take to camp. My list of things to take gets longer every day. I have a pencil and paper by me all the time, just so I can write things down when I get a special thought bout camp. 
Well I do get thoughts bout camp all day, but you know the things to take thought.
Granny is now saying she thinks I would have to send my luggage by boat if I want such a big case. I don't think I want that to happen. What if it sank, my band aids and lollies would all get wet.

I'm sure there will be more discussions next week.

This is what made Granny happy yesterday, she went felting. I don't know what it is about people who have hobbies, they mostly have lots of mess to clean up.
She comes home with piles of wet towels, piles of plastic and bubble wrap, plus a big smile on her face.

Our washing line is filled with soppy  plastic and towels, to dry out.
                                     Stuff was flapping every where.
This is one of the scarves that Granny made . I must say it is a pretty colour, even though making it was messy. 

This scarf was a dud...Does your Mum or Granny have duds. Well it has been screwed up in the bottom of a bag for nearly a year. Granny hated it. It was so drab, and well you know when Granny's dislike something. You can just tell. So it was her challenge to make it wearable.  So she put bright purple wool and some green and blue silk through it and now she says perhaps she MIGHT wear it to post a letter but that was all.
I don't know; if every one just had fur we wouldn't have any worries. No wet towels, or soppy plastic.
Just lovely soft fur that keeps you warm, is soft to touch, if you get dirty you can wash it. No more washing machines. No more washing lines. 
When will they get it???? 
I have had such a busy day washing I'm fair tuckered out.

Toast, peanut butter and Honey will just do the trick.
See you all next week. I hope we have the case problems sorted out.
Hugs Wilbur
Thank You to all my lovely followers.

My thought for the week.
"A good wife is someone who can turn a rake
into a lawn mower."

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Packing for camp.

Packing for Camp.

"Wilbur what are you doing?"
" I'm just seeing if all my things will go in my case for camp Granny."
Granny:"That case is big enough for every bear that goes to camp Wilbur"
"It is far too big."

"Granny you don't understand. I am important this year. I am a bearselor, and I need to take stuff to look after all the other bears." 
"Well what do you need 3 boxes of tissues for"
" Encase any one cries or needs to blow there nose."
Granny" Well why do you need two boxes of band aids?"
"Granny you don't know enough about what a bearselor's responsibility's  are."
"AND before you ask...  the book is to read them a story at night, and encase some one was missing their Mum I thought I would take a teddy bear for them to cuddle."
"Plus the most important thing is my fishing rod, I need to teach young bears how to fish."
Granny "Oh Wilbur, you have so much to learn, you could never carry that big case. I'm so glad we have a few more weeks to sort out your luggage."
"I will have to look up on top of the cupboard for a smaller case for you."

Arrrr.... do you bears out there get frustrated with your Mum or Granny.
It is important to me that I don't forget anything this year. Remember I have a big responsibility this year.
I need to put in my bathers and shorts,sunny's and hat.

Oh!.... I think I need feeding to keep my mind  from forgetting things.

Yep.... its supper time. Just right for toast, peanut butter and HONEY.

Look what I have seen in the last photo.

Warm Milk I need to go and find a cow..

I will see you all next week when I have convinced Granny I NEED a big case.


Welcome to Lithopsland. I see she loves teddies. Although I couldn't access her site..
We love to have you join us.

My Thought for the Day.
"Asking if computers can think, is like asking if submarines can swim."