Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Gollies.
I thought you might like to have a look at my new Gollies I have done for a commission.
The first one is called Patsy.
She is a bright happy girl.
Then Annie needed to match a Golly called Burt. He was country colours the same as Annie.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my girls.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Cold Winter Day

Winter day.
That's when Granny sews.
Well, it was too cold to go out and play. Nothing interesting was going on here, so Granny said she needed me to help her sew.
Well I didn't think that it would evolve dressing a Golly that didn't have elastic in her knickers yet. Granny said, to mind her while she went and got some string or elastic." HELP" I don't want them to fall down."
"Lay still Golly we don't want you to be naked!!!".

Golly said it was cold lying on the table," please let me sit up." Well was I game.
OK it is alright nothing dreadful happened.

Thank goodness she has now got her knickers on.
Now as if Granny has got time to play on the pooter. She has a new place she goes, to try and disguised her bad photography. Did you notice the first picture was oval, I think she is getting too fancy. Now just because she is dreaming of sunshine and beach, by magic the sun chairs appear.
See; all this playing around and we still have not finished the dress. No hem, No belt, No ribbon in Gollies hair, no shoe laces. I don't know and Granny does not know where the day goes. I hope she doesn't get grumpy because she said, "by hook or by crook, I have to finish tonight."
This is another Golly that Granny made to match a boy Golly.

She looks a bit surprised. I think I gave her a fright. Her hair is standing on end.
I'm dreaming of warm days for camp. It is getting closer. I have my case now, and I will show it to you soon. I have a bit of FUN planned.

Enough sewing it is time for tea. "Hey, Granny." "I want peanut paste and honey on toast please."
Hmmmm! it was yummy. Nice warm milk with chocolate in just finished it off nicely.

See you all next week. 

Just letting all my followers know that we love hearing from you.
See it was this cold....


"The shortest distance between two people is a smile."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shiver me Timber

Shiver Me Timber,
What is the world coming too.
Fair dinkum, I don't believe what Granny expects me to do.
Just don't look at me!!!!!
I can't wait until I go to camp, and catch frogs and play knuckle bones, and get dirty in the creek.
Not this dress up stuff.
Now Hide your eyes, because here I am as a .......... I can't even say it.
On Saturday, Granny went to the Bears and Friends club, that meets in Goodwood every month. They had a speaker who spoke on Baby rattles and baby toys.
There were beautiful silver ones,
Some were Bakelite, some celluloid, and some plastic.They were all colours and shapes. Some tinkled and some rattled. Some babies suck on.(YUK) 
Then there were Rolly Poly's that played a tinkling music sound.
(Where were the trumpets)
Then one lady had her doll she had when she was a baby, with her christening cards, shoes and a top.
Granny said, "What a treasure".  hmmmm..... hmmmm I can't see any treasure. Where are the pirates.
She was so excited about this picture that she chopped the dolls head off.
Then they had a competition of bears dressed like babies.
This is just a couple, because there were quite a few.
Some of these look ancient.
Now I can cope with this one, although he has a rattle.

Then one of the lovely lady's had a display of her miniatures. Granny went oww arhhhhh over them. (What ever turns you on.)
Now this is a terrible photo, I could have done much better if Granny would let me.
The little giraffe was so perfect. He was tiny, tiny, and made by Lena.
Still counting down to camp. I CAN"T WAIT the way things are going in our house.
Oh to get away from dolls and baby stuff......

I have cooled down now because it is time for toast, peanut butter and honey.
A good book and off to bed.

I love it when we have new followers. 

Welcome to Micnich

Another welcome to Muriel Allison from France.
have a look at her blog it's called The Bears Cottage, and she makes beautiful bears.

A warm welcome to Elena Gingerale from Russia. Have a look at her sire.

Last but not least. Welcome Natalia, who lives in Moscow, she does lovely embroidery.

My thought for the week.
"It is marvellous how the cry of a little baby in the still of the night, evokes wonder.
Usually you wonder which one of you will get up." 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers of the World
My first camellia flowered for all  the Mums  today.

This is Granny writing. I want to say how privileged I have been to have a wonderful mother. It is not until we are adults that we realise that every one does not have wonderful Mothers. My darling Mum is not with us any more. Our home was always open to any one. The kettle was always on, ready for a cup of tea, the biscuit and Rock Bun tin was always full.
Our tears were wiped away with her apron,. The kitchen table was used to sit on when we fell off our bikes, and a band aid needed to be applied. When it was very cold our P.J's were warmed on the door of the wood stove.We always had good food to fill our bellies, and a warm bed to sleep in.  Love was given freely all the time to fill our hearts. 
Thank You Mum.

We had a double celebration  last night. My Grand sons 13th Birthday and my celebration was for my two daughters and daughter inlaw being wonderful mothers. 
We had a lovely night.
This was the Birthday cake before the candles were put on.

"OK That enough from you Granny I want to tell everyone what we did today".

A delivery man came to the door with beautiful flowers for Granny, from her son and daughter inlaw. Yesterday she was very spoilt with perfume. and a warm jacket.  
I went out into the garden and picket these flowers for Granny because she is like my mother and I do love her.
Then we picked some more and went up to the cemetery where Granny's Mum and Dad are resting.
It has beautiful gardens.

I asked Granny is I could catch the Gold Fish in this pond. She said NO. That is not the thing to do in cemeteries
Then I saw this lovely old tree with great bark. I wanted to climb it You know what was said:"NO!!! we need to learn respect Wilbur."
This is Granny's mother and Fathers grave.

Love you Mum.

I picked these flowers to Welcome my new followers this week

Welcome to Alan Cameron - From Germany
Ryan Lorenc - Haluska
Take a look at Ryan's site. He is a bear who loves to fly planes.

My thought for the week.
"A mother's heart is a child's school room."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Natasha Petelina is having a wonderful Give away.
Have a look at her special, huggable piggy
to enter visit her at:
Isn't he so special. I want to win.....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It is nice to have friends

Ah it is nice to have friends.

Can you remember I hurt my arm two weeks ago. Well it was giving me beans, so Granny said to put it back in the sling just to give it a little rest for a few hours.
Look who I found. Holly a very friendly dog .
She was so gentle, and kind  that she wanted to lick my sore arm. to make it better.
I wasn't long before I could have the sling off again. and out to play. 

I was helping Granny by passing up the pegs, while she was hanging out the washing, so look what she gave me for a snack. Warm chocolate milk and biscuits that had just come out of the oven. They had apricots and white chocolate in them Yum!!!
I was playing hide and seek in the flower bed, until Granny said" OUT!!! you will squash the plants."
It is getting near Mothers day and all the chrysanthemums are flowering.
Do any of my bear friend love hiding in the garden to watch the birds?  I do, I love it, they don't know I'm there, and sometimes I see the doves kissing!!! (DISGUSTING)

I hope you are all having a great day. I think I might have peanut paste and Honey on toast for tea.
Then more of those yummy biscuits for supper.

See you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur

We have 3 new people to Welcome this week. Bear Hugs to you all.
Grancarlo gi bertoni
Silvia Wagner

I hope you enjoy our Bears and stories.

My THOUGHT for the week
"Any one can count the seeds in an apple,
But only God can count the apples in a seed."