Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pink Pigs

 I'm as Happy as a pig in mud....
Granny has just finished this pig. It was made from a pattern  by Manuela Schulz
from Furry Critters. Granny would recommend her patterns.

We went to "Bears and friends" and guess what it was PINK day, just to match Granny's pig.
All of these oinkers were very friendly.
Guess what?????
 A man had a collection of pigs and he only bought a few, because he said he had 6,500 pigs in his collection.
How much manure would that be???? Pong, pong!!!!!!!

Do PINK pigs make manure? I don't think so because they were all so pretty and clean. 
We also had bears and bunnies, that were dressed in pink.
I'm am quite smitten by that big bear. She is so beautiful.
he he he he   I know you want to see the bottom of this pig....
Granny tells stories, and she said when she lived on the farm they had pigs,
They were never as clean as these pigs. 
Although when they went to market, they were washed and were made, spic and span.
This little pig is quite friendly he oinks in my ear now and again.
Do you love pigs?

Well I am having supper of you know what. Honey and Peanut Paste on Toast.
I am going to bed to dream of pigs.
See you all next week.


 Welcome to Katerina Malgina I do hope you enjoy reading our stories and seeing my bears.

My thought for the day.

"If you want to be rich,
just count all the things you have
that money can't buy."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My first market of the year.

Granny and I went to our first market of the year today.
I needed new shoes.
What do you think of these Pepper Pig shoes? Granny says that they would not go with all my clothes. Psssstttt!!!! "What does she know" I liked them.
Just look at the sole of my shoe it is cracked, I have worn them out. 
I need new shoes!!!

This pair is Navy and white stripe. Now that would go with every thing...
"Hey Granny look at these."
She says the white would get too dirty when I trod in puddles.
Talk about a fuss pot. I don't think I am getting new shoes today.

It is Easter soon. Well not very soon, but Granny says soon because she says time goes fast.
I thought I would show you a few bunny's around the market.
More beautiful bunny's. We are all looking at that big jar of lollies!!!
 Well if I can't have new shoes I might get a hat. 
Now usually Granny makes me put on fluff and pink stuff Yuck....
At least today I found a Pilots hat. I really liked it. The trouble is it was too hot to have it on very long because my ears were cooking. 
I'm the masked bandit. Look out every one I am coming.. 

Aww these Ellies must be twins.
I was tired and I plonked myself down on this stall and it had a rainbow Elephant, I'm worried, I think she is looking Gooey Eyed at me..
This cute little chap hopped on my lap. Well they were friends for awhile. 
I had to move on because that Ellie was getting a bit fresh with me. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

At last I found some one that would not be up to any hanky panky.
Mr. Policeman. He was a great friend.

Early mornings make me tired,  I'm off to bed with toast, honey and peanut butter with a warm glass of chocolate milk.
See you next week.

Welcome friends.
A rose especially for you.
Welcome Elena Lavrova to my wonderful list of followers.

My thought for the week.
"How busy you are is not  important as why you are busy. The BEE is Praised; the mosquito is swatted."

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Calling All Bears!!!!!!

I need all  bears opinions !!!

Can any of my friends tell me what is wrong with our human mothers or Grannies????

It was so hot, sweltering, blistering, baking, hot, hot, hot.
Granny decides to go to Felting. First get together for the girls this year.
Off she goes with all her gear. I decided I was sensible, and took a nap with a cold face washer on my forehead.  Trying to keep cool.

She comes home as pleased as punch, because she learnt how to do a fluted scarf.... !!!!What is that I hear you say. A scarf this hot weather...
YES and a wool one at that. 

Sooooooo!!!! you guessed it she wraps it around MY... I say My neck to see what it looked like.
Don't they know I feel hot as well.
I sure will tell some one soon!!!!!!****+++
That is why I ended up in the tub. All the towels, bubble wrap, netting and you know what has to be rinsed to get all the soap out.
Yes I volunteered very quickly to get in the tub and wash every thing. 
Something to stay cool PLEASE..

Too hot for warm milk, so cold it was... and of course, honey and peanut butter on toast for supper.
To all my followers , Happy Valentines day

My thought for the day.
"Consider the postage stamp;
It's usefulness lies in the ability to stick to one thing until completed."

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My HEART is all a flutter.

Guess what????
The postie has been again and delivered a letter just to ME...
All the way over the sea from America.
I keep looking at that beautiful picture, on the card.It says
"There is nothing like having friends.
Inside there is a red heart cut out of felt. It says"Hugs Prudence"
Well that is my friend in America that we all go camping with.

You know how bears are so good for Hugs, and they have warm kind hearts, 
Prudence has the kindest heart you could imagine.

Now all my other  girl bear friends, don't get jealous, I know every one of you have  very kind hearts. That's what bears do, right!!

Because it is hot, hot, hot here, 31 deg was the minimum last night and 43 deg again today. Granny has been wiping the dishes with this tea towel that Prudence's Mom sent to Granny for Christmas. Well Granny's theory is if she sees this snow man she might feel cool just looking at it.

I had cold, shivvvery , milk shake with ice in it, before bed and of course, 
Toast, Honey and Peanut paste, with a bowl of Honey Ice cream after.

See you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur

This picture is to welcome all my new friend. We are all different, and come from different places. When we are all friends and all love bears, it does not make any difference, our hearts are all the same.
Welcome to  Lisa T she lives in Georgia and makes great miniatures.
Tiggy is a little Bjd doll that has a blog.  Read her story on 
Nymphea has beautiful dolls

My thought for the week.
"One single leaf may seem insignificant. But the tree is not the same without it."