Saturday, August 31, 2013

Birthday Bears

 Two little commission bear. 
I was asked earlier in the year to make a young brother and his sister who was having her 21st. Birthday. 
The clothes were made by to order. How sweet, this girl always wears odd socks.
She loves to wear Bunny slippers, has hoop earrings. Her bag is always full.
Plus she has beautiful blue eyes just like her little brother.

They are usually teasing each other, but little Bro was so pleased to be able to give his sister a special present. 
 Happy birthday Sis.... 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home from camp.

How glad was I do get home and give Granny a big hug?

I was so glad to get off that plane, because it takes soooo long to get home. Then at last I was giving Granny the biggest Smooch.

It is cold back here in Australia,  it is winter time. I felt shivery because I had come from such a warm place at camp.

Granny thought she would warm me up by making a hot spicy dip to go on some crackers.
This is what she bought from the market. It tastes good BUT.....
OK I am game if it will warm my tummy. Granny stirred this dry stuff into yogurt and a bit of mayonnaise.
It looks like this. Yes it looks OK.

WHoowa!!!!! hot hot, it would make flames come out of my mouth.
Plus hot come out of some where below????? with a whoosh of wind!!!!!
I'm not cold any more I'm hot stuff.

Nothing is better than to have toast, peanut butter and honey for supper with a warm glass of milk. That Granny made just for me.

She put extra blankets on my bed for me to snuggle into.
I'm snuggling into my little friend Snoozie. I had a story and I'm off to the land of dreams.
See you all next week when I get over this jet lag.

To all my beautiful followers. It is good to be home even the cat is sleeping.
I missed you all while I was away.

My thought for the week.
" Home is not where you live,
but where you are loved."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hi Cobbers I have missed you.

Hi Cobber's I have missed you...
do you understand our Aussie slang?
Well that means Hi friends I have missed you.
I was on the Dog and Bone (phone) to Granny a while ago to tell her I was about to get on the plane for the long ride home. 
Fair dinkum (really) I will be as punch to see her, although I am sad to say good bye to so many good friends. It is warm and sunny at camp and it will be winter when I get back to my house.
We had a barbie (Barbecue) the last night we had snags and dead horse (Sausages and tomato sauce.) With lots of hugs, we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. I do have an entry under"P". I am not saying any more.
I will keep this picture of camp in my mind forever.

Now I need to put the record right. The tube race was sabotaged. 
I had a pirate tube and that didn't even  scare those Knuckle Head (Dumb) Ducks away.
The Bearcelors were winning and then all the ducks came flying in and stopped us from moving at all. The bear cubs caught up while we were cussing the ducks.

Here we come before all the quackers decided to flap their wings and squark, and stop our tubes from going any where.
Some how I think some one had a Gander and gave him the message to tell all the ducks to come and spoil the race. 
With all all that interruption, the bearcelors lost the race. Next year I will have to have a plan to keep those ducks away.

It will take me a whole day on the plane before I am home.

I can't wait to give Granny a big hug and have toast with honey and peanut butter on it, just the  way Granny makes it.

I will see you all next week.

Thank you to all my lovely friends and followers who read my stories. It has been difficult while my computer was out of action. It is all fixed now.
This is a picture of my gorgeous great grand daughter. I am biased, but I think she is scrumptiously beautiful.
The Photo was taken by the very clever photographer "Summer Rain".

My thought for the day.

"No matter how many mistakes you make
or how slow you progress.
Your still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

News from camp.

Hi guys another word from camp.
Now you will have to excuse me.
This will be a quick message because there is NO time for writing, only time for fun.
I wanted to show you our T Pee we made one day. We had a great day of Cowboys and Indians.
Jason was head chief, and we were the tribe. I must say we were a very rowdy bunch.
 We wanted to sleep in our tents but the girls got frightened, and said they could hear creepy sounds.
Prudence said she could hear a snake... Well I ask you, a snake at night and you could hear it. ?????
Something wrong with those ears I think. 
We decided we are all a team and if the girls wanted to go back we would all go back. In fact, it was quite nice walking Prudence back to camp at night. She wasn't frightened with my arm around her at all.

 I must tell you about Bearents day. All the Bearents and the little cubs came which was great. The only thing was, I really missed my Granny. She lives far, too far away to come. All the other bears were very nice to me and included me in their family picnics. Prudences mob bold me over they were so pleased to see Prudence and I was right behind her, so we all went for a tumble. (I can't tell you any more what happened next.) Hmmmm!!!! XXX Oh no! I can't give you hints.
No wonder it was nice walking her home in the dark.

Well the tube race was a flop. in my opinion.... because I was sure the councilors  would have won. Sadly we lost. I will have to post about that another time because every one is going on a hike together and I want to walk next to Prudence.

See you all when ever I have time to write.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wilburs fishing lessons.

Wilbur's fishing lessons.

All the boys were so pleased at last the day arrived for their fishing lessons. Wow... one is on the line already. Will, Jason and Sweet Pea were just the other side of the log and the caught a heap. I was trying to catch a double header. I decided one was quite enough to wind in.

Then we have to measure it because we are not allowed to take fish that are too small. Will kept telling me he would just eat twice as many. He loves fish.

"Hey, you boys over there, come and have a look at this fish. I am going to show you how to gut it."
Hmmm.... some thought it a bit yucky. Well I told them if you want to eat fish you have to scale it and gut it.

Tell me Wilbur what is all that wiggly stuff in his tummy, "Is it worms".
I told them that we have all that stuff in our tummies only a lot more.
All the boys were so interested.
We put all our fish in an esky and then we played, Every one caught fish and they felt very proud of their catch.

We had swims and did bomb dives.
Wilbur though he saw another fish but we had packed our rods away.
We need to save some for next year.
After a swim we found this cute cubby house under a log. We all kept dreaming about sleeping out all night. All the girls are expecting fish for dinner. We had heaps. Of course our stories around the camp fire were about how big our fish was that got away. I told Granny mine was huge.
I told her it nearly pulled me in when I was reeling it in. Do you think she would believe me?

We are having the best time.
I will send some more pictures when I get time. 
Now that might not be for awhile because we are all so busy havinf fun.

Big Hugs