Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sharp Beginnings and Happy Endings

Market day again, and guess what????

At the market, there is a lovely lady that is my personal dress maker. You know when you get famous you need your own personal dress maker. Because I have been getting so many invitations lately, I really needed  a Tuxedo to wear for more formal occasions. 
MY personal dress maker, just made a few adjustments and look how hansom I look. I didn't want too many of those pins in me....
I just know you will be dying to see the back view.
Now how is that for a posterior.

 I was off to see what was around today. Hurmph!!!Granny has gone troppo, putting flowers on my head again.

Now what is this? Is it a Mickey mouse hat, or a mushroom hat with ears!!!
Granny says its a lady bird hat.
 I doooo looove this stall. It was quite chilly this morning and I cuddled up with this yummy ruggy. Little owl wanted his photo taken as well.
Thank goodness it looks like we have got all the pink carry on ,out the way.
I actually found a bloke thing. A carry all filled with tools. I think these might come in handy  for fixing things....
 Oh No.... I'm kissing babies again. That is what politicians do, not me. She has got a very nice face and she isn't crying YET!!!  

 Every one is doing Scrap booking. I don't understand;  tell me? Why would you use scraps?
I think you should use nice photo's...
 Now if ever I have to get in the good books with Granny, I think I will give her one of these houses. 
They have a scrubber for a roof. A sponge and pot scourer for the walls. With a little door and two windows. I think Granny must like doing dishes, she always has her hands in the washing up.
 One more hat thinggey..... at least it is black.
 Dog biscuits!!!!!! Where is the BEAR biscuits.
I have found the human biscuits, Apricot and white chocolate. I was allowed, one.... because I had been good and didn't make that baby cry. Yum.
Look at it all, I was in a sea of honey.  They had spoons for tasting. Yum.... 
I needed a second tasting just to make sure it was right.
Hmmmm!!!! it was right. Very right.

Granny bought some and guess what?
We came home and I had Peanut Butter and Honey on toast for supper.
My tummy feels warm and full with all that fresh Honey.

See you all next week
Hugs Wilbur.

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My thought for this week:

The secret of staying young, is to 
live honestly,
eat slowly,
and lie about your age.

by... Lucille Ball.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who Likes Collecting Crab Apples?
 I was up the tree collecting crab apples, sometimes I get a sling shot and try and hit a tin on a post with them. Not today.
 I slipped and came crashing down through the leaves right onto the ground. It hurt so much I was crying.
Granny said she would patch me up. I had to sit on the bench while she bathed my head and put a band aid on it
Then my arm was so soar that Granny said may be I sprained it. So I had to wear a sling to give it a rest.
I was feeling quite proper poorly. I had a head ache.
 I was saying to Granny please tie my shoes up, I think that Is why I slipped out of the tree.
All she could say was don't worry about your shoe. It is you we need to fix.
 I had to count how many apples I had left. Not many.
Granny gave me Noddy's book to read. I read .In there they had saucepans for helmets. Now that is a good idea. Next time I climb trees I will wear a saucepan.
 I can't believe it ,my friend Shirley came over and said she would help me read stories, until I felt better. How sweet of her.
Granny made us warm milk and honey scones.
I felt much better after that. 
I don't think I will climb trees for awhile.

See you all next week.

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My thought for the week.
"The perfect example of minority rule, is a baby in the house."

Sunday, April 15, 2012

 Granny and I went to the Anchors Away
Doll and Bear Show.
Guess what, Granny is tired beyond being tired.We have come home tonight and there are still boxes every where. 
She really wanted to show you some pictures of the show, it was in a little village called Hahndorf, and it is just like a German town. With beautiful Autumn trees in red ,and beautiful colours, with the sun shining, so it was perfect.
Can you see in the first picture, that I was trying to find a friend. This Golly looked a bit shy, although I loved his bright colour.

We found a little badger house, 
Teeny weeny koala, and two little pandas that love one another.
Look at all these Lady bears, I think they might get their clothes dirty when we play. I need to keep looking.
These little bears are little forest creatures.
Bear with me Bears are very lovely, but I think I will keep looking.
Now these Bears are lovely as well, but just a bit too small for me. May be the pink one with wings; although I can't see her climbing trees with me, I think she would fly to the top and I would be still struggling to climb up.
Now these Koalas look happy and tell me what is that little girl laughing about? They were made by Kayzy's Kritters.

All these little chaps are from Kayzy's Kritters.
More bears, where am I going to find a friend?
Too Posh.
Might get her coat dirty.
Little fairy's and pixies. Hummm????
 This bear was best in show. He would be tooooo precious to play with me.
 This guy was lovely, he was bigger than me, I DON'T want any one BIGGER than me.

 Look who I found, this dear little girl just wanted to snuggle up on my lap for the rest of the day. I think I have found a friend when we go to bear shows. She was called Shirley, and her Mum said she had to go home with her.
She would look out for me next show.

Granny has already gone to bed, so I have to read my own story tonight.
Warm milk and peanut paste on toast and off I go.
See you all next week.

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 My Thought for the week:
"A mothers heart is a child's school room."


Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Egg Hunt....

Happy Easter every one.
Granny said I could go on the Easter egg hunt before breakfast. I got so excited when I found a little nest on the table outside, I was yelling out, "Granny I have found one", come and have a look. They were cute and little.

Wow!, some more in the bird feeder, I hope the birds didn't eat any.
Under the flowers in the pot plant. I have so many, I can't count them all.
Gosh Granny, they certainly are not fussy where they put them. Fancy putting them in this old rock.

 I thought I must have found every one, because it took me ages. I was about to go inside when I heard a bird fly off. I looked up and GUESS WHAT.....
I found a BIG red egg in the birds nest. 
I asked Granny to explain how a bunny could put a big egg in a birds nest.
All she could say was "Magic."

Some how I don't get it!!!! Why did Easter bunny put the other eggs on the ground?
Oh well! I guess it must be magic.

 Now I know; a chicken flew up there with it in his arms. 
Granny doesn't know anything, it wasn't magic after all.

It certainly was not magic getting it down. Do you see all those sticks and things that dig in; and poke you in the eye. Well it was a dangerous job.

What a lot of eggs, I just had to taste one. May be two. Well I think I really need three.
I could sit under this bush and eat eggs all day.

I have forgotten how to count. Is there more than 3 papers there...?
Ooops. Never mind they were yummy.

Hmm... I'm thinking my tummy does not feel like breakfast at all. I will just tell Granny I'm slimming and I will skip breakfast today.
Now there is this thing that Granny says "We MUST share" well I haven't got Golly to share with, although Granny has heaps and heaps of bears to share with. 
Let me see will there be one left for me at bed time. 
Yes I think just One.... The Big One ...ha ha ha.

See you all next week.

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Svetlana Mikhailova is from Russia, she makes lovely bears embroidered with silk ribbon.

My thought for the day.
"What the caterpillar calls the end;
God calls a Butterfly."