Monday, November 26, 2012

Pudding Perfume

 Few!!! what an ordeal to post.
Can you smell the PUDDING
it smell deeeelicccccous The whole has smells puddingy... get the drift.
Granny had her 3 precious girls over on Saturday to make the pudding. 
Last year on Christmas day, she was told by her grandson that she needs to teach Abbey, her grand 
daughter how to make the the pudding in case Granny dies.... ha ha... They love that pudding so much Granny thought they needed a teaching day.

It was such fun, 

Granny soaked all the fruit for 2 weeks pouring in brandy every day. It took 3/4 bottle. No wonder it smells good.
 Then we added the chopped almonds. and gave it a big stir. Lots of stirring in this pud.
Then the girls were having so much fun cracking the 9 eggs and putting the threepence's and bone button in. Plus all the wishing while it was stirred that Granny forgot to take the photos.
Here it is on the stove. It had to boil for 7 hours. Wow  It was a huge pot....
 It was all wrapped up in calico and tied up with string. Then it looked like a cauldron filled with pudding.
After 7 hours we lifted it out, and it was very heavy. Just as well I was there to help Granny.
We had to hang it up to dry on a rack,then in 2 days time we hang it up on a hook in the laundry until Christmas. You won't believe this, but Granny has had a pudding hanging for 3 years and it was the best pudding ever.

I just wish you could smell it.

Now I think I need Toast, peanut butter and honey in large amounts!!!! It has been a frustrating day getting Granny's pictures posted. I hid under the desk while she was venting... Scary. Any way she has such wonderful friends who helped her, Like Joyce from "The Bears Blog" and lots of others. That is what is so nice about the family of friends that is world wide, every one helps.
She eventually found out if you belong to Google Plus you don't need to buy storage.
Can you feel the tension melt away.
I can And I am eating my toast and honey.

This is a tree outside my house and I wanted to share it with my new follower, and all my regular followers.
I think next week we need to go purple. 
Welcome Halcyon who lives in South Africa.
She makes such beautiful bears, I would love you to take a look at

My thought for the week:
"To err is human,
To really foul things up requires a computer"

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Help. I can't post pictures.

I can't post.....
I need your help...

I went to post Wilbur's delicious story and I can not up load any of my photos. Google says I have exceeded my storage limit. So what do I do. I loaded nearly all my photos onto a storage box and deleted heaps. Still not allowed to up load any photos..

Then They say to buy storage monthly, well that OK, but I don't just want them to take it out of my account as a direct debit. Seems as though that is the only option they give you. I would like to pay for a year, but that option doesn't seem to be there either.

Some one please Help Granny and Wilbur to continue with their stories.
Hugs Granny and Wilbur.
Poor Wilbur is very upset.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Decorating the tree. Hip, hip, hooray

Guess what we did today.
The Christmas tree.
Abbey, Granny's grand daughter  came today to decorate the tree. I was so excited I could have hugged her as tight as.
So what does that mean? Usually mess. We only had a little time so we just got 3 boxes out, the rest can come out on another day Granny said.
Abbey told me I was blowing my trumpet a bit, by bragging how much I had been helping Granny, so she thought I could blow this one.

Look what I found. I just know Santa will stop here. Especially for me because I have been trying to be good.
May be I need to ring him to say where my sign is, so he will stop. I tried and tried but couldn't get through. So I had the best brain wave. Santa and the Missus, are neighbours, if I ring them they could take a message. Bellamine and Wendy would run over with a message for me I am sure.  "Thanks a lot girls, I just want to make sure Santa has me on his list.' 
Abbey and I had warm chocolate milk and toast and honey together. It is always nice when we share toast and honey, we can lick each others fingers.

This week I would like to Welcome Rosabears to my site. have lovely photos of flowers, bears and heaps of lovely things on their site.

A big Welcome to Laenesbarchen

A warm welcome to Liane from
Liane has lovely pretty things plus a beautiful bear.

A friendly welcome to Marion from http;//
You wont believe the wonderful bears she has on her site. I love every single one.

My thought for the day.
"We cant direct the wind,....
but we can direct the sails."

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm looking for something???????

Granny has lost her Mo Jo and I need to find it....
I'm a very busy bear. Granny needs me to find her Mo Jo... She has lost it and I said I would help her find it.
I went out to the shed and looked around, I found a few spiders but NO Mo Jo!!!!!
Is it in the washing machine. Noooo!!! if it was in there it would get all whizzed around and be jumbled Mo Jo.

 Not in this cupboard. 
Not in the CD draw
Not in the shopping bag.
" Granny, I'm not having much luck finding your Mo Jo..."
NOTHING in this oven, it even looks as though it could have a clean.
Where is the food.
Ah!!! a little bit of Mo Jo is found in these beautiful roses that Granny was given. They are from one of her Teddy girls. Ain't they lovely.
A little bit more Mo Jo was found in these beautiful flowers given to Granny to cheer her up. 
Hm... I'm thinking Granny will soon have her MO Jo back. Here are more flowers she was given by a neighbour. I'm getting excited, I think I might find enough for Granny to get going again. 
These beautiful petunias were in such a large pot, and were given to Granny by a very dear friend.
So a neighbour planted them in a pot by her front door, so everyone can enjoy them. There is certainly Mo Jo here. 
Not only that, the same dear neighbour came and cut her hedge this morning. Wow!!!! is Granny's heart overflowing with love and gratitude. Certainly a lot of Mo Jo is coming now.

Now just look at this. Chicken soup given to give Granny  with lots of get up and go in it. How thoughtful friends are.
Granny feels very lucky, to have great friends. 
Zucchini slice from a neighbour filled with goodness and love 
At last Granny has enough Mo Jo back to get out her old box of tools, and a bit of fluff to start sewing slowly.
It was also the lovely messages that she got from all her internet friends." We can find Blessing every where if we look for them" Granny said.

Well my Blessing is Toast, Peanut butter and Honey for supper with a big glass of warm chocolate milk.
Made by my dear Granny.

See you all next week.

To Susan McMahon
Susie, makes the most amazing dolls, You need to take a peep at her work

My thought for the day.
" Some people,
no matter how old they get,
never lose their beauty-
they merely move it from their faces
into their hearts."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Enjoy the simple things of life.

It's the simple things of life that give the most pleasure.

The last few weeks Granny has not been well and has had to huff and puff into this mask, lots and lots of times. It made me sad because she had to go to hospital for 12 days,and I missed her so much.

The best news is she is now HOME.... do you know how sweet that word sounds. HOME. just one word is enough to make your fur go fuzzy.
Granny says she is in seventh heaven because, she can enjoy looking at her garden, having hot chocolate with me on the veranda,  breathing in the fresh air, having friends  and family pop in, and her own comfy bed, even though she sits up.
We did play where is Wilbur, just like the where's Wally books, can you see me.
Wouldn't those flowers and the perfume make any one feel better. Granny loves flowers.

Just sitting and having a warm cup of chocolate with my Granny makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I did miss her. 
Thank you to all my bloggsie friends who missed us and sent messages.
I'm sure next week we will have more tales to tell.
We are back to toast, peanut butter and honey for supper, just the way I like it.
See you all next week.

I picked this rose for all my followers today
We have 2 lovely new followers this week.
Liane brocante
and Nuri.
Nuri does amazing patchwork and you can look at her work on

My thought for the week.
"I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and love today."