Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bathing beauty's

It is February so we start our lovely club, called "Bears and Friends"
Living in South Australia it is too hot to start our meetings in Jan. 
It was still hot today 40 deg. but our topic for display was
"Bathing Beauty's"
We had lots of bathing beauty's, some very beautiful. Some just soaking up the sun. 
These little guys did not forget the sunscreen. 
This gal looks as though she is asleep in the sun. 

Tropical Paradise. 
 This big guy just flaked it.
What a little cutie. she has her bucket of sand, ball and boat all ready for a fun day. 
Now these guy's are not beach goers, they were made during the month by one of our members.
Guess what. 
One was made after going to the movie Paddington, I think this must be his brother.
We had a special time to remember one of our dear members who died during the week. This was one of her bears. 
I sat by these two little gollies that were made by one of Grannies friends.
They are so, so cute. 
I was too hot to even wear my bathers.
I had a couple of Granny's little bears and cats to look after. 
Now to the special part. 
On Monday morning the postie came with a letter for me....
Can you guess who it is from?

Well it says "My heart leaps for you"
With a very cute green frog leaping.
Signed by some one starting with "P"
Phewwww!!! I'm worn out and hot so it is time for toast with peanut butter and honey, with a glass of COLD MILK.
With Ice cubes in it.

See you all next week.

This is a picture of our beaches here in Australia.
Just in case you are all freezing Up north...
North of us???? 
At the top Of the world.
We are at the bottom!!!
Well a ball is round is there a top and bottom of the world ???
Questions, questions???

Welcome to Annalisa Cecilia
Annalisa has some lovely bears for you to look at.

My thought for the day
"Some modern chairs are obviously designed for people who prefer to stand."

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines day

Valentines day.
Well if I lived in a colder climate I would love Valentines day much more.
All this cuddling did not last long for me.... it is tooooooo hot.
Fur, valentines day cuddles, and 41 degree's centigrade, is not my choice of fun.
I had to cool off in a bubble bath(by myself).

Some times it is good just to veg out.
I had some pink sparkles to sip ... ahhhhh!!!
so nice. 
Now if I was with my friends where it is snowing, I would not mind a cuddle at all. In fact I wish I was there.

One bear that's name starts with "P" said her letter in on the way.
I will be watching that postie this week. 

I know pigeon's are very common, especially in my garden.
They are so pretty, and I'm glad I can give them a drink when its so hot.
A little cool spot for the birds.
I'm just vegin.. out... so peanut butter and honey on toast dipped in a big glass of freezing cold honey milk will do the trick.

See you all next week.
To all my friends Happy Valentines day.

A warm welcome to "The Grandmommy" she has a lovely blog called "Big and little Creations.

My thought for the day.

" Life has taught us that 
love does not consist of gazing at each other,
but in looking together in the same direction."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery-

Sunday, February 8, 2015

1st. market for the year, at Blackwood.

Blackwood Market.
The first market for the year.
Granny needs to get sewing, her table is not very full.
I was just checking out all the bears had washed their faces and cleaned behind their ears.
Granny found this lovely stall that had great paper craft.
She loved this cup and saucer, so much, that she bought one to put a wee teddy in a cup to sell.. 
It was just a little showery in the morning, then it turned out a lovely day.
All Markets at Blackwood are lovely days.

Excuse me!!!!
Does every one agree with me this HONEY stall is the best stall here.
Half way through the afternoon I wanted a nap, so I found these extra squishy, soft gorgeous dogs beds.
Now I am not a dog, It is still comfy for a bear.
This lovely lady had so many lovely silk scarves that were hand dyed to sell.
Also beeeeuuutiful material that was cotton.
Guess what... I didn't know whether to have my cards read or not...
I was a little unsure.
Sometimes you just need to buck up and have courage.
So here goes.
This lovely lady put the cards down on the table. then she some how read what it all meant.
She told me I would have a very successful year, and I might find (blushing)
Whoo Hooo..
I'm always tired after a market. Early morning and teddy's don't go together.
So supper of warm milk, toast, with honey and peanut butter.
My tummy felt very happy.
See you all next week.

That's how I felt.
Hugs Wilbur.

These gum blossoms are for all my dear followers.

My thought for the day.

"Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people."

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sculptures down at the beach

Warning, warning!!!
Any country to the east of South Australia, beware, You are likely to get a surge of sea water.
If you look at Granny's photo the horizon is dipping down hill. 
Not a good look for all the states and country's on our Eastern side.

I must tell you we went down to one of our beaches "Brighton", they had lovely sculptures along the fore shore.
So we went at sunset to get some """GOOD"" photos. Well as you can see our photos are NOT good.
This sculpture was pretty all in copper, so I thought I would lean on it for awhile, and guess what???? A lady came along and told me that children were not allowed to go near the sculptures. When Granny explained that this was to show all My followers from different countries our lovely shore line, she said that I could be in the pictures.

Looks like it might topple over. 
Granny hasn't got one leg shorter than the other... REALLY""

Now this was cute, it was a lovely log built little shed that you could look out over the water. Of course I didn't look out, I looked in.
Alright I know you wanted to see me looking out.

Granny said these surfing vans were all the rage in her day. I'm not sure if I should tell you what Australians called them,,, it was a little rude 'Shagging wagons"
Now my Granny would have done none of that. 

This was called a self watering sunflower, because it had a pump attached to it.

What do you think of this Pelican. 

This is what I call a sculpture, I loooved that dog, 
OK just make out.. It was called Rapunsel.
It had wiggly hair out the back. 

I was a little frightened of this guy

Now this is what we Do Not do. put cigarette butts in the sand. 
All the people to the east of us are safe now.... but look out all the people to the west. The sea is tipping again.

I was getting tired and this was a good place to have a rest.

Another chair that's good.
Granny liked these dolphins the best. It was getting dark, They were made out of stainless steal, and were very beautiful. 
All of us Aussies wear flip flops in the summer, I tried this one on, it was a little too big.
OUCH!!!!! These were barb wire dingo's.. very prickly on the tush.. 

OK quizz time. Not where is Wally, where is Wilbur.. 
Can you guess?
Sorry there were so many pictures. 
I am pooped, Granny has gone wonky, well she was before she started by the look of those photos.
Home to bed, with toast, honey and peanut paste, with a glass of warm milk for supper.

These Alstermeria's are for all my lovely followers.

My thought of the day

" Some people are making such
thorough preparation for rainy days
that they aren't enjoying today's sunshine."