Monday, January 26, 2015

Going to the movies

It's Australia Day.
Whoopie! I love Australia day. We have snags on the barbie and dead horse (that is tomato sauce) Every one fly's the flag, and people go to the cricket or the beach.
Well I went to the beach last night, I will tell you about it next week.
For Breakfast Granny had Vegemite on toast. Now all of my friends who live over seas, you might not know what Vegemite is. Well it is a spread you can have on toast, or in a sandwich, some times with cheese. Granny loves it. It tastes a bit salty, a bit like Bonox, A very little bit sweet.  Now does that put You off. It does me. I am a peanut paste man... 
Now to the exciting bit.
Granny took me to see Paddington at the Cinema.
Oh I can't tell you how much I loooooved that movie.

He was such a cool bear and had a great adventure. You will have to go and see it if you possibly can.
Can you see me sitting in the foyer waiting to go in. I was so excited I wanted to jump on the cushions. Granny said I had to be good, and NO jumping.
We did buy pop corn, and Granny was going to take a photo of it in the dark. Well, you all know she has a new camera!  and can't take pictures in the light let alone the dark.
Here I am all ready for the picture to start.

Now I will give you a sneak peek... guess what is happening here.
I am NOT saying.
Aww. don't you love that little bears face.
He is looking for some one to care for him.
Now about that hat. WEllllll..... I loved it.
I asked Granny could I have one like that.
She said probably not.
Then the next day she saw an old felt hat that was all dusty and threw it in the washing machine, It came out.
Whulla!!!! Happy Dance... 
My own hat, It just wants a ribbon around it, or do you think a feather. May be I should dye it.

Just showing you in case you don't believe me, Here I am sitting on Granny's lap in the scary bits.

Well it was a supper of delicious toast, honey and peanut paste with a warm glass of milk. Then off to dream about Paddington.
See you all next week.

A warm welcome 
to some new followers this week.
Silke Margin from Germany, she has very cute animals.
Marina Trotskaya she makes beautiful dolls.
Anastasiia Zalivan from Ukraine who sells beautiful jewlery, and she loves birds. 

I hope you enjoy visiting us girls.

My thought for the day.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Shoes

I'm putting my best foot forward for the New Year.

Can you believe my boots have worn out... Hit the dust... , not worth a crumpet... gone to the dogs. Can you understand my lingo..
Well to tell it to you straight, they are worn out. Not worth a butchers hook.
Every time Granny picked me up she would get black on her shirt.
The soles were cracked, and letting the water in when I jumped in puddles.
I had plain and simply worn them out. 
Too much running and climbing trees and camping and kicking stones.
new boot were a necessity.
I really liked my old boots, they were comfortable, They had walked where ever I wanted to walk, They just felt right. Granny says they MUST go in the bin.
I asked if I could keep them just encase my new boots did not take me where I wanted to go. Or what if they hurt? Or what if they got smelly? Or what if I got a blister?
Granny says" Out they go."
She recons that she does not want any more black on her clothes, or the chairs, or on the bed.
So here I am in my new boots. They came all the way from Sydney.
Yep!!! I can walk in them, now I am going outside to see if I can run in them.

I hope they take me to lots of interesting places this year.
Right now... I want them to take me to the honey and peanut butter on toast, with warm milk that is on the table.

See you all next week and just let me know if you have new shoes.
Hugs Wilbur

This Lorikeet was with many others in Granny's tree. She tried to take it with her new camera. I wish you could hear them squabbling in the tree.
The picture is for all my dear friends and followers

My thought for the day.

" Friendship is like planting trees, it needs attention and care at first, so when it flowers it will provide shade in life."

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year from Adelaide
I thought I would show you pictures of New Year in Adelaide.
Our river.... or creek, come dam.. really is not as pretty as these lights make it look.
I must say it looks pretty at night. 
We had fire works and I thought  the old rotunder looked good with  it.  I must tell all those bears to put their paws over their ears, because there was lots of big bangs.
This is our pretty Christmas tree right in the center of town.
Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!! I do like Christmas.
Well just so you know, I thought I would make a new Year resolution list. 
I started off well. 
 1. Be good,
2.Try not to eat too many biscuits,
3.Don't hide biscuits in my bed.
4. Don't stay up late.
5. Exercise More ###****!!!
6. Wash behind my ears,
I won't bore you with them all. I got to 20. Then I thought hmmmmmm,
what a boring year, so I screwed it all up, and decided to be just me.
I guess I should not complain about the heat, but I will!!!
It is tooo too hot 44 deg. and we have terrible bush fires.
Those poor people who have lost their homes, and the poor firemen fighting it.
I do feel so sorry for them.
The fire is still not out and won't be for many days, unless we get rain.

I keep thinking about those firemen... Perhaps I could put on my list to train as a fire man, because they do a wonderful job, saving lives, and peoples assets.
I told Granny I wanted to be a fireman to save all the bears in the bush. 
She tells me we haven't got bears in Australia.
"OK then I would save all the koala's and kangaroos and birds."

I have just had my COLD honey milk with peanut butter and honey on toast.
I am lying on the bed with the fan ruffling my fur. 
I do hope it comes cool soon.

Now I might not see you for a couple of weeks, you probably can tell Granny is having all sorts of problems with her camera. It makes lines and even though we have had to edit them they are AWFUL.
So she says she can't just buy one with out doing some home work on them... I don't get it......" home work". 
Well if any of you can tell Granny a good camera to buy I just might be back sooner than you think.

See you all Soooooon.

This is a pretty rose from Granny's garden before it got so hot.

My thought for the week.
"How busy you are is not important, as why you are busy. The BEE is Praised; the mosquito swatted."