Sunday, September 25, 2011

This is a long long blog.
You won't believe what happened to me today.
A lovely lady called Leanne, came up to me this morning at the market. She had such smiling eye's (swooon)
and asked me if I would like to go for a walk with her.
Well it was a cold day and all was fine??????
We saw this lovely stall with a little owl and book, pigs, kittens, and a few funny creatures.
 That was when it all STARTED.
Granny came and chased us up and said she thought I should go up stairs to the YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!
The GYM !! so I could loose weight.
Well I was quite excited at first. It was fun ridding the big bike, with all the blokes.
It was called the Marion Leisure and Fitness Centre.
They have good equipment there.

Where was the leisure!!!!!!!!
Then there was this Leg coil chair. TORTURE
With my short legs it was NOT good.
I felt pooped after that. I thought it would be good to play on this big blue ball.
The trouble was I had to balance on it. NOT EASY.
I was beginning to think I was never going to get out of this place. Then the girl that ran it said "Here you go Wilbur you need to lift these medicine balls up 10 times.  WELL ( sssshush. I can't say what I thought.)
They were so heavy I could only lift them Twice, because by that time I had sweat running down into my beautiful eyes, under my arms, and every where else.Plus my hands were so slippery
I call it quits......#####
There was a car wash outside the market, so Granny said I had to go out there and get scrubbed from top to toe.
Well there were some nice girls out there washing cars, so I could put up with that after all that muscle building work." Few, that feels better"

 Now Granny thought that seeing we were out I should smell nice with a body scrub from BODY ROMA.
They were such nice people, they even gave me some sample pack to take home encase I didn't get scrubbed behind my ears, or my under arm got smelly again. They look so professional with there lovely aprons on.
Then SURPRISE the fun part of the day happened.
One lovely lady said her peddle car needed a wash: so her lovely Dad went all the way home and got the car 
to get washed. Just have a look at it. VINTAGE RED. (65years old).
Guess who they asked to drive it, and be in charge of it for the rest of the day.

I drove it to get washed, then I had a drive around in it for ages. WOW did I feel special.

 I am wondering if they would like me to drive it in the Vintage car rally next year.
I just got back inside when it was time to pack up, and guess what! Another lovely surprise.
A lady was knitting all day near Granny; she came up and said that this was her last market, so she would like ME WILBUR to have this scarf to keep the chill out, early in the mornings.
Now that was a lovely thing to do, don't you think.
I Feel very proud wearing it and will always remember her.
Don't I look handsome.
I'm so tired, I just want to snuggle into bed, after supper of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
See you next week my friends.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wilbur at golly day.

 Well it was Golly day at "Bear and Friends" I thought I would tag along because gollies are Teddy's best friend. Well I walked in the door and all you could see for miles and miles (I think that is what Granny says)
There was one brave little raggy doll came to visit. I thought she was very beautiful. The gollies were very friendly to her as well. I hope they shared the afternoon tea with her. I made sure she had a drink of lemonade.
There were four gollies having afternoon tea at this table. They were VERY,VERY BIG.
I sat on a big gollies knee. They said I could join them. His knee was very soft to sit on. (You know some knee's are bony and hard and  uncomfortable) not this gollies knee. I could have snuggle up and  slept on his lap.
More and more gollies giving me cuddles 
I thought this buddy was very handsome.
Now I was going to pinch one of these cakes, but guess WHAT, they had a golly GUARD
watching over them.
So my friend Mei-li the panda and Itty bitty golly whispered secrets in my ear about how to get a cake away from the table with out guard golly seeing. We had a plan. Itty Bitty golly was going to do a dance in her pretty dress so he would watch her. Then Mei-li was going to snatch the cake because she was smaller than me, and was not quite so visible. Then we would all share it.

 Have a look at it. One pretty cake, that looked scrumptious and WAS SCRUMPTIOUS.
 We hid under the table and licked every last crumb up.
Hummmm! "Mei-li have I got any crumbs on my lips. I don't want any evidence showing."

Well that was one gastronomic golly day.
I don't think I will have any peanut butter and honey for supper. 
"Granny I have a tummy ache, could I please just have a glass of warm chocolate milk for supper."

I will see you all next week when I'm feeling better.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

WILBER could not go to the footy
Do all you  people out there feel like me. Hen pecked!!!!
Granny said it was far to cold and rainy for me to go to the footy, she said I would not fit in her coat or bag,and she could see me having the sniffles if I went. So guess what ??? Squirt the little bear was aloud to go.
Granny said she could keep him warm in her coat. Well what a day they had. Granny's grandsons team won the GRAND FINAL. WOO WHOOOO!!!!!
I really feel so jealous Squirt got to be the mascot with the cheer leaders. The girls looked so pretty with their sparkly pom poms, and they had red jumpers on. Did you see Squirt had a red ribbon around his neck. Granny said he cheered so much that is what made them win. Just look at them celebrating. I do wish I could have been there.
 Squirt said this picture was after the game when they were having a rest. Do you see they have 2 girls in the team.? I'm sure I could have caught their eye if I was there. Oh well I had to stay home and read a book about how to Get Around Grannies so you can get in their good books
Can you see Squirts head, I think he needs to wash behind his ears??????
Well When Squirt came home he did sit on my lap and told me all about how exciting it was. Plus how hard the boys played. He even was telling me how slippery it was in the middle with lots of mud. Well may be if I went they would have made me the runner for sure,( and I hate having baths.)  So I suppose Granny was right in not letting me go. There is always next year.
I might come and be your runner next year.
I think I will have peanut butter on toast and warm chocolate milk while I watch the game on the television tonight. All Squirt can have for tea is honey and lemon drink he has a hoarse voice from cheering.
See you all next week

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rose Tea Cosy

This is the piece of felt that Wilber made on Sunday.
This is a hand felted tea cosy that is made to look like a rose. It has silk the same colour as the wool through it.
Have fun with afternoon tea in the garden with this lovely flower cosy.
This is the view from the top.
If you are interested please look in my side button MORE  for more detail.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Granny felt.

Granny said she had to do some felting today, to make a tea cosy.
I think she should make something to keep my hot chocolate, hot.
Well the thing is her hands go numb with tingles so she says, and every now and then I need to help her. Well this sander was very noisy, and very shaky it gave me the Colley Gobbel's  my teeth were chattering,
I felt as though I was on a shaking machine.
Feeewwww! !!I need a rest this is going to make me fade away, all this shaking.
"It's your turn Granny."
OK, we made this piece of pink felt! Soap. bubbles, hot water, cold water, slapping it about then hung on the line to dry.
I thought I would just have a look in her tubs of wool: "Does she know how much STUFF she has here. Every colour of the rainbow." It is nice and soft to play in.

Hmm; may be a jacket would look pretty snazzy in this colour.
 Certainly NOT this colour, she can have as many tea cosy's as she likes in this colour, as long as I don't have to wear it....

Few****** that's over. A good drink and put my feet up for the rest of the day. "Granny. HOY  can you hear me. I would like peanut butter and honey on toast for tea. With  a warm cup of hot chocolate. You could bring me my ruggy as well if it's not too much trouble." She is running around like a chook with it's head cut off, she wouldn't even think it might be a little chilly for a bear, who has worked hard all day.
By the way I can hear the peanut butter jar being opened, everything is going well here. I will see you all next week. I hope with NO more chores to do.