Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm Hot


I was rummaging around in Granny's draw to find a zipper that matched my fur. I was so hot I wanted Granny to put a zipper in so I could take my fur off when it was hot.
She came in and said "Wilbur what are you doing."
I told her I was far too hot and I wanted to be able to take my fur off on hot days and put it on, on cold days.

She said " Oh! Wilbur you must be hot, but you can't take your fur off all your stuffing would fall out."
I said I didn't care I just wanted to get cool. I don't care about stuff'n.
So Granny said "I will help you to feel cool, come with me."

We went outside and Granny put the sprinkler on, and told me to sit under it and then she went inside, and came out with a honey ice cream. The sprinkler did make me feel cool and I loved the ice cream.

Then the problem started! Granny's batteries went flat. Well Granny's...... batteries had been flat all day, but the camera batteries went flat. She had just taken two pictures and flat batteries. She hurried inside to get the spare ones and they were flat as well, although they hadn't been used since they were plugged in to that thing.
New rechargeable's were only 2 months old and both won't hold power.  Granny's sparks were flying, it was like Guy Faulk's. Well Granny's red light bulb went on, because she said " I have only two photos for your post Wilbur."
Oh well there is nothing we can do about it. Just go and buy more batteries this week.
She is feeling like throwing the batteries to far places, but she said she will recycle them
I'm sorry it is a short post, I will get Granny to take more pictures next week.

It's too hot for toast, peanut butter and honey tonight, I might just ask Granny if I could have another ice cream.
See you all next week.


Welcome to Sophies says:- it is a blogspot about a work shop bear at

Christine Freiling has a red devil bear on her blog.

A big welcome to all my lovely followers.

My thought for the week
".Don't be afraid of pressure,
Remember that pressure is what turns a 
lump of coal into a diamond."

Sunday, February 17, 2013

First market for the year.

I have two story's to tell you.
First I received this most beeeaaaatiful  Valentines card that flew here all the way from America. I asked Granny if it grew wings? She said no, it went in the same plane that you went on for camp in a big bag with lots of letters.
I still don't know how the plane knew to land in Adelaide.
Any way I was showing it to more bears that live in our house, because it was from my very dear friend Prudence.
Thank you Prudence so much. I love it and have kept in under my pillow all the time.

There are lots of pictures of the market today. Boy OH Boy was it HOT!!!
Because Granny took so many pictures I would run out of breath telling you all about the wonderful things I found.

I must tell you about these glowing stones. They looked so pretty. I felt like a magician looking into this ball. 

See these spoons spoons and tray. The spoons were so funny I was making jokes and Granny told me I was a real stirrer.
I do sometimes tease Granny. It would be fun to stir with these funny spoons.
What to you think of this pussy T shirt?  
Now this Tee Pee was the best thing at the market. I said to Granny I wanted Santa to bring me one. 
Why do Granny's always spoil things, she said Christmas was too far away to even think about it.

I don't know where to look with all this mushing. ... hummmm I mean kissing. The little boy was cute. 
It was so hot I needed a beeeaaautiful sun hat.  
Now this big crazy doll looks like she would have fun.

Granny told me this is an Easter Egg when you don't want to give a chocolate egg. I ask you who wouldn't want chocolate. If I bought this I would fill it to the brim with little eggs. 
Now this was fun.... A lady had a really colorful table where kids can paint plaster molds. I loved this frog, so I wanted lots of green paint. Was that fun???? I loved it. 
Now these little gollies are so tiny, but so beautiful. Granny's friend knits them and beads their hair, they are very cute.

Saying Hello to a Giraffe. 
This is a Spiderman book that I am going to read to Mr. Hound the dog.
PHEEW!!! That was a lot to talk about for a bear. I'm ready for Toast, peanut butter and honey for supper.
Yum, I can't wait. Granny says I have hollow legs.

See you all next week.

Welcome to Julianna.
She makes wonderful dolls and teddies and lives in Novosibirsk.
Have a look at her site.

My Thought for the week.

"Happiness held is the seed. happiness shared is the flower"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Three Bears

The story of the 3 bears

Have you ever felt  friends are like diamonds.
Granny says she has lots of diamonds, meaning lots of friends.
Well one day last week one of her friends gave her 3 chairs. They just looked like the 3 chairs in the story of Goldilocks.

There was a big chair that I liked, although I need to try the next size. "Oh no this chair needs a cushion on it and it would be so pretty for a princess like Prudence or Shirley.
Definitely too hard.
Well this little chair I felt was toooooo small. I nearly fell of because it was tooooo narrow.
Yes!!! this is just right for me. Nice and comfortable
Can you see side on it has rockers on it, so it is just right for telling stories and giving little bears a rock. Just like I am doing to a little bear that Monica Spicer made, called Hugs. He is a very special bear, and is good at giving Hugs to me and Granny
I definitely will put my name on this chair because I'm tired ,because we painted all day. Phew!!!! I'm getting tired of all this painting. 
Granny has just come in wanting to interfere with my blog. She says she wants to show every one another photo of her beautiful great grand daughter. She has gone quite dotty over little Summer.
I don't know how many times a day she looks at her photos. I should please her by letting her post a picture. 
She does look cute doesn't she?

Well I let her post a picture of her special baby so I am expecting warm, melty, dripping, luscious, toast with peanut butter and Honey. "Goody, here it comes." Ahhh!! just right for a bear.
See you all next week.

This cup of flowers is for all of Granny's diamonds. She says you all make her life sparkle so much.
Thank You.
Thought for the day
"Figures don't lie----- but girdles often re-distribute the truth."

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Granny's gone mad.


She says she wan't to paint the lounge, well you really don't want to know about the MESS!!!
She is so busy she said I had to do this post all by myself. Well I will just whisper to you I think she has gone mad.
This old wallpaper has been on the wall we think for around 40 years, so I know it needs freshening up.
Do you know how much mess she makes. Granny's sister came to help her, and her daughter, grandson and grand daughter, popped in for a coffee, so they got raked in. 
Of course I had to help. 
It was like a sauna with a steamer to help get the paper off. Plus the squirty water bottles to wet the paper with became good water pistols..
We had paper a mile high, I thought we would never have a lounge room again it was so full of old paper.
I felt like I was drowning in it.
I had to be the over seerrrrrrrr  after awhile because my poor beautiful fur was getting wet and I was sticking to the wet paper.
I'm glad they piled the furniture into the middle of the room It was just right for seeing what was going on. 

Every one worked so hard, they looked like steamed rats by the time they finished. Now granny says tomorrow is scrubbing day. Something about washing the walls with sugar soap??? Can you understand these humans. I can't. What would you put sugar on the walls for? She said this soap gets all the glue offfff the walls. Well we will see tomorrow.

Things are messy and a bit on the frazzled side here, so I am HOPING______ for toast with peanut butter and honey for supper.
I worked so hard I think I deserve two pieces.

See you all next week.

I'm wishing we had simple pleasures in our house tonight. I can't see it happening just yet.

I'm wishing all my followers simple pleasures this week.

My thought for the day.
This came from The Doll Makers Journal this week and Granny said she liked it. I think she is trying the try-angle today.

"The right angle to approach a difficult problem is the 'try-angle.'" From God's Little Instruction Book: Inspiration and Wisdom for a Happy and Fulfilled Life