Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Urslua has a wonderful give away. This tiny little 5cm. bear
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Little Pierre is lovely.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It is a Red day.

It is a RED day.

Last weekend Granny and I went to "Bears and Friends". That is a club that Granny loves to go to every month. The theme this month was RED. We had to bring red bears or wear red. The competition. was  a bear in Red shoes.
Well I thought I was a big boy; but look who I found. This huge, red bear that was made in America. He was the most huggable soul you ever could see, so I thought I would say hullo! Because I didn't know him very well , I thought I should just sit along side  of him.
We had Gollies with red jackets, Elmo and red flowers.

Wow! look at this big Golly and bear They do look good all together.
This little red bear and Golly had a red box, red Cocoa Cola, and Red toothpaste. Do you see the tiny little bear sitting on the box with a red tummy.
We had a competition for a bear with red shoes. So this little girl had red shoes.
These bears had red shoes.

This dear OLD GUY had red clogs, red thongs and runners with red laces.

This lady is telling me off, for staring at her red shoes. She looks quite hoity.

Hum...look who's knee I sat on.  Golly looks a bit surprised, as to say "Who are you".
Well I just had to tell him, I'm Wilbur and I love Gollies. After that he was as nice as nice  as any one could be.
Hummmm.. what a great day, meeting all those friends

Now about Camp. All you other bears that are going, are you taking fishing lines? I'm trying to get a few things packed. May be marshmallows to toast on the fire. I said to Granny I wanted to take some toys. She told me we would be too busy to take toys. What do you think?
We have got 21more sleeps.

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"Don't waste time looking at the hill- climb it!"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A winters day at the Market.
Wow what a weekend, We had Red day yesterday at "Bears and Friends" and market today. It was so cold  at 5.30 I didn't want to get out of my snugly warm bed.  Granny took a ruggy to try and keep me warm.

Because it was cold Granny said I could have a cup cake on a stick for BREAKFAST...
Did you hear that....... !!!!!I think she must be sick. I am never allowed cake for breakfast.
This lovely lady was setting up her stall so I had first pick, straight out of her box. YUM.

Well I quite liked this stall, it had girl STUFF but in a wigwam. Inside the Wigwam it had jewellery.Well you know me I didn't want the jewellery, just the wigwam, and I really wanted a feather in my hair so I could play real Indians.
It was a real beanie and scarf day, this lady had so many beanies and scarves to match. Granny loved them. She is mad that she didn't take a picture, because this lady had a machine that did it very quickly. You would have loved to see it. It was like Tom Boy only by a big machine.
Boys like machines.
OK I know you might be sick of beanies, but I wasn't. I didn't mind trying them on today because it was cold. This one kept my ears warm and I thought I looked like a French painter. See that big bunny face; yes I know you would love that for a little Kid.
Granny fell in love with this little cape that was reversible. On the other side it had writing and red mittens.
Tell me, what do you think?Granny said I just looked like Red Riding Hood. Well I don't know where my cookies are that I was supposed to take to my Grandma, because I feel like one right now.
Laurel, from Lolly Tot Designs made this.

Hooray, do you see what I see?????? Boxes of Girl Guide Biscuits. Yummy.
The girl guides are such a fun club for Girls to belong to. Granny said she is sure she is going to win the car in the raffle that she went in. May be she could give it to me.
Hhhhuuumm..... I don't really know why we stopped here. It was a nappy stall. They did have lovely green monkeys, and nappies done up like a cake. Can you believe , nappies like a cake. I hope it wasn't chocolate cake!!!!
This little Teddy wanted some one to cuddle him, so being the friendly Teddy that I am, I thought I would spend a little time with him.
A luscious big Do-nut. Yes this is my taste, although this button eyed teddy wanted to share it with me. Well I did remember my manners and gave her a couple of bites.
More food. This lady makes the best biscuits in the whole market. Yum Oh...
Granny even likes them. They are almond and apricot.. Do you like my Crow ear ring?
Now I love books, and you could buy a second hand book for next to nothing.  Yes I might spend a bit of time here.

Well guess what? When we were leaving, a lovely lady that made the beanies on that fandangled machine gave me a little Fezz hat. How kind of her. (Thank you lady)
It seems as though where ever we go we make the best friends, and meet the nicest people. .

Feeeeew!!!!! home again and worn out. I'm going to cuddle up with my ruggy, and my new hat and have peanut butter, honey and toast for supper.
I feel like a hot chocolate too. You can join me if you want to?
See you all next week.
Love Wilbur

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"Kindness is a language which
the deaf can hear
and the blind can read."

Sunday, June 10, 2012

In the Garden when it is cold.


Shouting out "Granny I don't like sitting here with these flowers".
Granny, "Don't you like those fallen camellias Wilbur"
"Of course I like pretty camellias, it is not the flowers."
Granny, " Well don't grizzle, I'm busy sweeping"
"Granny I hate sitting here, please don't make me sit here."
Granny ," Well tell me why you don't like it up there with the flowers."
" You wouldn't like it either Granny, I'm telling you, you would hate it."
Granny, "Why, Wilbur why."
"Because this piece of marble is freezing my butt off."
Granny, "I'm so sorry Wilbur, I forgot it is only 2.4 deg. You would have a very cold bottom.
Here hop down and run around to warm up."
 Well, I was far too cold to run around to warm up, so I  covered myself with all the leaves that Granny had raked up. It was still cold, but not as freeeeezing as that marble table.

"I bet you can't guess what I am sitting on? ARRRRRRH, Beautiful."
Have you guessed?
Two warm wheat bags. With Granny's fur rose collar around my neck.. If I were a cat I would Purrrrrr.
This is just some of the Camellias that grow in the winter in our garden. 
The problem is they do drop there flowers, and Granny hates putting them in the compost because they are pretty. 
This is a photo of down the back. It is a little protected area for plants that love the shade.
It is Granny here. Some people wanted to see the steam punk jewellery that we made last weekend.
Well I'm warning you, I am NO photographer. The fish, Turtle and sea horse were covered in Mica powder, which is very shiny and iridescent. So I took lousy pictures. You will just have to imagine.

These were made from books by Christi Friesen from America.
Christi is a wonderful sculptor and makes the most amazing things. She came out to Australia in the Summer and I was lucky enough to go to one of her work shops. It is such a pity that I can not do the just-is with the camera. I made them into broaches.
"Hi Mates, you know I can't make a post with out ,you know who, piping in.
Well I just want to tell you, that Honey that has been warmed, and Peanut butter on toast, with piping hot chocolate is on the menu for tea."

"See you all next week when my you know what, is warmer."

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday in the Kitchen


Granny was busy making a Jaffa cake for tomorrow.
She is showing a few girls how to make Steam punk jewellery with polymer clay.
They need something nice for morning tea, so it was cake baking time in our house.
First we had to boil 4 oranges for 2 1/2 hours.
Wow, that looks a sticky mess for me. I did tell Granny I would help. Well.... what do you do for 2 1/2 hours. I had to find something to do or I would go potty.
I looked in the cupboard and found a cake tin. Granny had the beaters out ready to mix the cake when those darn oranges are cooked.
It is only natural, that a talented music bear Like I am, plays the drums with the beaters.

May be I can try the dough hooks, they do make a different sound. I think it is the curly bits.
Hu hummmm..... look what I found. Something to go in the cake. Granny won't miss just a little bit. I need to keep my energy up.
Now I feel like a bit more playing. Yes the trumpet. I'm good at the trumpet, just like Granny's Grandies.
Do you know what this is.........?????? Its the Juice spout, whistle. Not too bad. If you have a funnel hat it makes an even better sound.
Granny is yelling that she has a head ache with all the noise." Excuse me!!!!.... Noise.... It is high tec music..!!!!!!"
Oh well.... I will show you my case, that I am going to pack one day, for my Summer Camp . It really is quite pretty, with Bananas in Pyjamas on the lid.
I have been studying the calendar and we have 5 weeks and 5 days left before I'm sun baking and playing with my friends.  Well you must agree that it will be better than watching Oranges boil for 2 1/2 hours.
This is a picture on my calendar of a Sturt Dessert Pea. We have them growing wild in the out back of Australia.
This pretty flower is of a Hakea. Which is a small tree and has beautiful flowers

Well enough music practise and wishing camp would come soon. I'm going to get my plate and find some honey and peanut butter myself. Granny seems too busy to get my supper tonight.

See you all real soon,
Hugs Wilbur.

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