Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm not sure what was wrong with Granny yesterday or today.
She is like a kid in a candy shop.... She was given two parcels yesterday,by two lovely ladies.
Granny opened the parcels up and you would have thought a whole candy shop was in it.
All I could see was old stuff!!!!!
You know; old lace, and a baby's dress. STUFF.....
She came home and took each piece out separately, and stroked it and folded it neatly.
I couldn't make out what she was doing. I thought she was MAD.

Well today when I went out to the lawn and saw a bucket of froth and bubbles and she was fussing over it, I thought may be I should call the doctor.

Well I found out she was washing her beloved lace in wool mix, to get it all nice and clean.

Granny was getting the camera out to take photo's of her lovely present.  she wanted ME to hold the sopping wet baby dress. UGH!!! is this what it feels like when a baby wets it's self????
When it is dry I am NOT putting it on.

See what is it with Granny, I told you I thought I should get the doctor.
She went and picked some roses to make the lace look pretty.  I thought that is why she was excited because it WAS pretty.

OK!! now that is enough pictures.
No there is more!!!!
and more....
and more.
What is it with lace that gets Granny's all excited. I haven't got it yet.

OK. she wants this bit of rag draped over me again, plus the roses. I'm getting an itchy nose I know I'm going to sneeze in a minute, all over her lace.
Then what!!!!!
I thought we had finished. Now comes the black lace.
May be I could use these bits for Halloween.

 Now this is getting silly. How much more Granny?
 She said this was the last one, it is all beaded and very heavy.
Tell me what do you want heavy lace for?
Granny has no idea what it is like to be in a candy shop.
Now this is what you DO get excited about.
This is what it is like, to be a kid in a candy shop.
Lip smacking good.
Will I have the green one, or the orange one, or the purple one.
OK that it, I will have them all. Try green, then orange then purple.

OH! Granny my tongue look a terrible colour, am I sick?

I don't think I will have any more.
See you all next week.

I picked a rose from my garden for you all today.
I hope you enjoy looking at the bears, and reading about Wilbur's adventures.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

What do you want first, the good or the bad.
Well I will give you the bad first because there really is a good part to the day, and I like reading good things before I go to sleep
I know you won't be able to read this news clipping that got something spilt on it. I was so MAD, did you hear that MAD.....  Granny has a dear friend at the market that gets a paper from England.
Well! a lady called Viv Endecott was going to have a stall at a market in Bournemouth, Dorset..
She was going to sell my best friends GOLLIES , and she was asked not to sell them because  someone might take offence. Take offence! I take offence at my friends the Gollies,  not being able to give love and comfort to little children who find gollies warm, cuddly, comforting, and a friend to them as well as to all of us  fur teddies.
Can you believe at the end of the article they said "The golly was adopted by Enid Blyton in her Noddy books as a badly behaved and often criminal figure.
Can you believe a Golly being a CRIMINAL.
I have never EVER  heard of so much rubbish about our most loved toy the Golly.
I was crying so much the tears spilt on the page Granny wanted to copy onto this page.
Now I have got that off my chest I can tell you all about the GOOD news.

The good news is we had some little gollies at our market. have a look at the golly coat hanger.

Can you see I love all these guys so much.

Naomi, gave up running our market last month. We all LOVE her very much and say a big THANK YOU for all she did. Wow, her daughters a bit of a dish as well.
I told you there was GOOD things that happened as well. Smell those Christmas cakes, that was very good.
This little girl came and grabbed  me, and nearly ran off with me she loved me so much. I was sitting quietly
and a  full on hug and run, by this very cute little girl. Granny had to run after me and tell the little girl she could come back to the market next month and have another hug.
How do I look in a dinosaur tail?

Wow my little heart went boomity boom when I was given two Christmas presents so early.
Leanne gave me two teddy coasters for me to put my glass of  milk on. The other one is for golly when he joins me .

Then Margie gave me a lovely sign for me to hang up so Santa won't forget to stop at my place.
Now that warms the cockles of my heart.
I LOVE it.

So now I can go to bed happy, knowing all the little Dolls, Teddies and Gollies no matter what colour, will be cuddled and loved.
I have a smile on my face now.
See you all next week.

Welcome to our Blog we hope you enjoy reading about what Wilbur gets up to.
We picked this flower from our garden just for you both.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Well the last few weeks have been busy, busy in Granny's house.
I haven't even had time to tell you about the birthday celebrations  that Granny shares with her son-in-law.
It was all go that day. Some of the Dad's had to play the under 16's  in football in the afternoon, so we had the most scrumptious morning tea.
Of course I had to go along to see if the food tasted right. Plus, help blow out the candle........
did you hear I said candle!!!!!! Granny is so old they can't put all the candles on the cake. Only 1....... 
I have never heard of 1 candle on a cake unless it was for a baby.
Well get ready hear it is.

The cake tasted yummy. I went along the table to see what others had ordered.
Now this looks more like it. Ryan had pavlova, MM,mm" Will you share Ryan, you know it is always nice to share."
I was starting to feel a bit squeeze, I took one look at the bottle of wine and I thought quick, where are the sunglasses.
May be Granny will share her chocolates in a day or two.
Too much of a good thing in one day is not good.
Well the kids were happy, Granny was happy, Rod was happy until he played football.
Then he was not so happy. His bones don't like playing football any more.

I had a lovely time, and thought I would have the rest of the day off; just to be lazy.
Tomorrow is a new day and we will be back to peanut butter and honey on toast.
See you all next week.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


It was school holidays and Granny was going to be a doctor or nurse at the Teddy bears picnic, held at 
in Adelaide.
We pulled up with the car packed with bandages, band aids, thermometers cotton buds,
needle and thread. stethoscope, and every thing to fix bears.
I know Granny does a good job, but she really needed me to hold things for her, and to talk to the bears that needed to be fixed, so they were not scared.

It was a huge, lovely old house. I would have loved to play hide and seek in it.
They had great big steps that led up to the main door. This big house made me look quite little. and as you know, I'm not a little bear. I'm BIG.
It was a very rainy day, and we were all going to have a picnic on the big lawns. 
The rain did not stop all day, so I was pleased when they said we could have our picnic in the drawing room. (What bear wants to get their fur wet.) Play games in the ballroom and go to the hospital in the dinning room.
Granny said she needed to see if the stethoscope was working so she checked me out first. There were 4 of her friends helping at the hospital as well. The lady on the left was a friend that helped organise the day.
She looked very pretty in her long dress.
OK does this look scary. Things to look down your throat with.( I always gag. ) Thing to hit your knees and arms with to see how high you can kick.Cotton buds to clean your ears with.Medicine glass. OH how I DO NOT like medicine. Tape, bandages that you can't see. Slings that you can't see. Stingose just in-case bears go tooooo close the the hive when they were collecting honey.Needles and threads; but most of all, the most needed thing. Honey to give the bears, because they were so good.

The children were given a check up list to say there bears were healthy, and a prescription pad that said the needed snacks 3 times a day. Hugs often. Bed snuggles at night.

There was a wonderful face painter.
This is a picture of the children having a picnic in the drawing room. 

I needed to wander around and have a look at this place. Wow ! How good would this be to play cubbies in.

 Granny loved the garden so much, she took me back the next day when it wasn't raining  to take some photos.
Just look how long this rose arbour is. Can you spot the handsome one in the middle?
OK, Granny, don't get your knickers in a knot. I won't fall in the fish pond. 

I am quite disappointed, I wanted to stand on the top of the huge urn. Granny said NO way you might fall in, and she says she couldn't get me out. So I had to sit at the bottom and wavy.
 Arr forget-me-nots. I know you will never forget me.
We had a lovely day, sewing on tails of dinosaurs, ears of dogs and bears, torn necks, more stuffing needed.
Bruising on the head, holes in there backs, hip replacements, you name it Granny was busy.
The children were happy, although that was because I made them laugh.
I expect it could have been because their bears were mended and they had a lovely picnic.

Honey on toast for both Granny and me for tea. She was too tired to cook.
See you all next week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

OH for a quiet life........

Granny was on the go again, this early morning every Saturday and Sunday is driving me nuts.

Granny was telling me that I would have a good time because there would be different people at this show.
Some from interstate and every where. " SH sh sh Don't tell granny I don't care where they came from I just wanted to stay in bed.

Well in the freezing cold with my trusty scarf on I had to sit out the front and say 
ROLL UP, ROLL UP every one welcome to come in.
Granny tried to tell me I had the loudest voice, so that was why I was chosen.
Now as usual I have a few pictures to show you. This is :
These little creatures are from:
I thought that bird was going to peck my shoe.

Now get this. This lady was cool. She paints portraits of BEARS. Now I don't know what is my best side.
What do you think?  I think I would look quite handsome. The lady's name is Sue Bridle.
 All this reporting made me hungry, so my nose smelt out FOOD.
Can you see I'm trying to hide in the shadow because I would love some of that cheese cake.
Do you think Granny will see me.
I found this lovely lady called Pat Morris she has heaps of bears.
Then Granny called me and said I need to get in touch with my feminine side, and nurse a tiny baby doll.
HUM,  I sure don't feel comfortable with this baby. What do I do if she cries. Or you know what, wets......
Put her down quickly I said.
Now this is more like it, firemen and gollies. Gollies are always my friends.
 I am SO PROUD I rubber shoulders with the who's who of bears.
This bear is a Portabello bear, (Something like a prince) he looks very aristocrat. He came from England.
I really wanted to be friends with him, but some how he looked to proud.
 It was getting late and I was feeling a bit chilly so I snuggled up in all the mohair Teddy's Bits had hanging up.
 Just before Granny packed up for the day, we saw this lovely lady making lace. I wanted to play with all those colourful sticks. I was shown how to make lace, although I'm not sure if I will remember it.
I could see she was a nice lady who loved bears. Have a look at her jumper.

I have just had peanut bitter and honey on toast.
Now I'm
See you all next week.


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