Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Market day with excitement.

It's Market Day for Granny and Me.
Early mornings always start with a coffee for Granny and a Hot chocolate for me.
We found some lovely cup warmers so our drinks didn't get cold. That was a great idea because it was a chilly morning.
Now this stall was interesting... they had rubs???? with all sorts of herbs in them.
I thought they were for rubbing on bears to make you feel well. No, no, no Granny said.
They are for rubbing on meat before you cook it to get a great flavor.
Now I thought I was going to have a Strawberry Nut Sunday. No no no Granny said.
It is a candle. A strawberry candle. I was disappointed I thought I could eat it. 
Ho Hummmm... Granny HELP me. I think this girl likes me. What do I do if a doll likes me???? I am only used to furry friends liking me. 
Now because I was upset about that big doll, Granny didn't make me try these on. They were lovely little children's warm hats. 
Now for the ADULT STUFF. This man was going to give me a tattoo. I picked out a pattern, it was a dragon. Now I hate dragons, but I was trying to be tough. The man was smiling and he looked kind, BUT that NEEDLE looked sharp and scary. The man talked to me and said it would be alright...####
All of a sudden I had to be true to my heart and say SORRY NO, no, no, 
I told him I didn't think it would do his name any good Tattooing on a furry bear.
Pheeeew... that was close. I think I will wander back and see what Granny has in her lunch box. 
Now this wasn't in Granny's Lunch box, but I did find it on a Lolly stall.
Have you ever seen such a big freckle. I chatted the girls there and they said they liked me and I could have it. Wow what a winner. 
There were pretty pillows with strawberry's on. I think I might need a lay down after that tattoo man. 
Now this cheered me up. I think this was the brightest fun stall there.
I could have played at that stall for ages, but Granny said I must not muck it up.
Now how would I do that?
Drummmmm Rollllll.....
Look who came to the market.  STAR WARS People.
I couldn't believe my eyes. Do you see Chewbacca  has made friends with me. Two furry creatures together.
He was so tall,I could see for miles when I was being carried by him.
Some of the characters were a bit scary, but it was fun.
Now I will tell you why they were at the market. See that lovely kid in the middle of the photo, Well his name is Jimmy. Jimmy is only
20 years old and he left from the market to walk all the way around Australia. All the way!!!
It will take him 12 months. He is raising money for Cancer research . To help sick kids. 
What a guy. Every one was there to see him off. The Star Wars people and even me.

Now that was some exciting day. Phew, I am tuckered out. 
Warm Toast and GUESS?  Honey and Peanut butter, for supper.

I will go to bed dreaming tonight I'm sure.

These chocolates are for all my followers. I want to thank you for reading our bit of nonsense.

My thought for the day.
"Even worse than raining cats and dogs is hailing Taxis.'

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Fifi is looking for a forever home.


Fifi is available for sale.
She is 8 inches tall and is made out of Rattine' German mohair.
With ultra suede paw pads.
 This sweet little girl had black glass English eyes and  embroidered nose. Her face has been needle and scissor sculpted, with shading on her eyes and cheeks. She can stand by herself because she has garnet for weight in her toes and tummy.
She wears a pretty silk ribbon around her neck with a spray of flowers. 

Fifi is a collectors bear, she is NOT suitable for small children because of small parts.
She was made in a smoke free and pet free environment.

If you are interested in Fifi, email me by finding my email address on my  "contact me"  button.

I accept Pay Pal, Money Order or Direct Credit.
Fifi is $90.00 Australian dollars, plus postage. I only send registered mail..

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Queensland Adventure.

This is a little private beach that very few people know about. It was so pretty with the Palm trees on the beach, BUT... just around the corner is where the river goes into the sea.. Do you know what lives in the River?????? I am nearly too frightened to tell you. Not the Dragon!!!! 
Something large and snappy... Crocodiles.

This is the mangroves where they sometimes come out of the river. I can tell you I was looking around every few seconds, just encase a Croc smelt me for lunch.

We saw this boat that had been left in the river for awhile.
In the Proserpine River there are about 150 crocodiles. We were going out in a boat to see them but it came up too windy. Few!!!! that was lucky.
Just look down that huge throat.
Look at that slippery mud.. oh I wouldn't like to get too close.

There are big Blue crabs that are delicious to eat.
Then in the morning we woke up to the Kookaburra laughing.
This is Shute Harbour where the tourist Ferry's go out to the islands.
You can see it was a bit windy.
I was kidnapped and taken down to the Hotel. These Queenslander's corrupted me and gave me my first drink. Granny was horrified when I told her. She said that bears are not meant to drink beer, just warm chocolate or honey milk.
On Sunday night we went down to a little bush church, it is so pretty.
We watched the Sun set sitting on the car boot.
The end to a beautiful weekend

                                              Can you see the yacht in the beam of the sun?
Good bye Family and good bye Queensland. We had the best time.

I keep dreaming of warm weather,family,and sunshine, I don't want to dream about croc's.

Arrrr... Warm milk, toast and peanut paste and honey for supper.
I will see you all next week to tell you about what happened at our market today.
You will be surprised.
Hugs Wilbur.


Welcome to Carol. I hope you enjoy Wilbur and the bears I make.

My thought for the day.
Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Queensland Weekend.

I have had an Adventure.
A Plane Ride.
To a warm tropical place that Granny loves because her family is there.
It is Sunny Queensland,at Airlie Beach. This is where you go out to the Barrier Reef and see the Whitsunday Islands.
This little Blossom is Granny's first great Granddaughter. She is a darling and Granny and I had lots of smooches. I had smooches as well. She is about as big as me..but so cute, with no fur on.
We had the best Mothers day with 4 generations there. I wonder how I am related to this beautiful baby????

We went to the market on the beach front. It was warm and everyone was wearing T shirts. At home you either have fur like mine, or you have a jumper on.
Straight in front of the market is the beach, with palm trees right on the beach front. Ahrrr. this is the life for me. I just had to shade my eyes and lay there dreaming. RELAXATION PLUS... 
Yes a head rest, is just right, I can check out the girls like this. 

It was all going very well until I saw something up the beach. Holy Moly what am I seeing?
A DRAGON..Granny said she wanted a photo of me by it. The guy said it wasn't finished. He said  when it was finished the dragon would have fire coming out of his nostrils.
I'm not waiting around for that.... !!!!
We saw this girl that had very long legs. She was blowing up balloons for the children. When she saw me she wanted a cuddle straight away. 
Look at that beautiful view. All of this made Granny and of course Me... Wilbur feel so special.
I have so much more to tell you. 
Very exciting stuff, but Granny says you will think this is too long so I will tell you more next week.
I had to sleep in a new bed and had toast and honey for supper. All this sea air has made me tired. 
I will see you all next week.


Of course I wanted to pick a tropical Hibiscus flower for you all today, They are so beautiful.

She has wonderful crochet crowns and beautiful things.

Welcome to Mimi's by KLEDE
Mimi has the most beautiful bears you can have a look by going to

My thought for the Day.
"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore"

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cedric the sailor.
I have just listed Cedric under the bear button on my Blog. If you want to find out more about him, you are welcome to email me , I would be happy to answer any questions. 

He is an Old Salt with a distinguished uniform, that sometimes makes the girls swoon.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beware of the rake.

Beware of the Rake.
It is Autumn in Ozzie Land, and that rake is not to be reckoned with.
Granny has Crab apple, Silver birch, and an ornamental Pear tree, and they all loose their leaves.    
Don't get me wrong, I looove playing in them especially when they are all raked up in piles.
I had trouble this morning, Granny was going as fast as she could. Now we all know how fast that is....hmmm... 
She was chatting to a friend and I nearly got raked up into that dust pan. Golly gosh.........
Last week I was left behind and this week getting raked up!!! Can you imagine poor Wilbur in the compost bin, with all those smelly things.
I had to wriggle and squirm and yell...

The compost bin is back behind the shed. Granny calls it No Mans Land.
No wonder it is No Mans Land; a humunbeing wouldn't want to go there. A Bear definitely wouldn't want to go there. 
I am so glad I was recued it nearly gave me a heart attack I just want to enjoy the garden from my chair . Just in case that RAKE comes out again.
As you can see Granny has been potting again. Did I say POTTING..... she potters all day.
She was in a hurry doing her gardening because she is wanting to finish a new bear. 
Arrr. I feel much safer sitting here showing you Granny's flowers.
Well don't tell her; I showed her lavender that she cut back too hard and it nearly died.
 This is where the birdy's drink.
These are some of her Peppers..Yuck. I don't like Peppers.. They are not nice even when you put honey on them.

After my fright I need honey and peanut butterr on toast and a big Hug from Granny.
She did say she was very sorry, and would get her glasses checked real soon. 
I told her "Real Soon."

Nest week I will be late posting because I have something special to tell you and I won't be able to tell you until a few days latter.
Are you Guessing????

I picked these from my garden just for my lovely followers, and friends.
Thank you for being there to rescue me if needed..

My thought for the week.
"The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this;
that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is  constructed;
but a thing created is loved before it exsists."

Granny's bears are created.