Sunday, January 27, 2013

Australia Day


Gid'ay friends

We usually have a barbie with snags. For those of you who don't know our Aussie slang that means a barbecue with sausages. If some other friends pop by it is no trouble to put another snag on the barbie.
Well I'm an Aussie kid, so I needed to wear my Aussie hat to keep the sun and the smoke out of my eyes.
Granny keeps telling me to be careful and not to burn myself. Barbecue's can get very hot. 
I am very lucky to be an Aussie kid. I think Australia is the best place in the world. (Well I have only been to America for our camp, and that was loads of fun, and I really enjoyed it, but it was so good to get home.)
Another thing we always eat on Australia day is Lamingtons. They are very yummy, it is cake cut into squares, then they are dropped into Chocolate incing and rolled in cocoa-nut. Yum OH!
People go for picnics; Go to the cricket or the beach. All Granny's Grand kids had been to the beach all week. They swam and Boogie Boarded the waves and had the best time.
 I'm sure we all feel like our country is the best place to be. Granny says that is usually because it is where our family is, and all those we love.  Some times it is because we don't know what other places are like. If you are like me, it is because my comfy bed is here and there is honey in the pantry, and My Granny lives here.

Some times it is just because!!!!!


It's been a busy day with all that cooking so I'm about to have toast and peanut butter with honey  on.
A glass of warm milk and jump into my bed that is comfy.

See you all next week.


Welcome Julianna. Julianna makes the most wonderful cloth dolls and teddies . She lives in Novosibirsk.
Take a look at her link.

My thought for the day:
"Living would be easier if men showed as much patience at home as they do when they're fishing."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whooo Hoooo I'm Back. I have so much to tell you.

Granny had the best Christmas present ever.
A darling little baby girl called Summer came into this world. She is Granny's first great grand child.
Granny says her heart is over flowing with love for this darling little baby that has come into our family.
Ella and Adam are the very proud Mum and Dad.
Granny kisses her screen good morning and good night every day, because Summer is on it. 
Granny goes all mushy when she looks at these pictures that Summer Rain from Airlie Beach took of this precious baby.
Can you see that gorgeous little face looking at you. Granny said her heart was melting.

I want to tell all of my friends how much I missed them. Especially Shirley, she is a special friend, So is Purdence, Sissy, Belamine, Wendy, Flutterby, Wil and Fungus. Blossom,Sweet pea, Daniel, Harold and Clarissa. I must stop or I will run out of room.
I am telling every one of my friends I missed seeing them on the putter.
Can you see the big screen, well I will be able to see you all even better now.
We now have a laptop and I think I might take that over. Granny said we have to share.
At Christmas time I would check the mail box every day. Then one day the postie left me two letters that came all the way from America.
Look at that beautiful writing, from my friends at the north pole.
Then those lovely words from My DEAR.... friend Prudence
The cards are so pretty
They came right across the sea, in an aeroplane to my letter box.
When I couldn't talk to any friends I would go into the lounge and read my Christmas cards. I would read them over and over again.
I felt closer to them when reading their cards.

Granny says family and friends are the most precious things in life.
I think they are too.

I must go and have my toast with peanut butter and honey. Then tonight I will dream about my friends all night. Granny says she will dream about that beautiful little baby Summer. 

A warm welcome to New and old followers, because I missed you all so much.

mftn is a site that was talking about how to care for animals and birds. Especially a parrot.
Have a look at their site at------ 
This is a beautiful site that is called 'Encourage one another"
You will love the short stories with a moral. Or something to make you think. I love it.
Take a look for yourself.

My thought for the week.
'In our youth we sew seeds, in our old age we cut corns.  '