Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy, Hoppity Easter...
I went hunting for Easter Eggs in the garden this morning and look what I found.
A beautiful nest of dried flowers with a big egg and lots of littles in it.
Yum Oh!!!

Can you believe how big it is?
I asked Granny why we get Eggs at Easter time?
She told me it was to celebrate new life.
"I beg your pardon Granny"
How can a chocolate egg make new life?
Well she said the little chicks, turtles, crocodiles, and all sorts  of things hatch out of eggs, and we were given a New life because Jesus died on the cross for us.

"So Granny , will a chicken, turtle or crocodile be inside my egg??"

Granny said no. Just real eggs.
am I game to bite into it?

I have the paper off do you think I should bite into it?
Ok here goes. I can't wait to eat chocolate.
 can you believe a tiny little chick was inside...
He doesn't cheep, but I am still waiting!!!

I had Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and now I think I will have chocolate for supper, Just to vary it, I will have chocolate milk to wash it down.

I had a wonderful card from Prudence for Easter. Thank you my dear friend. I love it and have it sitting on my cupboard so I can see it every day.

This is a little note to say Granny and I are going to have a little break from posting every week. You might see a post when something special happens.
Does anything special happen in your house?
Well I certainly will post when I hear that chicken cheep.

Hugs Wilbur

Now this is a special rose that Granny is planting this winter.
It is called "Best Friend."
We are planting it because you all are our beat friends and the perfume will remind us of you all.

My thought for the week.
"It is not enough to buy a tee shirt or some shoes.
To change the world you need to put on some work boots and pick up a shovel."
"Mark Satterfield"