Sunday, August 31, 2014

Visiting the grand kids can make you smelly.

Do you ever get greeted by something smelly but beautiful?
Well I did! I went down to see Granny's Grandson's. Their beautiful dog Holly went straight inside and got her teddy to share with me as soon as I arrived.
She is a beautiful dog and I loved her sharing ( BUT!!!!) it would have been nicer if there was not so much slobber.
"I did thank her."
She is looking quite pleased with herself sharing her special Teddy.
OK!!! I did say Grandson's lived here, so this is what they said was a fun thing to do.
I think eating honey or peanut butter is better fun than this. It was hard work.
Few!!! Smelly, slobbery teddy's, plus sweaty arm pits. I need a wash.

I really would like to learn a musical instrument. James thought I should try the Saxophone. Well there is a big hole down there where the sound comes out. 
Then way up here is where you blow. Now to work out how to reach the keys.
(Is that what they are called?)
Na... it does not fit a bear, I will have to think of something else.
My arms won't reach those pushy, button things.

may be I could try the guitar, no, I don't have fingers. Perhaps I could play the trumpet. No they have the same pushy things.
Perhaps I could play the key board, I would love to play the key board!!!
Nup!! it is very annoying  not having fingers.
I have had a brilliant idea.
I will play the harmonica. I just need paws to hold it and my mouth to blow it.
Perfect. "Hey Granny, I want a harmonica for my Birthday"  " Please", you know you have to say please or you won't get it. I want one just like this.
It is gold just like the boys instruments.
I will let you know if I get one. You may hear me if I get one...

Well it is supper time and my tummy feels like toast, with peanut butter and honey.
Plus a glass of warm chocolate milk.

See you all next week.

It is Spring tomorrow in Australia, so I wanted to share beautiful little birds that hatch in the spring,  this is for all my followers.

Today I welcome Radka, who lives in England, she does the most amazing embroidery. Plus the most important news Radka has Bears. Yes and there are two special ones Brian and Bruce.
If you would like to read about Radka's holiday and see her needle work go to

My thought for the week.
"Humor is to life what shock absorbers are to automobiles."

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm home with my dear Granny.

Hi Every body I'm HOME
You don't know how good it feels to be home.
I could not stop hugging my Granny, and I whispered in her ear I loved her.
It was much cooler than in America. so I had to wear my scarf, and boots again.
I could not wait to go inside and jump on my bed and see all my own things.
Australia really is a great place to live.
Now don't get me wrong, America would be good too; if every one had their Granny living with them there.
After cookies and honey milk, Granny brought this parcel out that was addressed to me. I opened it very quickly, and after unwrapping the beautiful lavender tissue paper out popped this most beautiful little bear.
She was so glad to get out of that parcel and the tissue paper. She could not stop smiling at me. She told me she came all the way from Russia and the lady who made her was Svetlana Mikhailova. She is a very clever lady, because this little bear who is called "Te t'aime"  which means I love you, did fantastic work.
Svetlana made her out of Lavender Plush with silk ribbon embroidery on her head.
She is very heavy, and both Granny and myself can't stop hugging her. 
In the parcel I found 2 children's books with lovely pictures in. One story we can tell is the story of Goldilocks, because we saw 3 bowls of porridge. The other book is getting translated by a friend. I looked at those pictures and funny Russian writing for ages. 
Wait.... I found more... There were lovely post cards,
and guess what, something that is not there any more....????
A chocolate with a little bear on the label.
The problem is I can't show you because I don't have the chocolate.
It disappeared some where. I'm not sure where????!!!!
You didn't see me lick my lips did you? 
"Te t'aimime" needed lots of cuddles to make her feel at home here in Australia.
Granny and I are both blown away that Svetlana could be so generous, and give us this most wonderful unexpected present. Thank you very much Svetlana. 
her web site is

I could not stop telling Granny all about what happened at camp, then I was plum tuckered out. So It was early to bed.

I was not sure what T'aime  would have eaten in Russia.
We made lots of warm toast with honey and peanut paste on. With a big glass of warm chocolate milk, and she loved it.

We made a comfy bed for her, and I told her I would show her lots about Austrlia in the morning.

I can't wait to hit the pillow in my own bed.
See you all next week.

It's Daffodil day in Australia to day, so I have picked these for all my followers.

My thought of the day.

"The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

You should have seen the one that got away???? ha ha...

Sad Good Bye's 
and a 
great fishing day.

I had to share these photos with you of our great fishing day.
I couldn't sleep the night before wondering if I had forgotten any thing.
Bait, fishing lines, hooks, Band aids encase some one hoked them selves.
Plus of course SNACKS.. like chocolate, honey biscuits, and peanut cookies.
We picked a good spot by the lake, and put out the rug for the girls or any one else that didn't want to fish. 
We had a very experienced old fisherman Percy that was helping out, giving tips to the younger bears, as well as myself, so they learnt a lot. Percy is the bear with the blue bow and Burt is the bear with the green overalls Plus Shirley who was in deep conversation with Boof.
Whoopy dooo.... We caught a whopper.. can you see his big head poking out of the water. There was much discussion in how to get him to Shaw.
The girls were scared, they said "he had a big mouth. Would he eat them?"   I ask you!!!!! Of course I told her we eat the fish..If we are lucky enough to land it.

With Percy's help we got him in the net. We were all so excited, we had not caught one so big before. We are going to have a big feast to night.
We just got him hauled in when the ducks came. I would have been mad as hops if they took the fish from our line.
We caught 3 other nice little fishies so the next thing was teaching the how to scale and gut the fish.... (Guess who ran away at the stage.) Girls????
We picked a nice big stone that was clean and the scales flew every where. Then the tummy came out.. Phewww....  Was I a happy camper when our bucket was nearly full.
We could not stop looking in that red bucket, just encase we were dreaming, we caught so much. What a great dinner we will have for our last meal together.
Because camp finishes and we all have to say good-bye for another year.
Before we left I found 2 mins. to be by myself and look at this beautiful spot, and think of all the wonderful times we had together.
Then we went back to camp and ate our fish and told stories around the camp fire under the old oak tree.
It's always hard to say good bye to Prudence, we had the best time and our bond of friendship grew even stronger. 

Bye every one, I will look forward to see you all next year.
All of the fisher bears, keep fishing and write to me about your catches.
Not the ones that got away.

Big hugs Wilbur.

This is for all my friends in Bloggerland, that read my story.

My thought for the day.
"If ants are so hard working,
why do the always turn up at Picnics."

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bearants Day at Camp

First Aid. 
Prudence and I have  organized a demonstration, 
For Bearent's Day. 
Prudence and I had long talks about what we would do for Bearents Day.
Because of the mishap with Boof last week falling out of the raft and nearly drowning. I took them all through the paces of mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Plus making a sling if some one sprained their wrist, and what to do if there was a snake bite.

Prissy pants said she would run.
I told her that was just the wrong thing to do. You had to keep the patient quiet and ring an ambulance. Always bandage from nearest the heart down to the bite,  just to keep the leg still. Don't wash the bite or suck the poison out. Every one yelled YUK!!! YUK!!!..
The ambulance men will be able to tell what sort of snake it was.
If you can identify the snake even better.
Teeny said I would identify it by telling them it was long and slippery and scary...
Boof was not going to be a patient again he flatly refused!!!
So he was the demonstrator.
He did a great job of bandaging.
All the Bearent's were very proud of their little bears.

We thought about what to serve for afternoon tea. It was agreed that every one liked toast, Peanut butter and Honey, so they thought their Bearent's would like it as well.  
We made lots of plates because every one was hungry.
I am not sure how many pieces were popped in the bears mouths before it got to the plate.

The campers were all happy to say good bye to their Bearent's because it is only another week and they will all go home.

Now you all know I live in Australia, and that is a long, long way away. So!!! My Granny could not come all that way. Bless her she sent me a special letter to tell me how much she missed me.
To tell me their is a special surprise for me when I get home.
A parcel has been delivered by the Postie with my name on it.
I can't wait to see what it is!!!.
See you all next week.

Spring must be coming soon, although it still is cold in South Australia.
I thought I would cheer you all up with Spring Blossoms
Especially to Welcome our new follower 
Natalie Korol. We hope she enjoys reading our stories.

My thought for the day.
" People who say it can't be done,
should not interrupt people doing it."

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Rafting Adventure.

The big launching and race.

I was so excited and so were all the other bears. Of course Prissy Pants was extra  scared. She kept telling me what happens if I fall out.
Well of course I told her nobody will fall out.

So we had a big instruction lesson before we started.
I sat them in the sun and told them,
1. no jumping around in the raft.
        2. no pushing and shoving each other.
  3. listen to what I have to tell you.
4. no trying to get out of the raft
 first. Take your time.

Then I realized some one was missing...
Where is Boof????
Well we carefully put the raft in the water and every one shouted Hooray!!!!
Because it floated.
Prissy pants and Teeny wanted to go first just in case they got too scared latter on.

Away we sailed. 
There were smiles all round.
Then the race started. 
Prudence some how, had conned a big bear with very big muscles to row her raft.
We could see them up ahead. Prissy was saying wait for us.
We were piped at the post. Prudence and her new rowing team won. 
We shook there hands and said well done. Even though we were wishing we won.

It was Boof's turn, so I thought we had a fair chance this time.
Prudence and her muscle men ran into a mob of ducks which slowed them down.
It certainly gave us and edge.
We were going so fast we couldn't stop in time, and got a bit of a spray from the waterfall. Oh well it was a nice day so not to worry. 
We headed back to shore feeling pleased with our selves.
That's where the trouble started.
Boof was teasing Tiny and he was saying I am getting out first because I am the best ... Teeny was distressed and was hanging on to his leg saying "don't be a bossy britches." WHEN all of a sudden Boof fell in. Teeny was still hanging on to him trying to pull him back. Poor Teeny was to small to help.
Boof's face went under the water and he was blowing bubbles. Of course I had to put my first aid into action. I dragged him out and gave him mouth to mouth. 
Thank goodness He spluttered, and started breathing.
What a scare. Now I didn't say anything to Boof then, we were so pleased he was breathing.
Prissy pants sunned herself on the lawn with a pretty umbrella.
Latter that night while we were around by the camp fire, I explained how important it is to listen to instructions, because we all need to work as a team and be safe together.

Phewwww!!!! what a day. 
When they were all tucked in bead, Prudence and I had SEVERAL cups of hot chocolate. 
Then looking up in the sky with all the stars. 
We both thanked our lucky star, that every one was safe.

Nigh Night... I'm pooped.
See you all next week.

I hope all my readers, know if you need to listen to instructions.
You don't know what might happen.

My thought for the day.
"Don't brag. It is not the whistle that moves the train."