Sunday, July 27, 2014

SShhhh!!!!!!! don't tell the others

This is secret Bears business.
You see we are building a raft and we don't want the other teams to see our design.
I am having trouble with my crew. I just put it together to show them what we will be making, when Prissy Pants jumped in and would not get out.
All the others were yelling. "Get out Prissy, we want to get in."
Oh dear! the trouble a leader gets into.

Eventually we got to work. See this squiggly stuff. Well it is glue. I tell you GLUE .
So Don't get it on your fur or else you will be all stuck up for ever.
It is called hard as nails. Well it must go very hard, I do hope the bears don't go home with hard fur.
We stuck the container on to the wood. So I hope it floats well.
Boof  was inspecting the underneath, and kept asking what makes it float.
Well there are some things I don't know and I told him to just trust me.
(gosh I do hope it floats)
"Prissy pants and Weeny get out. the glue is not dry and you might make it shift. "
(What am I going to do with this mob.)
We made a bracket to old the flag. 
Some body needs to fly the Australian flag
We are nearly ready for the big day of racing. I wonder what the others are making???
We don't want the water to be toooo ruff, or else with this mob, some one might fall in. Heavens to Betsy I hope nothing like that happens.

I have all the bears tucked up in bed, hopefully they don't stick to the sheets.
So now I am enjoying hot Chocolate milk and toast with Peanut butter and honey.
Bed sounds good tonight.
I am having night mares. HELP...
See you all next week.

For all my followers. 
I hope you all had or have memories of a loved Teddy Bear.

My thought for the week. 

"A bear teaches us that if the heart is true, it doesn't matter much if an ear drops off."
"Helen Exley"

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The scone challenge.

Sunday challenge
Every one was getting peckish, so Prudence and I decided we would have a bake off.
"The scone challenge."
At least we felt that it would fill them all up after the cooking was done. 
Of course.... always, there are many hands all wanting to help at the same time.
"let me wind the handle." "Don't bump I will get flour on my fur."
"I don't like grating, I might take my skin off."

Well I could see they needed to learn a few lessons.

"OK guys listen here"
"We can have fun cooking with out fighting and being jealous that some one has a better job than you. We need team work."
With out every ones help the scones won't happen. 
Boof was getting a little too close to the sifter, and got flour all over his face. 
Then they all started to giggle. 
Prissy Pink was doing a very good job of stirring. We did this outside in front of our huts, because the morning was so lovely. 
Prudence had a team and so did I. We were going to see who was the winner. 
The bears decided we needed to make a different scone so it would stand out as the BEST. 
 We made Petite Orange scones that had a glaze of orange on top.
Boof said, " was he petite...."."I'm afraid not Boof"  Tiny is petite..."
"Well if I am not petite could I have several scones." 
They came out of the oven looking good. Every one wanted to smell and taste them.
Another lesson in Patience..... 
"DON'T touch it, because it is hot and would burn your fingers."
"You all have to wait until they are cold and we put the glaze on." 

It was so yummy that every one thought theirs the best. 
Prudence's kids made great scones and they liked them the best. 
We thought ours had more class, so it was a good lesson in telling them. we all like different tastes and different things, so it meant every one was a winner.
They all had a great morning tea, and their tummies were very full.
PS.... Granny has the best recipe book, although to see it it looks a bit worn.
She tells me it has recipes from her Gran, mother and loads of friends. 
That is why she loves cooking. It reminds her of friends that are not near her any more.  
Ahrrrr... lovely sunshine, full tummies and happy campers, what more could we want.
We are all having the best time.
Hugs Wilbur

These scones are for you, my lovely followers.
Have a taste they are what Prudence made.

My thought for the day.
"I can do things you cannot,
you can do things I can not;
together we can do great things."

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Camp Good Bear at last...

I NEVER THOUGHT THE DAY WOULD COME. I'm up, up and away,and there.
Here I am leaving home. bags packed and a heart full of excitement.

Remember we said we would meet at the old Oak Tree.
Well what a sight here she is just the same as last year.
All ready for climbing and telling stories under.   
Now look to the left of the trunk and I'm sure you will see Prudence's white bow she wears in her hair.
You got it she is hiding????
I'm going to surprise her.


 Faint, heart attack, surprise.

Ralphie!!!! you scared the day lights out of me. I thought it was  Prudence behind that tree.

Ralphie laughed and said he wanted the fun to start the minute we were there.

Well the fun and laughter started.
PLUS meeting Prudence again after a whole year.
We sat up in that Oak tree and talked and planned the camp for hours.
How good it is to be with my best buddy friends again.
Now I can't tell you what we have got planned you will have to wait and see.

Lots of Hot chocolate and Peanut butter and toast were eaten that night.

I'm so happy I am sending free bear hugs to you all.
My thought for the week.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Five more sleeps until camp.

Whoopee I am packing for camp.
Can you believe it is only five sleeps before I catch that big airplane
and go to CAMP GOOD BEAR.
I have been flat out like a lizard swimming all day. It is getting late in the afternoon and I am still cleaning and polishing my fishing tackle.
That is the main thing I have to take.
I don't think it smells of dead fish any more??? hope not or those people on the plane might get stink up their nose.
Well I should make a start on my packing. 
It is cold here so I am still wearing my scarf. It is hard to believe I will want my bathers and shorts, sun burn cream, and hat. I also have my new sneakers.  
Band aids, ant rid... did you hear me say ant rid..... those pesky little things sometimes find there way in your bed.... Och... I am a scout and I am well prepared.
Of course apart from my tackle, I need the STASH....
yep... the stash. We are going to have one big party.
Lollies and little bear biscuits, plus CHOCOLATE...

Of course I am getting very excited about meeting Prudence,
We do a lot of planning together, to try and make it a fun, fun, camp.
Whoopee... it won't be long.
Prudence said she would meet me under the old maple tree to the left. 
Then we will work out what cabins the guys go in and what cabin the girls go in...

Plus Prudence is having the little tackers.
They will be crying at night wanting their Mums.
Good Luck Prudence.

I have lists a mile long going through my mind. Wallet, plane ticket, camera, towel, pencil and paper to do the judging of the races.

Oh that's right I might nick Granny's cooking book. 
We might have a cooking competition.

Toast, honey, and peanut butter with a glass of warm milk, and off to bed.
Now what did I forget to put on that list..????

Welcome to all my Beautiful followers, Granny took some photos of our camellia's in our garden for you.

See you all next week.

My thought for the day.
"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow,
it only saps today of it's joy."

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A new Etsy store.

I would like to tell you exciting news.
I have opened an Etsy Store.

This is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile and now, and it has happened. 
At the moment I haven't got a lot of bears in there but I will be adding to them.
I hope you can stop awhile in your break and have a browse.
My Dear friend Monica Spicer helped me with my banner. 
Some people are just gems.

Take a look at

Hugs Kay

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Snuggles is a little woven back faux fur, with Viscose arms and legs.
11 Cm tall.
Snuggles is ready for bed with his ruggy and Teddy Bear. 

This little bear is ready to adopt. He would love to find a new Mom to love him.
Snuggles is 11 Cm. tall and is made out of Woven back faux fur, and viscose.
He is 5 way jointed with cotter pins, and is filled with poly fill.
He has sparkling black glass eyes and a little button embroidered nose.
His face has been scissor and needle sculpted with shading to give him an endearing face.

His Blue hat, ruggie and little ted come with him.
The little bear is not hand made.

Snuggles is not suitable for small children because of small parts.
This is a collectors item.

Snuggles is $75.00 Australian dollars, plus posting cost.
I only send registered mail.
To contact me find my email address in the contact button on the side.
I accept Pay Pal, Direct Credit and Money Order.