Sunday, November 16, 2014

Is it Christmas yet?

"Granny it is Purple time of the Year...
does that mean it is Christmas tomorrow?"
"No Wilbur, it is not Christmas tomorrow, in fact it is more than your paws, eyes, ears and nose all counted up together."
"When the purple flowers come out it seems as though it should be Christmas Granny."
"Wilbur it is 38 sleeps until Christmas so don't get excited yet."
"Why did you make the pudding this week Granny? It smells like Christmas with the pudding smell.
Any way Granny, how do I tell my tummy and my brain not to get excited."
"Keep calm thoughts, and keep busy Wilbur."
"The Christmas pageant was last week and Father Christmas is in the shop, so he must be coming soon."
"I don't believe you Granny... all the pretty floats look like Christmas to me."
"Wilbur, see this Candy Cane float; well we have not made our Gingerbread men or our Ginger Bread house, or our Short breads yet. So we have lots of work to do." 
"Granny, my brain won't be calm.... can we put the Christmas tree up right now."
"No Wilbur, may be next weekend."
"Granny my legs won't stop jumping."

"OK. Wilbur I need you to help me beat this butter to make shortbread's, it might keep you busy."
Now I am thinking about when they can come out of the oven to taste.

We cooked, and now I am tired. and having a supper of toast, peanut butter and honey, with shortbread's for dessert.

See you all next week.

This is for all my lovely followers.
This is a picture out of my window, If I stand on books, I can see how pretty it is.

My thought for the week.
"A lot of people are afraid of heights.
Not me, I'm afraid of widths."
Steven Wright.


  1. Oh.....I can almost smell the lovely breads!
    What a beautiful pictures of a parade! Candy-parade? Nice!

    The purple flowers in the trees, what a treasure! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

    No Wilbur, still not Christmas because my birthday comes first (that way I can remember when it is Christmas: some time after my birthday)

    Wishing the both of you a lovely Sunday!!!!!

    Big hugs from a colder and rainy Holland!


  2. It's beginning to feel like Christmas here in the uk some days. The adverts are on the TV for yummy looking dinners, etc. and the shops are decorated. I love Christmas! Your blue flowers are amazing!

  3. Wonderful colour! It is always fascinating. For us it is cloudy, cold and the trees have no leaves .... I think I migratory from ;o).

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Yeah, it seems like Christmas will never come, sigh....

    The parade looks like so much fun, bet you had a ball, and those purple flowers are bee-u-tee-ful, purple is Mom's favorite color, mine too.

    The view out of your room is bee-u-tee-ful, no wonder you always have wonderful dreams.

    Heaps of Hugs (to Granny too ♥)
    Prudence ♥ ♥

  5. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    I enjoyed catching up with all your news - how sweet your new little friend Bucca is. Sounds like it is all good and busy at your place with the shortbread and gingerbread.i love the pretty purple flowers nd seeing the floats in the parade.
    Wishing you a happy new week

  6. WOW Kay, wat een rijkdom om vanuit je huis zo'n FANTASTISCH uitzicht te kunnen hebben, die kleur.....
    ongelooflijk mooi!!! Wat is dat precies voor een boom die zo prachtig bloeit???

    En nee hoor Wilbur, het is nog lang geen Kerstmis, al zpu je het met al die paarse sneeuwvlokjes wel een beetje denken natuurlijk, hahaha.

    MOOI de parade, dat is genieten om allemaal te bekijken, heerlijk al die snoepjes waar je jammer genoeg niets van mocht pakken natuurlijk.

    Geniet van een fijne week,

    Veel liefs,

    1. Bedankt lieve Kay, voor het vertellen van de naam van deze SCHITTERENDE bloeiende boom [Jacaranda] werkelijk adembenemend!!!!!!!


  7. Hallo Wilbur,
    bis Weihnachten müssen wir alle noch ein wenig warten. Aber die Parade macht ja schon sehr viel Lust auf den Weihnachtsmann.
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Dearest Kay,
    What a treat to come here this time!
    WOW your Jacarandas are a DREAM! Let Wilbur dream of Christmas but this part of the year is to be savored as well. Enjoy your heavenly surroundings.

  9. Wilbur, what are those beautiful purple flowers? Can you please ask granny?

  10. A lovely tree to look at outside the window! The parade looks like a lot of fun too :-)! Here in Belgium Saint-Nicolas has arrived to bring presents to the children, he's a bit like Santa-Claus :-).

  11. Never seen such a purple beauty before!! You are so lucky to have these trees :) unbelievable!
    Wilbur, Christmas will come on time, do not worry, and you will recognize it :)

  12. Caro Wilbur, devi avere ancora pazienza, ma vedrai che il Natale arriverà presto! Chissà che bei regali ti farà la tua Granny! per tenerti occupato comincia a preparare un bel regalo per lei ^_^ Ti mando un bacio!

  13. Jacarandas are one of our favourite trees, especially in flower, and we can't wait to taste some of your Christmas cooking. You are an inspiration, Granny, both in the kitchen and on the camera!
    Hugs from Kayzys and her Critters xoxo :)


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