Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home from camp.

Home at last.

It was a long way flying home in that big plane. The air hostess said it is always longer going home, because you are tired. 
I walked up the garden path and what should I see, this huge balloon that said.....

That made my heart beat a little faster. I felt all warm and homey.

Granny was so pleased to see my, she gave me the biggest, warmest, squishy hug you could ever feel.
I had to come up for air!!!!!!
We had lots of talks about what happened, and what we did, and friends I have made for life. I told her that we exchanged addresses so we could write. Granny thinks making friends, is one of the most important things we can do.

I was so tired we decided that we would talk about camp more tomorrow.
Granny said the peanut butter on toast for supper was extra special because it was spread with so much love.
Do you see this lovely mug with my chocolate milk in. Well I bought it home for Granny. I thought I should test it out before she drank out of it., just to make sure it works.
I said my prayers, asking that all my friends to be safe going home, and to say thank you for such a wonderful Home and Granny.

See you all next week.

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My thought for the day...
"A Hug is a perfect gift,
One size fits all
and nobody minds if you give it back."

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monica Spicer's Pattern

 Lady Victoria Jefferson Jones

I have just finished the lovely lady Bear. She was a delight to make. It is a Monica Spicer pattern, called Lady Sarah. The bear sits crossed leg. and is beautiful. Monica's patterns are step, by tiny step, with very detailed pictures all the was through. You can read what to do plus you can see what to do. It is just like having your own private tutor. They are well worth every penny you spend on them.

Every thing is so detailed with her padded bust, and bustle.
She has a delightful handbag and parasol. Around her neck she wears a necklace cameo with he husbands photo in it.

I had so much fun with this bear I wanted you all to know about Monica's pattern. Have a look on her site 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pillow Fight

What fun we had last night, we all had a big pillow fight.

It all started with us all jumping on our beds. and we couldn't stop laughing.  BAM, WAM. WHACK. We were supposed to have our lights out! Well that didn't happen;one of the bears got his pillow and started thumping me, so of course I thought I would get him back. It wasn't long before we were all in it. I nearly have unbalanced this bear I can see him falling.... Ha ha ha... Then a bit of stuffing came out of one pillow, well it was only a little bit. We thought we would hide it under the bed.
As you can see more and more stuffing came out and it felt like snow. It was better than snow it was warm and fluffy. The more that came out the better it was.
Then who should knock on the door!!!!!!!!??????
The bearcelor......... Prudence. Oh, quick how can we hide this mound?
She said "what are you boys up to?" Well what a silly question......... you could sure see what we were up too..............
Prudence was fair about it all, I thought she might blow her top.(What would come out if she blew her top) ha ha. Prudence told us" I know camp is fun,  you all sound like you drank giggle juice. You all need to sleep, so we can have fun tomorrow." She said we have to stuff as much stuffing back in our pillows as we could and go to sleep. Well we couldn't stop giggling while we were doing our stuffing it kept springing back out.
Then we all dreamt about what was going to happen tomorrow.

I had a message from Granny, she said the bears at home were missing me.
Well I miss them too, and it won't be long before we are home.
I will see them all in a week.
Bye for now from Camp.

It won't be long before spring when the daffodils are out plus a few blossoms.
So these flowers are for all my followers, plus my new follower.

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My Thought for the day.

             Friends are flowers in life's garden.        '

Sunday, August 12, 2012


"Granny I want to show you how good I am at fishing."
All the boys went fishing, there was Sweet Pea, Wil, Harold and Daniel. The girls all went of to make daisy chains.
We hiked to this wonderful creek, and I had to show the guys how to bait the hook and to cast out. I told them, no big sharp noises or we would frighten those slippery little suckers away.
It looks a long way down to the water, I had to hang on tight.

The three of us guys were hanging on this log and two others were hanging off another log. 
"I think I have got one. Hang on mate. We want to have you for lunch."

Harold came around to help me pull it in he was so excited.

"Stone the crows, what a bottler of a fish.OK will you help me get the hook out Harold." We don't want it to slip back in the water." Sweet Pea , will you get the bucket." Thanks ..

I told, Wil, Harold, Daniel and Sweet Pea that is how it is done. We all need to get a couple more each so we can have a  good feed.

All afternoon every one was very busy, and I heard lots of calls. "Quick, I have got one."
we would all run over and see how long it was, and in the bucket it went.
This one was caught by Sweet Pea. He was so excited.
We all had a dip before lunch, and then went straight back to fishing. We wanted to brag to the girls how many we caught.

While we were waiting for the girls we played cards and I was telling them about some Aussie slang.
I said to them "do you know what knee high to a grass hopper meant."  I told them it means very small because grass hoppers knees are not very high. Tee Hee they all laughed.
Another one " What does flat out like a lizard drinking mean" no answers.... Well I told them it means very fast indeed. Because lizards tongues go very fast.

Last one... "What is a stunned mullet." It is some one in a dais, because when a fish is stunned he goes very limp.
We all had a good laugh.
The girls came back with their daisy chains and it was time to go back to camp.
Oh!!! we did brag about out catch. 
Granny I don't want this to end.

I will see you soon,
Hugs Wilbur


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My Thought of the day

"Our minds are like parachutes;
they work best when open."

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cherry-Blossom is a little Panda bear using hot pink for her body and ears and a dense white mohair for her face. She is 27cm. standing and 19 1/2 cm. sitting. She is quite able to stand on her own because of weighted glass sand in her feet and bottom of her tummy. She has armature in both arms. Ultra suede paw pads and filled with poly fill. Lock nut and cotter pin joints. Her sweet little face has a brown embroidered nose and black glass eyes, with shading.

Her tulle skirt is made of crushed tulle and straps of lace. with a lovely organza sash and bow.

This little bear has gone to the bottom of her wardrobe to get her crushed dancing dress out.
She puts it on and dances all around the floor as happy as can be, thinking she is the best dancer that ever could be. Her mother is always telling her to hang her pretty frock up and it wont be crushed. Cherry-Blossom never sees the creases and it goes back to the bottom of the wardrobe again.

Cherry- Blossom is made from a pattern from Shaz bears that was in Bear Creations.

Cherry-Blossom is $90.00 Australian dollars, plus postage.( I only send registered mail.)

I accept Pay Pal, Direct Credit, and Money order.
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bearents Day at
Camp Good Bear.

It was the warmest fuzzyest feeling seeing Granny. I missed her so, so much.
Now mind you I am not a wimp, and I am a brave bear, but I always feel safe and warm when I am with my real family.

Can you see the the bearents had to have name tags on so everyone knew which bear they were related to.
Now some bears get embarrassed to be seen with their Mothers, and Granny's. I can understand that,
when they get teenage bears.I hope I never get embarrassed. I think the trouble is, they get teased, and we don't like teasing one little bit.
"Oh Granny, what do you mean your knees are hurting. It is fun. How about we lean to one side and make this big pipe roll." " Did I talk about embarrassing?" well Granny squealed so hard; NOOOO!!!! I think
she thought it would be like in the tumble dryer. Now that is a thought.......... When I get home, we could make out it was a merry-go-round.
 I was in charge of lining all the eggs up ready for the egg and spoon race. I think the one nearest me needs to be 1/2 a mm forward... yes that will make it right.
How far is the finishing line away?  10 meters. Now that is a long way if we don't want any scrambled eggs.
I think  the girls  need  a handy cap, You know they get all tissy and say "What if I brake it 
, I don't want egg on my dress. " I say too bad just have fun, we can wash anything.

Our day went so quickly, we had a canoe race. Boys against girls. I don't know how???? but we had a draw, I think there was rigging somewhere.  I hate to say but the guys were very red faced and embarrassed. We played ping pong and showed our granny or bearents what we had been doing in craft. Well... that didn't take me long, I'm not into craft, I'm into fishing. Next craft day I am going to whittle a little fish for a lure.

It was sad the at the end of the day every one went home except for the campers. It was a little quite,   we had the best day.
Instead of being sad, I will just remember the best food we all had. Ice cream and chocolate between 
two biscuits. Wow!!! I do love the food at camp.
I might write to Granny next week.
See you all soon.

We have 3 lovely followers to welcome. 
I hope they enjoy reading about Wilbur and seeing my bears.
Dina Aitova
D. Vistana

My thought of the week.
"The man on top of the mountain, didn't fall there."