Sunday, April 27, 2014

Adelaide Hills Doll and Bear show.

Doll and bear shows are such good fun.
I get to see lots of dolls and bears. 
Of course the dolls don't interest a boy bears.
Girl bears do!!!
Can you remember my friend Shirley. I know Shirley and she is sweet.
Another smaller bear that was pale pink called Joy,
Took a fancy to me.
She looked so happy and I think she was wishing Shirley would find a new Mum very quickly, and then there would be no competition.
Joy talked no stop. OH !!!! my ears are ringing.
I'm perplexed.. What does a boy do????
Well can you see another little girl bear in the picture, she was far, far to young.
Some times young kids get in the road a bit. Especially when you want to sweet talk.
Can you see Granny bought me a new pair of shoes to wear to the show.
From a lovely lady. Her shop is called WalkingCanvasPaintedShoes on facebook.
They were very comfy.

This is Shirley, Joy and the little kids Mum.
She is very clever at making bears.
Well you know what happens at bear and doll shows there is lots of pictures, so I won't bore you with lots of writing.
I just want to say these little dogs stayed in their kennel all day and didn't bark once.

Granny can't decide. Tipped or plain mohair.
A wonderful company called Teddy's Bits comes from New South Wales with all their mohair and things we need to make bears.
Not only do they bring a huge load of goods, they bring friendship and love as well.
This is some of the patterns they sell.

Now we come to some of the competition bears and dolls.

It was a lovely two days. I met lots of bears and Granny met lots of her friends.
On the way home we stopped to take some pictures of the Autumn leaves.
Wow!!! was that post sharp to sit on?
Ah!!! this is better. I do love Autumn leaves.

Granny made me toast with peanut butter and honey on for supper with a very large mug of hot chocolate.
I'm off to bed and I am too tired for a story tonight.
See you all next week.

to my new followers and my loyal followers.
The last roses before winter.
Welcome Guzel Kostyna
Guzel makes the most lovely little bears.
You need to go and look at Simone's bears they are beautiful.

My thought for the day.

"God gave us a memory
so we can enjoy a Rose in winter."

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning.

Happy Easter every one
I woke up and guess what I found on the coffee table
A little bunny,
Made of you know what????

I was so happy the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the leaves were turning red and gold.
I do love this time of the year.
All of the boiling hot days have gone, plus the world looks very pretty.
Granny said to go out side I might find something.
Well I found a nest with all these tiny eggs in.
Then saw a bunny eating carrots.

I asked Granny if I could have chocolate for Breakfast. 
She said because it was a very special day I could.
But not to expect it tomorrow.
Granny told me the egg is the symbol for new life, and that is what Easter is all about.
I might just keep a couple of my Easter eggs to see what new life might come.

Look this little chick just popped out of one of these eggs.
May be more little chocolates will pop out of my blue eggs?
What do you think?

Happy Easter to every one.
I think I will just have a warm drink of milk before bed tonight my tummy is full.
I will see you all next week.

To all my followers, I would love you to have tea with me. Granny will put the kettle on.
Welcome to Simona from Spain.
She makes the most beautiful miniatures. Have a look at her work.

My thought for the week.
"The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away."

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A drive to Hahndorf.

A Sunday, day out.
Today Granny and I went for a lovely drive with our neighbor to the Adelaide hills, to a little German town called Hahndorf.
This is where Australia's greatest artist had his studio, and lived.
"Hans Heysen."
He was born in 1877 and died in 1968
This is a picture of his studio.
We were not allowed to take photos inside, but I wish I could show you.
It was just as Hans would have left it.
I would have loved to have a go at painting with his brushes.
Then down the hill we walked to the homestead.
We had a tour inside and saw lots of the original painting.
He was known world wide for his wonderful gum trees.
This is typical of the Australian landscape.
Ha ha!!! what do you think of his car and caravan, that he took when going to the Flinders Ranges to paint?
I loved this little caravan, I could use it as my house. it is just the right size. 
We had a lovely lunch on the veranda of  a Bistro, sitting in the sun.
We are very lucky to have a lovely neighbor, to enjoy a beautiful day with.

On the way home Granny saw this sign and yelled STOP,STOP.
What was there to see?????
A pile of chook manure.
Granny got so excited because she is renovating a bed in her garden and chook manure to her is gold.
We piled the back of the car with this smelly manure to take home. 
Phewwwwww.... pewwww peg on the nose.... pong all the way home.

Granny said the chook manure just was the icing on the cake of a beautiful day.
Hmmmm...... ???? I don't get what she means do you? 
Was I glad to have toast, with honey and peanut butter for supper.
Plus a lovely mug of warm chocolate milk.

See you all next week.

and thank you for reading our blog.
It is wonderful to have so many lovely followers
We have a new follower called Margh. Welcome to you.

Sometimes Granny says she feels like a kid again. 
I hope you all do at times as well. 

My thought for the day.
"The difference between a flower and a weed is judgement."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Is a new little kitten that I finished last week.
His little eyes really sparkle and wants lots of cuddles.

Smooch is made from woven backed synthetic and viscose, with a wired tail.
His face has been needle felted and sculpted with needle and scissors.
He has whiskers and a little sculpted nose.
His paws are a little grubby from running up trees and playing in the garden. 

He has cotter pin in the neck and lock nuts in the arms and legs.
Plus he is stuffed with polyfill and glass sand.

If you are interested in Buying Smooch, please contact me. You will find my email in the contact button at the side of my blog
 He is  $100.00 Australia dollars.
I will accept Pay Pal or direct debit.
Smooch is ready to post. I only post registered mail so I have tracking.
This little kitty is not suitable for small children because of small parts.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The love of Teddy Bears

"I don't know why Granny is surprised"
Teddy Bears always give love and warm feelings every where they go.
We are good to cuddle and good listeners, always faithful... what else???

Well Granny has found that it is not only the Teddy Bears that show kindness and love. It is also the Teddy Bear makers.

We love reading all the teddy bear blogs and face book, then when the Postie arrives with a parcel from NY.. We nearly flipped our lid.

I opened the box and looked inside..

There were chocolates for us (well there were three) so I guess that is One for Granny and two for me. 
When we opened the box, who should pop out but the beautiful little statue of a very pretty bear doing a dance on top of a ball.
She was very clever because she was balancing a umbrella at the same time. 
Dear Cheryl from Bingle Bears sent it all the way to Australia because we won a give away.
Thank you Cheryl, we love our bear girl.
She is sitting in pride and place in the hall. 

Well last night was the finish of day light saving, so I was allowed to stay up one more hour. Whooppie.. I read books and played.
Then this morning instead of being dark when we got up it was light.

I thought I would show you sun rise over the wine district of McLaren Vale
Where Granny's daughter lives. It is very pretty.

Then for all the overseas readers, this is a picture of Sun Set. over Ayers Rock.
It really goes this colour.

To all my beautiful followers, these flowers are for you.

My Thought for the week.
"Humor is to life what shock absorbers are to automobiles."