Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm climbing trees again.

I have had a poor week. but now I'm BETTER !!!!

It was a sad week, you can see how terrible I felt. Some times a bear just feels poorly.
I felt very poorly
 I am  very skinny and I need a feed when I feel better.  This is all to get my paws fixed, I am feeling scared.....". Why do I have to be skinny to get my paws fixed Granny"
I was so skinny that my tummy didn't get in the way when I tried to do summersaults.

Just look at my poor paws, after Granny washed all the burnt bits off   and said my paws were made of the softest suede. Well they don't look like suede now. "Granny will this hurt"
Does this look scary with all these tools? My, they made me feel very frightened when Granny said she needs to use them all. She did promise to be very careful and not hurt too much. 
Well those tools spell HURT to me. I had to shut my eyes.

Granny said I need to be very brave, because all the children in Hospital need to be brave; and if they can find their courage and braveness then I should be able to.
Da Da....... Can you see new very clean paws that are not one bit burnt.
Thanks Granny I will give you big hugs all day.
I can climb trees now.
Look at me
I can swing on clothes lines.....
Even upside down.
Just look at me again, can you see me up on the gate? I can see the world again and I don't have to stay inside and feel board, or hurting any more.
When I was feeling so sore, I had loads of Get Well Wishes, and Love sent to me.
Well this shows what all that love and wishes can do for a bear.
Thanks to all my readers and friends I am now 

So plenty of toast and Peanut butter and Honey for supper. I need to fill my tummy out.
See you all next week.

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My thought for the week.
"Courage in people is like a tea bag
You never know their strength until
they'er in hot water."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Don't play with fire.....

was toasting marshmallows on the FIRE and look what happened
I got too close to the fire and didn't realize it was burning my beautiful paws until it was too late.
I have two burnt hands. All of the children reading this, PLEASE don't play with fire or matches. It really hurts if you burn yourself. 

_Marion Market in South Australia._
It was market day and Granny said I could still go although I had to be careful I did NOT bump my hands.
This dear little doll was very worried about my burnt hands, and wanted to be friend.
OK...... Granny had her way with my hats because I could not pull them off.
Now this is much better, I was very impressed with this helicopter and digger on cards. 
I told Granny when it is my Birthday I want a card like these, they were great.
 H.. Hummm.... this is a very pretty giraffe but do you know what comes out the back end....
I'm sure that wouldn't happen at a market, but you never know...
I think I have my nose in the air smelling????? 
I do love his pretty colour though.
What the heck is granny putting an apron on me for. I can't work, or do dishes ,or anything with my paws bandaged.
Granny loved these dolls, I'm a bit partial to them as well, they are such pretty and bright colours.
Can you believe there were Christmas cakes, You should put your nose to the computer because they smell Beeuuutifulll.
Now Granny sometimes is not so good on the photos. This lovely stall had a beautiful Teddy Bear painted on a snowflake, plus a little bear popping out of a stocking, but the glare was not good, so you will just have to trust me that they were very pretty.
It is getting near Halloween, and look at this black kitty. I hope he doesn't frighten Father Christmas.
 BOO!!! did I scare you..
I love this bag.
Granny I am not a dog.  She thinks a dog collar would look good on me, especially if it had a bow tie on it.
They are lovely but NOT did you hear me NOT for me.
Wow this lady was really clever. She could paint Bears and Planes and everything.
I would love this plane on my bedroom wall.
I do wish my hands were better. I can't climb trees or anything. Granny said she would read me a story after toast,  peanut butter and honey for supper.
Guess what???? She will have to feed me.

See you all next week.

A warm welcome to all of my readers, we love you coming to visit.

My thought for the day.

"One good husband is worth two good wives
for the scarcer things are
the more they are valued."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Granny has lost the mink ears.
 Catastrophe, Frantic,  Frustration, Unsettling, Cranky,
What else can I say. Things are NOT good in my house. Granny has lost a pair of ears. Well you have never heard of such a fuss. You would think she lost the crown jewels.
Every thing has been pulled apart, boxes emptied 6 times, and put back.( Now I tell you if you have emptied it and had a look and it wasn't there, do you think it might hop back in the box so you could find it next time.) I think NOT.
The first place I looked was in the cookie jar. NO!
.I opened the lolly jar and out came the snakes. No ears in there unless the snakes ate them!!!!
May be they were under the seat in the lounge. NO
I looked under the table.No ears under there.
May be they are under the bed. Nup. nothing there.
Are I know they might be in Granny"s tool box. I had to empty ever thing out, but no ears in sight.
Granny said she wanted a look as well. If I couldn't find them I'm sure Granny wouldn't with her old eyes.
I went diving in the cedar trunk and I found a tiny scrap of mink. I said to Granny " Slow down, your blood pressure will be going through the roof."  "Don't worry Granny the world won't stop if you can't find the ears.
 It just means the bear can't hear." 
She thanked me for finding the scrap, and cut out and sewed a new pair of ears, now the little fluffy bear will be able to hear.

New ears were sewn, and now that ball of fluff can hear. 
Howdy, fluff ball can you hear me now? Yes I think we have the problem solved.

My thought for the day.
"Sure God created man before woman........
But then you always need a rough draught
before you create a MASTERPIECE."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


twinkle is a little 15cm bear.
He is made from a woven backed synthetic, in a light bone colour..
He has 5 joints and is filled with poly fill, and crushed garnet for weight and to make him stand.
His eyes are black shiny glass, and he has a little button nose made from clay.
He has been extensively scissor and needle sculpted on his face, to give a cute little expression.
With shading around his eyes.

Twinkle wears a little star around his neck, it reminds him of his favourite song.
"Twinkle, Twinkle little star."

Twinkle is a collectors bear and is NOT suitable for children because of small parts.

 $70.00 Australian dollars plus postage. (I only send registered mail)

If you are interested email me for any more details that you would like to know.
I accept Pay Pal, Direct Credit and Bank Cheque.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I was left behind.

 OH, NO, I was left behind.
Granny was visiting aunty Belinda and she left me on the step. I wanted to cry; I was yelling out "Stop Granny Stop."
Aunty Belinda went to go in the door and saw me, she was so kind and took me inside and gave me a cookie.
Then she said I could snuggle up with her cat joey on the bed.
I was feeling a little sad,Joey told me this was a nice house to live in and he would be my friend.
Then I met a dog called Holly, who was so kind and shared his Tuna mornay dinner with me.
After tea, Aunty Belinda told me she would take me back to Granny's in the morning.
I had a lovely sleep over, and curled up with Joey the cat on the bed. (I did miss Granny a little bit.)
 When morning came I hopped in the car and back to Granny's I went.
I told Granny I was very sad she left me behind, but good things happen out of bad situations some times.
I told her how I had met two new friends, Joey and Holly, and how they shared their food and cuddled up when I went to bed. Sometimes we worry about things, and everything turns out fine.
I told Granny I would try not to worry about being left behind again.
She told me she would NEVER leave me behind again.

I was given two pieces of toast with peanut butter and honey on for supper, and a glass of warm chocolate milk.

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My thought for the day:
"A Grandmother is a little bit parent.
                                a little bit Teacher.
                               a little bit friend."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Down memory lane

Down Memory Lane

Guess where I am????
This is a photo from the road of the ruin of the house where Granny's mother lived. I could tell you funny stories about getting over the fence. Granny tells me she is so glad no pictures were taken, because, after trying to get over and not succeeding she had to roll under. Ha Ha. Of course She had to carry me and roll me under as well. Phew!!!!
Well it was really a back to where their mother lived before she was married.
There was only one room left. It was the kitchen, so we all climbed in the window and had a look at the old fire place, and thought of all the cups of tea they would have had around the table. Plus toast and peanut butter of course. With warm milk from the cow.
Gore Granny you look drunk. Get a grip on your self!!!  I can see the hole in the back, may be there was a bread oven .
This is Granny's sister , now she can hold me nicely, not like Granny wobbling all over the place. I wonder if they had bee hives on this farm. I'm dreaming of honey.
Well what do you know we found a door that went out down the hay stack. Granny was carrying me and put one foot on the hay and down we rolled until we reached the bottom.
HA HA!!!!!
It was fun and a nice soft landing.

It was funny but Granny was covered from head to toe in hay, prickles, twigs and dirt.
This was our first stop and Granny was a mess already.
She had a nice felt scarf on, and prickles sure love felt and velvet jackets, they stuck like mud.

We found a very deep underground tank that they would have had for water. I had to be careful not to fall in.
We went down to where the sheds would have been, and found the old well. Another hole I didn't want to fall into.
Tho old rusty rake was still parked under the tree.
Off  to Tarlee to see the home that Granny and her sister grew up in. They had lots and lots of beautiful memories of that home. It used to have a picket fence when they were young.

Granny was such a mess with all the hay, so we went up to the cemetery and had a picnic lunch up with the rellies. They didn't mind Granny's prickles at all.  It is only a tiny little cemetery but well kept. 
This is Granny's Grandfather and Grandmothers grave.

On the way home we called into a Catholic Cemetery called Navern. It had the most beautiful little chapel and set in majestic gum trees. Very pretty.
I was pooped by the time I got home, it was a big day. I could have stayed and rolled down that hay all day. Granny says one roll  was more than enough.

AHhhhhhhh!!! Toast and peanut butter with honey for supper.
I will dream about hay stacks all night.
See you all next week.

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My thought for the day.
You've got to love each brick an' stone
from cellar up t'dome;
It takes a heap o'livin' in a house
t'make it home."
(Edgar AGuest 1881-1959)