Sunday, June 29, 2014

Granny said I cracked a tantrum.


Is upset, sad, unhappy, cranky, jealous, disappointed, envious, bad mood, sulking, kicking of legs and arms, crying a tantrum?
Well I felt Mad and I wanted to go to Queensland with Granny. 
I really want to go on a holiday with Granny.
She kept telling me that I am going to camp very soon, so don't be disappointed. 
What happen when I tell my brain not to be disappointed but my heart won't listen to it?
I don't want to talk to any one, I don't want to listen to Granny telling me it will be OK.
Well I will let you see her pictures but I am not listening, or looking.
Hi to all Wilbur's friends I thought you might like to look at a little bit of Paradise.
"Paradise!!!!!You didn't take me to Paradise"???
What is wrong with you Granny". sob, sob, wha wha... kick, kick.
This is Airlie Beach where my son and daughter inlaw live.
It is the middle of winter in South Australia, and in Queensland it is warm and sunny. Every day... Warm Every night. Heaven.
"Heaven, did I hear her say heaven!!!! I was not even allowed to go to heaven."
"She is dumb. You only go to heaven when you die. Well I tell you she is NOT dead."
"She is making this all up."
We all went to Day Dream Island for the day. If every there was a perfect day that was it. Warm sun, pool, Laughter, family and friends.
Plus Mermaids.
"Mermaids. well I ask you have any of you seen a mermaid???
I tell you Granny is just trying to make me sad."
There is even a heart shaped coral island, out in the Whitsunday Islands.
This beach has the finest, whitest sand in the world.
We didn't go out to the great Barrier Reef to dive, although if you did this is what you would see.
The end of a perfect day and holiday.
We celebrated my sons 50th Birthday.
What great memories.
"Sniff, sniff,  I have just got my calendar out and I have counted up, there are 11 more days before I fly out to camp in America. I am starting to feel better...
Granny has made me the Biggest warm chocolate milk and two pieces of peanut butter on toast, because I said SORRY for being go grumpy.
I am going to bed dreaming of all the bears from around the world that I will see. 
We will have warm weather as well because it is Summer up there.
See you all next week.


This is winter in Adelaide.
Welcome to Zu Zu 13. I hope you enjoy reading Wilbur's stories.

My thought for the week.

"A heart at Peace gives life to the body,
But envey rots the bones."

Monday, June 16, 2014

Family time is precious.

I'm Late I'm Late for a very important date.
Oh dear! I didn't get to post on Sunday.
Sometimes celebrations come first.
Granny had all her kids home and we went out for a yummy  Chinese Dinner.
I did eat some greens, but my favorite was Fryed Ice cream with honey on top.
It was so yummy I ate it before Granny took a picture.
What do you think Of me eating with chop sticks? It was very hard with only paws. I did make a bit of a slop. I can tell you.... there was no slop with the fryed Ice cream, every teeny bit slid down  into my tummy.
When we have family celebrations we have to have a drink. Do you like my raspberry drink.. It tasted good.
Then you will never, ever guess how old Granny's son  is. Of course we never mention the numbers!!! no no....

We had a lovely cake, CHOCOLATE.. hmm.. 
I love Chocolate. I think I will have enough chocolate on my paws to lick all night.
Dose your family have lots of laughs and fun when you go out to celebrate a Birthday? We do.
I couldn't fit any toast and honey, or milk, (because I have my own snack on my paws.) so Granny tucked me into bed. I can hear the rain on the roof, and I'm all warm, and cosy, with plenty of chocolate to lick all night.

I will see you all soon.
Hugs Wilbur


Welcome To you Silk, It is lovely having you follow us.
Silk makes wonderful bears.

My thought for the day.
"Even worse than raining cats and dogs
is hailing Taxis."

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's off to camp I go.

Can you hear me singing?
I have been whistling and singing all morning.
Granny is singing out "Wilbur sing in tune". Well I told her I just sing what is in my heart so it must be in tune.
Do you know that song the Dwarf's sang. "Hi Ho, Hi ho it's off to work we go. Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho".
.Well I have been singing" Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to camp we go,"
because I have been counting the days and it is 33 days before I fly out to America.

Can you see it is marked on my calender I fly out on the 11th July and Camp starts on the 12th. I do have a long way to fly. That reminds me, I must pack lots of snacks for the trip. All I seem to do is eat and look out the window at pretty clouds.

Now lets get to my draw to see what I will be taking.
Of course fishing rod and bathers.
(it's too chilly for bathers here in Australia now.) 
Now where is my hat. I need my hat, because it will be sunny in America.
Oh I can see my new shoes with the boat on, I will take them.  
Granny is yelling again, (she yells when she is in the kitchen, I don't know how she can see what I'm doing. )
"Wilbur it's too soon to start packing. get out of that draw because you will get all your things muddled up.
Don't get you fishing line tangled, or there will be tantrums."
How can she see I couldn't get my hat out because it was caught on a hook.
For those of you who think I shouldn't keep my fishing line in my draw. It is like this! It is scrubbed, and washed and dried, and put in my draw because it is precious.  I certainly am not putting it in the shed for dust to get on it.

Oh well I am trying to shove it all back, but it does not seem to fit.
Do you think Granny will see if the draw is not closed?
Well I did try.
If I can't pack, may be I will start writing down some games we can play.
I nearly forgot. I need to write a tutorial on fishing.
I can't wait, we are going to have so much fun.
I have been told by the Registration people we have a new bear Jackson joining us.
I know he won't believe how much mischief we get up to.

All that work I have the tummy rumbles. It must be time for toast, peanut butter and honey. Washed down with a lovely warm glass of milk.

See you all next week

Welcome Friends

My thought for today.
"Love only grows by sharing,
You can only have more for yourself
by giving it away to others."
(Brian Tracy)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Some times Granny gets forgetful.

Who knows what this is?
We have had this monster in our house for 4 days. It is all because of  some one who remains nameless that lives in this house.

This is a big ugly dirty blue thing that has lived in our kitchen for 4 days. I think it might be a few more. I checked the workings and I will tell you clues
1. It is blue.
2. It is big   
             3. It sounds like a jet engine                    
 4. It is very, very windy.
                                   5. It has to go all night and day.
Who has guessed?
Well because it is windy and has to blow all day and night, is it a clothes dryer?..... no no... That is not it.

Some one who remains nameless left a tap on. When taps are left on and the plug is in the sink, the water does not know where to go, so it decided to go on the floor.
Well have you heard of the word flood?
Have you seen a swimming pool in a kitchen?
Well that is what happened.
The nice insurance man came out and left us Blue Bertha who has a bad case of  wind!!!!
We have to get a shelf replaced and the kick back, 
Talk about rubber boots and towel and mops.
At least the floor is clean.
Granny has a bad case of the guilt's.
I did tell her we all make mistakes. (although I did think she might be loosing it.)
If you come to our house and want to stay the night you will have to sleep under all the saucepans and bowls, because they are all on the spare bed.
What a mess.
I really need Toast with peanut butter and honey for supper tonight . With lots of warm milk.

I will see you all next week when I hope we haven't blown away.
Hugs Wilbur

Welcome to all our friends.

We wanted to show you a little Willy Wag Tail riding on the sheep's back.
We saw this very, very regularly when we lived on the farm. They would pick the seed out of the wool.

My thought for the day.
"Getting up early is simply mind over mattress."