Monday, August 29, 2011

I would like to introduce you to Hannah, she is a new
lady that I have finished. She quite likes the fine things of life and keeps checking in her compact to see if her make ups still fresh.
She wears a beautiful old world lace frock.
With a becoming hat that is like all the petals of a rose, in a rich cream.
Of course she never goes out with out wearing her pearls; and pretty handbags are her weakness. Plus she comes with an old gold compact.
Hannah is 41cm. or 16 inch. high, with out her hat, and is made out of German sparse mohair with ultra suede paw pads. She is 5 way jointed with cotter pin in the neck and lock nuts and bolts in the limbs, plus she is filled with poly fill.
Her face has been scissor and needle sculpted and shaded, with large black German glass eyes. Her nose has been embroidered and waxed.
$145.00 Australian dollars, plus postage. I only post registered mail.
Payment by Pay Pal, Direct Credit or Money Order.
If you are interested please email me for more information or photo's.
Hannah is ready to post.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wilber at the Marion Market.

When Granny told me it was the market Sunday I said I didn't want to go,
"too many girly things" I told her.
She was sad because she didn't want to go on her own, and said I would keep her company.
So what would any good bear do........GO

It all started well... except it was freezing early in the morning.
A lovely lady had fun things to play with. Robots, wiggly snakes, 
Yo Yo's, puzzles. I thought this is going good, I'm glad I came to play 
with these toys from the stall "That's Cute"
I found this basket of chook's................they were every where.
They were called Grabbers###### well they grabbed me.
I was a bit scared of the one on my head. You never know what a chook might doooooo on your hair. 
Because I came to keep Granny company she thought she would
treat me to a cup cake. She said I could choose Honey yum yum
or lime. Fancy even thinking a good bear would eat LIME.
The Honey one was lip smacking good. Even Smartie bars.
Well you guessed it I loooooved this stall it was called "Lulu's Cupcakes"
Super man and Bat man outfits, now that is what any good bear wants to play with.
I hope it makes me fly. The only trouble was it was a bit pinky red. Not RED RED.
I'm not sure about the pinky red. what do you think?
HA HA I had to laugh about this frog. they had the suit too plus the gloves.
I thought the head gear was enough for me to have fun in. I'm sure some kids thought I was a real frog.
Well that was when things went down hill. Granny couldn't help herself could she.
I think some time she wants a girl as well as me. "Wilber Please try this on for me". I knew if I didn't she would be sad, although under my fir I was NOT Happy.
I found this Lady who does Therapeutic Massage and Healing.
Let me get into that tent quickly.
Ahhhhhhh lie down Wilber she said. Her hands were soooo soothing,and gentle, soft and warm
It took all the frustration away.
I'm Floating on a cloud.
Her name was Jenny Molan 
See I came out of that tent and First thing I see is
and eat cupcakes.
"Good idea I thought"
Then above the sign I saw another sign. Go on take a good look! What does it say?
"Please remove your shoes". Well I ask you. Remove my shoes and I would be naked.
I put my foot down and told Granny quite firmly NO I would not be going naked for anyone.

I'm off to have Peanut butter and Honey  on toast for tea.
I will see you all next week.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Granny has got the creaks.
Poor Granny had the creaks in her bones today, so she asked me if I could get the cake tins out to make a cake.
As I looked in the cupboard, I thought, could it be muffins, round cake, log cake, square cake.
what decisions I had to make.

I have just found out a cake tin can make the best drum. Granny is calling out......
"Not so loud Wilbur"
WOW this glass of water just sound like real music when you hit it.
I love this looking in cupboards thing.

I'm jumping out of my fur. Just look what I have found!!!!!
Pretty patty pans, sprinkles, and shinny pink balls.
We definitely, definitely want all of these.
This is fun, I can make a castle, or may be it's a rocket.
These patty pans have pink stripes. Do we use the red ones or the pink stripe ones.
I think I will use the pink ones as a party hat.
Granny is now telling me VERY
loudly "Hurry up or we won't have time to make the cake Wilbur."
I thought I would hide under the bowl, but she could still see me. I thought may be I should give her the cake tin so we could have warm cake for morning tea.
Life is very busy for a bear. I could play in this cupboard for ages.
I will see you all next week.
Wilbur Bear

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It is so nice to Welcome 
Galiana, Marijke and Conni to my blog.
I hope you enjoy your time, reading Wilbur's antic's
and seeing my bears.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is my autograph just for you Prudence, just keep it in a safe place so you can find it when I am famous.
Hugs Wilbur.

Who Saw Me......
Well I hope every one in Adelaide saw me shining on the television.
Naomi was holding me all the time. She wore a lovely pink top and scarf
just to show up my shiny golden fur. Perhaps the scarf might have been made by some one at the market.
Mainly it was my face that you could see. I don't think it was because Naomi wanted to hide my large round tummy I think she thought my face was by far the nicest part of me.

I'm so sorry for all my fans in the States, I know America is just a bit far away. I told Granny to tape it so you all could see. Just between you and me..... Shhhhh I don't want her to hear.
She is not all that bright in the technology department.
She has to get the book out all the time, and by that time the show is over.
Just when I wanted the world to see me.

I'm going to bed tonight dreaming of being a movie star. ( May be that might be something to work towards.)
I can just see my name up in lights.
I will keep dreaming until I see you soon.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

HULLO ! every body!!!!!
I'm back
When I was dropped home Granny was so pleased to see me she gave me the biggest hug and smooch you could imagine. She nearly squeezed the air right out of me.
I must say I was mighty pleased to get home as well, although Naomi had great kids to play with.
I have to tell you all about the photo shoot for the television.
First thing I had to go to the makeup room. I had to sit in this big chair with lights and a big mirror in front of me. The make up girl JUUUULIE  who I thought was as sweet as, made my heart flutter.
She told me I was SO HANDSOME that I really didn't need make up,but she would just give me a bit so my skin didn't shine.
Just a touch of eye high lights and a little blush, Wow I felt like a king when I left that room.
You can see me looking in the mirror how good looking I am.
We went into the STUDIO did you read it.... STUDIO!!!
Big lights that made me feel quite hot. Now I know why she doesn't want my skin to shine. It would be the rivers of perspiration running down my fur.
Naomi talked about the Marion Market a lot and told the people on the camera all about the stalls.
Then of course she pulled out the trump card (like you do ) and introduced the star of the market.
So now every one knows I go to keep Granny company every month. I think I should have been given a new title of ROVING REPORTER. I really am not fussed of course the STAR of the market is OK with me.
Now I can't wait to see the Star of the Market. (ME) on the television.
They tell me it will be on Channel 44 at 7pm. Wednesday night in the notices.
Did you notice 7pm. prime time of course.
I keep watching just in case they put it on earlier.
The TV star is signing off.
See you all next week.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A warm welcome to my blog Maddyrose,
I hope you enjoy browsing and following Wilbur's
antics. I am looking forward to tomorrow, I think he may be coming home after his big adventure.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Blossom, is made out of swirly German Mohair, with a lovely soft touch.
Her face has been needle felted with needle felted eye lids, and Black glass eyes with whites to give her eyes soul. Her face has been needle sculpted and shaded to give her a sweet face.
Her little paw pads are of ultra suede in matching pink.
She is 5 way jointed with cotter pin for the neck and lock nuts for arms and legs.
She is filled with Poly fill and glass sand for a lovely weight, and to help her stand.
She wears a lovely cotton lace ruffle and a little bow in her hair.
A butterfly has just rested on the flower she holds.
Blossom is 18.5 cm. tall.
This bear is NOT suitable for children, it is a collectors bear.

If you are interested in her please email me, and I can give you all the information you may want.
I accept Pay Pal, Direct Credit, or Money Order.
$85.00 Australian dollars.Plus postage ( I only send by registered post)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wilbur is not home....
I feel a bit sad and lonely; Wilbur is not home. He went to stay at a friends because
he is going to be on TELEVISION, did you hear right. Wilbur is going to be on TELEVISION,
with Golly.
They were so excited about being on Television, they had to pack their bags, and go and stay with Naomi until the BIG day. I do miss him.

Yesterday when the postie called there was a letter for me. I new who it was from straight away.
I was so excited, I just needed to know that they were alright, and if they had a warm bed,
good food, and do they brush their teeth every night.

Dear Granny,
I'm having a good time at Naomi's but I do miss you and all the bears. I'm so glad golly came with me. We talk to each other when we go to bed. That way it doesn't feel so lonely. When we wake up Naomi is tickling us to get up. She is so nice, we have Peanut paste and Honey on toast for breakfast.

I hope I do a good job on the television, telling every one about the Marion Market in Adelaide.
Golly is worried his hair won't looked fluffed up enough. I know I will look good. Golly just needs to remind me to wipe the peanut paste off my face.
Don't forget to watch Granny, I will be a star.

Big Love and Hugs
We both miss you,
Wilbur and Golly

This is Wally from next door. He came over to see if I had heard from Wilbur.
He was so pleased he could read the letter that Wilbur wrote.
We all really want to know how it all went, as soon as Wilbur is home.
More news next week.