Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year with a warm heart.

 Granny's heart is full and overflowing.
What a wonderful Christmas it could not have been better.
We had so many magical things happen in our family.
We had Granny's son and his wife, her grand daughter and her partner and little Summer staying from Queensland. So we were all together at Christmas. Granny feels as though she is in heaven.

Then while they were staying, Granny's grand daughter got engaged. How exciting that we could all share in the celebrations. 

Then their gorgeous daughter Summer turned one, 2 days after Christmas. We think she is the most beautiful child in the world.
We had a wonderful reunion with a family member that we had not seen for years. You don't know how Granny's heart sang.

We had a big family reunion with all the cousins and 2nd. cousins, for a picnic with the kookaburras.

Then of course Christmas day was so special.
Does all that sound as though it could happen in a few days?????

Granny still can't get over it.

Now because her son is still staying with us Granny wanted to make use of his muscles before he left. So this morning we took some of the decorations down, so he could put them back up in a high cupboard.
Granny's legs and muscles get a bit wobbly on the step ladder.

Here I am saying good bye to the tinsel for another year.

All of that news has made me hungry for peanut butter and honey on toast, after so much Christmas food.

Granny and I want to wish all our followers and every one who reads our post a very Happy New year, with exciting things happening to you.
Hugs Wilbur

Happy New Year every one.

My thought for the day.

"Grandparents are parents, but with more sleep, fewer rules and an endless supply of cookies"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Blessings to all my followers

Thank you so much to all my followers. I have met wonderful people with warm hearts and great talent. 
I wish you all the Seasons greetings and look forward to next year.
Hugs Wilbur and Granny

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A hot week.

It is going to be too hot.
This week we are expecting 40 deg.  Granny does not like it when it gets so hot and neither do I.
I am dreaming of snow  making everything white. Twinkling lights and fireplaces keeping every one warm. Roasting Chestnuts, making snow men and family all singing Christmas carols. With people wearing fur coats.
Nup!!!! It is nothing like that in Adelaide. It is so hot I had to take my Christmas hat off and put my bathers on. After sipping this cool drink, I might just pop under the sprinkler on the lawn.

Often people go down to the beach Christmas day in Australia. We don't because we have a lovely time catching up with all the family, for a great Christmas lunch.

How do you celebrate Christmas? What food do you eat?

We have turkey, and vegetables, then of course, the Christmas Pudding that you saw Granny and me make along time ago.

I am whispering this...Granny was cranky because she couldn't find her Christmas bible.
Well it is not really a bible, but it is a very important book.
It has all the addresses of all the people she sends cards to. Plus what she gave who last year, so she doesn't give the same thing...hmmmm she forgets...

Well the place was turned upside down. Lots of cupboards were cleaned out while she was looking, and I was keeping well out the way.

Hooray , today we found it. It was like a big celebration when she found it. Even I got big hugs.
So today Granny is Happy.

I am sure I will get two pieces of toast with Honey and Peanut butter for supper tonight.
See you all next week.

Welcome nd 1808 we hope you enjoy reading our stories.
This picture makes me think of cool teddies all making snow men.
That is not happening here.

My thought for the day.
"A candle loses none of its light
by lighting another candle."

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I have no lick left.

 Help, my licker has run dry.

Granny has been writing so many Christmas cards and she said I could help her by putting the stamps on. Well she has written so many cards my licker has run out of lick. 
I had to have a drink of water in between licking.
Then I had a great idea.
Honey is sticky, yep.. I think this will work, I will just put honey on the back of each stamp,and Bob's your Uncle. 
Oh no!!!!! Granny has found out and said the ants would get into the letter box and eat all the honey, then the stamps would fall off.
Oh well I thought it was a good idea.

I will have the honey and peanut butter on my toast, and I will eat it before any ants know that it is there.
See you all next week.

To all my friends here in Blog land
This card is for you.
and I didn't have to lick a stamp!!!!

My thought for the day.
"Success is going from failure to failure
Without loosing enthusiasm."

And I didn't even have to lick this one.y Thought For The Day

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Men

 Snow men.
I have just finished two snow men. One is being very naughty and is about to throw a snow ball at some one. His name is Slippery Sam.
The other one is quite smiley and she is ringing her bell and sweeping all the snow balls off the path the Slippery Sam is throwing.
This little girls name is Fluffy Fran.
More sewing still to do. 

Merry Christmas.

Hugs Kay

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My very own Christmas tree

My very own Christmas tree.
I asked Granny if I could have my very own Christmas tree
and decorate it just how I wanted to. 
Well I got it all set up and I was singing Ru-doff the Red Nose Reindeer and my nose started to go red. So I was then singing Santa is coming to town, and could you believe I started to grow a beard.
In to the bathroom lickerty split I needed to shave it off before Granny saw me, or she might not have let me have my own tree. 
Do you think it is a magic tree?????
I certainly don't want to grow a beard as long or as white as this  Santa.
Now this Santa looks as though he might have magic in him, so he can see the boys and girls all over the world.
I believe, he will come to me because I do try and be good.
There was so much excitement today with the whiskers thing I will be glad to have supper of toast and honey with peanut butter on top.
See you next week.
Hugs Wilbur

To all my beautiful followers I hope Santa has your name in his book.

My thought of the week.

"Patience is the ability to keep your motor idling,
When you feel like stripping the gears."