Sunday, May 25, 2014

Is it my Birthday?????

"No Wilbur it is not your Birthday." 
I was sure it must have been my Birthday, because so many good things happened this week.

I went out to the mail box and look what I found.
The post man put a bottle in my mail box.
"Look Granny a bottle with a stamp on it. Does it say my name."
I was so pleased to know it was addressed to me.
Wilbur Bear.
I went inside to open it. Took the cork out the bottle and all these pretty shiny bears fell out with a beautiful note to me.

It said that they heard I like getting messages and letters so they sent me a very, very special one (IN A BOTTLE)
it had the cutest little teddy stuck on the corner of the page.
The letter said they read my stories, which is so kind. 
It was all the way from France... that is across the sea from Australia.
It was signed.
Hugs and Kisses from the BobbyBaer family.
Well I am sending the biggest lip smacking kisses  to all the BobbyBaer family.  Have a look at all the wonderful bears that the mum of Bobby Bear's  makes. They are so cute.
Thank you so much Alsace
The very next day I received another parcel addressed to you know who... ME.
This parcel came all the way from Germany.
Oh I am excited.
 Out popped the most teeny tiny, most beautiful bunny I have ever seen.
He had a lovely little green traveling companion to keep him company.
The little green one hopped right onto my chest to hear my heart beat
so he knew he was out of that box.
This tiny little bunny jumped onto my paw and asked me if I was his friend,
and could he stay with me.
I was over the moon and back with excitement and of course I said he could live with us forever and I would pick fresh parsley for him every day from Granny's garden.
Don't you think he is the cutest bunny.

He told me his Mum is Melli Frank. She put them in a box and said to have a big adventure in Australia.
Because we won a Give away.
I sure do love these give away's.
Thank you Melli so much.
She has two Goblins, Fungus and Nemus, and she makes fantastic castles and mini houses. Go and take a look.
"Granny you will never ever give me away will you."
Thank goodness she said No.
I had Honey and Peanut butter on toast and Frank had a bowl of fresh parsley
I can't wait to see what happens next week.
Hugs Wilbur

Welcome to all my dear friends and followers.

My thought for the week.
"If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you have got a problem.
Everything else is inconvenience."
by Robert Fulghum

Sunday, May 18, 2014

TOOOOO Early for the market.

What time did we get up to go to the market???!!!
I really don't want to think about it..
What is wrong with Granny? She is going kookcoo...
We set the alarm at 5.15am. Got up Granny had her shower, I had mine.
Got dressed and about to have a bite of honey toast for breakfast.
When the penny dropped. The man on the radio said it was 4.35am....
I was not in a good mood.
We went to bed in our clothes and my boots for another hour.
We really needed that sign. when we got to the market. I had hot chocolate and Granny had very strong coffee.
Life is getting better.
I met lots of animals and saw lots of things. This is a very big colourful soft yummy Hippo... He made me feel happy after my bad start to the day. 
Because Granny was feeling (Not too pleased with herself) I thought I might buy her something pretty. It was so hard to choose which one.

I want to make a friend for the day. It is a long day when you get up EARLY.
I want a mate so I asked this doll if she was a boy. 
No luck... Where are the boy's.

Granny, is this monkey a boy?
 Can you tell me if there are girl or boy Owl's I would really like to play with this guy.

Wow, look at this painting. I must get my paint brushes out when I go home.
(that is after I have a sleep.)
Now it is not cold yet in Australia, but it soon will be. This ruggey would be good for early...... did you hear me. Early starts.
I can feel another coffee coming on.
This is ladies make up. You know the stuff they put on their cheeks to make them pretty. It was really nice. (I didn't try it.)
Now this stall had lots of smelly candles. I think this little one is just right for toasting marshmallows. 

OK.. I have found some boys. These guys were having races all day. 
The problem was the races were very slow.

Now with my pilots hat I thought I just needed plane cards. 
The best bit was going into a competition to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar. I had a guess and I said 1001. I hope I am right. We won't know until next market.

Now am I ready for bed.
Honey, peanut butter and toast with warm milk and I hit the pillow. 
See you all next week.

Welcome to all my followers,
Especially new ones.

Welcome South Hampton Grey. He lives in the Netherlands and is doing up his home.

Welcome to Ioko. Ioko makes cloth dolls and lovely things.

My thought for today.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

Mothers Day
Now I know I live with my Granny, But..... she is really like my mother.
She loves me when sometimes I shouldn't be loved; when I have sneaked into the honey pot.
She always hugs me and puts a band aid on when I fall over. 
But there is something else.
Something you can't see; only feel.
I think that is the true love.

We have had a busy day. The family all came for dinner. Granny's heart even smiles when all the family are home.
Every one is tired but happy.
I am Happy. Guess what Granny bought me. She weakened and bought me a special hat in case I get cold ears this winter. I think I could go flying.
When she took my boots off, a couple of weeks ago, to put my sneakers on, she had a seniors moment. Now she can't remember where she put them.
She says be patient they will turn up!!!!
Patient... my toes are cold.

I'm off to bed after a lovely day.
Happy mothers Day to all the mothers, Grandmothers, and women who would love to be a mother.

Welcome Marie Agneau. Marie has beautiful pictures of her wedding on her site,

My thought for today.
"There is no oil without squeezing the olives,
No wine without pressing the grapes,
No fragrance without crushing the flowers,
and no real Joy with out sorrow."

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Problems in our House

Do You have trouble in your house?
Well Granny and I have had trouble this week.
First the microwave would start before we put in the time or pressed start. 
It was like we had gremlins,
Then that same night there was a thump in the night and the cover of our light fell down on the kitchen table and broke.
Then the next day Granny found the toilet was leaking.

We did have smoke coming out of some ones ears when we got our last water bill. 
You know the ###***XXX Sort.
I got the impression that the bill was too high.
Well today we found a leak in the toilet.
What to do??
Call the plumber. NO!!
Call Wilbur? Yes.
Tradies do have to carry big tools. We had to get the workings out of the toilet to put in a new seal.  Well I have to tell you this seal had been there for a long, long, time. It did not want to budge.
I tried and tried, and eventually had to hand it over to Granny.
Now I am not sure that plumber's have the same tools as Granny.
Her tools were a hair dryer, a knife and a nail file.
Guess what!! After lots of huffing and puffing and Granny saying under her breath,
"Don't give up" because I know she felt like it.
It came out, and off to the hardware store, a new seal and life is getting back to normal.

Do you have problems in your house.
Well never give up, is the motto.
We really did enjoy warm toast, with peanut butter and honey on for supper.
We both had a chocolate afterwards.

I will see you all next week hopefully with out any more problems.

This week we welcome Anna-Lisa, and hope you enjoy our stories and bears.

Please all my followers I would like you to have a chocolate as well.

My thought for today.
"True faith and courage are like a kite
An opposing wind raises it higher."