Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lickerty Split.

Lickerty Split is a cute little 19cm. standing and 15cm sitting Bear,with out his hat on.
He is made from vintage velvet, with ultra suede paw pads. 
He has lovely black English glass eyes and an embroidered nose that has been waxed.  Air brushing is done on his face, paws and a touch on his tummy, which does not even escape the grubby paws being wiped on.   5 Way jointed, with cotter pin wobble joint for his neck to give him good options for posing. Lock nut and bolt for the legs and arms. He has Crushed Garnet in his toes and tummy for weight. Plus he is filled with poly fill.
To give him that cheeky look he has rabbit fur for hair and a hand felted hat with a little hand made heart button .
Lickerty looks longingly at his ice-cream. Chocolate is his favourite as you can see he has it all over his face.

 Lickerty's ice-cream is made from Polymer clay.

 His Mum called him Lickerty Split because when ever he saw ice cream shops he would run Lickerty Split as fast as he could to look at all the flavours, then always ask for a "chocolate one please."

$75.00 Australian Dollars, plus postage (I only send registered mail.)
Payment by Pay Pal, Direct Credit or Money Order.
If you are interested, please contact me. I can send more photos if you need them.

He is ready for any one who will buy him ice-cream.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photo's from camp.

Hi, Granny it's Wilbur...
 I'm still here Granny and I am having a ball.  We have had the best camp fires, and told lots of spooky stories at night. The girls get a bit frightened, but we soon tell them it is just a story and we all fall about laughing. 
I'm sending pictures of our Damper on a Stick bonfire.
Prudence loved the warmth of the fire on her paws. I told her she needed to sit by me to help me stir the dough.
Of course I had to show them how it was made.  I got a big bowl and put SR. flour, a tiny bit of oil and water. Then I did the bushy thing like we do in the Aussie land and got a stick to stir it with. Well you should have heard the shouts from the girl. (Oh no you must have a spoon, it will be too dirty, it will make it taste terrible.) They just don't get bush cooked food.( Although they did when we ate it. )
Right. oh, next we make it into a round by patting it out with our paws, next we wrap it around a stick, like this...
Can you see I'm telling them how far away from the flames to hold it? Then turn it every now and again, when you remember.
See that bear in the red coat he we watching a bee to see if he could find the honey. The little pink bear was warming her paws.

We were thinking all the time what do we want inside the damper... some said peanut butter, some said Jam, I made them laugh and said I am having kangaroo tail in mine it is just the right size. The girls were rolling around saying YUK.
Guess what we did have????
Honey of course. We took the damper off the stick when it was cooked and poured honey down the hole.
YUM, YUM.  Everyone loved it and wanted more. Did you see Prudence in the first picture well she kept telling me to cook more and more, So I told her to get stiring the dough.
This chubby guy thought he could eat three.

This little girl was a bit fussy, she kept asking for a serviette. "I beg your PARDON" a serviette on a bush picnic. I told her to go and take a dive in the creek to wash it off.
Daniel and Harold were telling her they would go and find a big leaf for her to use. So off they went and found leaves for Blossom and Sissy as well. You know Granny boys just lick their paws, don't they.

We have been for so many hikes and found lizards,
boy did those girls run a mile, especially Blossom.. I was telling them that lizards have been on this earth longer than bears. They couldn't believe that. 
 Our Bunk beds are great. Sweet Pea and I have teamed up and he is on the bottom and I'm on the top, because I'm older. We will be the best of mates for ever and ever I think.

Must go and have some  more fun. 
I love you heaps Granny, and I do miss you when it is night when I am in my bunk and think about you.
I don't get much time to think about you though.
Big Hugs

My heart is warm and fuzzy getting all those pictures and a letter from Wilbur, I have been watching the post every day. He did remember me after all.
If I hear more I will let you all know.
Hugs Granny.

You might like to see some of the lake where the bear camp is.

We welcome a great blog for new bear makers. She is sharing some of her tips.

Welcome to "The Crazy Horse Toys, at
She has a horse that is so funny you won't believe.

My thought for the week.

"If exercise will eliminate fat; how in the world
do some women have double chins."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Word From Wilbur.

Pictures from Bears and Friends Meeting 
On  Old Kitchen Ware.

We had a delightful man come to speak on old kitchen wares. He was so funny and interesting.We had a lovely display as usual.

Of course we needed to have Teddies and Gollies in the kitchen as well.
We had a competition for the best chef or cook. Just take a look at the one licking the bowl.

 I hope I hear from Wilbur by next weekend. I can't wait to hear what he has been up to.

My thought for the week.
"Kitchen  Pickers need bigger Knickers."

Have a lovely week.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camp Good Bear

Here we come!!!
The day has arrived for me to go on an aeroplane.
I had a lot of stuff to cram in. Granny is bigger than me so she had to sit on the case to make it close.
Here I am going out the door. 

I hopped into the car seat and said to Granny put the peddle to the metal. I want to get there fast. 
Well I ask you, I don't think Granny would drive fast for any beary person. Drats....
Airport here we come. Big kisses good bye and away I flew.

I have been waiting for months for this day to come. Can you see me, I'm in the third window past the wing.
I feel like I am floating on clouds, and I pinch myself to see if I am dreaming because the air hostesses are HOT.
I took a picture of the seats to show you. See they have TV's and every thing.
It took along time to get here, but at last I will see my mates. Wooppee...
I think they said the boys cabins were to the right of the tree. I want to be there to welcome Sweet Pea. 
Us boys need to stick together.
Of course I want to see every one. Oh I see a camp mother she will tell me where to go.
I'm in sunshine and the bunks are comfy. 
They even had a Welcome sign out for me. 
Now I am just letting you all know I wont write to you every week. I told Granny she might have to wait for pictures and news about every 2 weeks. I'm sure she will give every one the up dates.

I wonder what will be for supper???? I hope they have peanut butter and honey on toast.
I will just have to wait and see. 
See you all in a few weeks, after we have some adventures.
Hugs Wilbur.

to a new follower

Lovely Barby Anderson has the most wonderful little felted mice and animals that she makes on her blog. Welcome Barby. If you want to have a look go to  http://morninggloryworkshop53barbyanderson.blogspot.com

My thought for the day.
"It isn't what children know that bothers the parents- its how they found out!"

Friday, July 13, 2012

 A New bear called Sky.
Sky is 22 cm tall , made out of blue grey swirly  mohair with a white face and blue, grey ears.
She has black German glass eyes and an embroidered nose. Her paw pads are a blue grey ultra suede and she is filled with poly fill and glass beads to give her a nice weighty feel. She stands on her own.
Her face has been needle and scissor sculpted. She is jointed with a wobble head joint and lock nut and bolts for arms and legs.

She was made in a smoke free environment.

Sky is $85.00 Australian dollars, plus postage. (I only send registered mail)
Payment by Pay Pal, Direct Credit, or Money order.

If you are interested please contact me, I can send more photos if you need them.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I have found a friend

Look who I found.... a friend!!!

 A little bunny called Lilly; came to stay at our house she is as cute as a button and was very friendly.
Granny's grand daughter Abbey went for a holiday, so Lilly came to stay with us.
She played  the hopping game on the floor and she could hop a lot better than me.
Oh !we do need time to groom ourselves don't we.  What am I supposed to do while she is licking herself!!!!! 
 I thought she might like a snack," Granny what do rabbits eat". Granny said they like carrots, cabbage, apple, celery, broccoli, and sultanas yes grapes as well. I also  need to feed her  pellets and grains." 
She is tickling me when she eats, I think she is so soft and beautiful, "Granny can she sleep with me." Granny said No, she needs to sleep in her hutch, but I can play with her tomorrow.
Look she must have been hungry the celery is nearly all gone.

Can you see that little white ball of fluff hopping around the garden. She loves hopping around , but I must tell you all( Shhhh. Granny has to catch Lilly and it is a laugh and a half to watch.)hahaha!!!! Poor Granny she is not the fastest runner on the Planet, although I love her very much.
Granny tells me that we must be gentle and kind to all living creatures, and care for them well.
 I am telling you all ,I am caring for Lilly very well. Fresh food and water every day. Lots of hops around the garden and always a treat for her when she goes back in her hutch. I even helped Granny clean out the straw where she sleeps.

Only 6 more sleeps and I will be in an aeroplane flying to my Summer camp Yippee!!!!

Time for toast , peanut butter and Honey, I'm pooped from running around with that bunny.
I hope I dream of camp.

A Warm friendly WELCOME

I have 2 new followers this week.

Ilse is from Germany and has wonderful bears, you will be surprised.
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A warm Welcome to Sylviane as well. Welcome to you both.

My thought for the day:

" I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it."
By Van Gogh.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting ready for CAMP

I'm practising for CAMP.

Last night I had a sleep out, trying out my sleeping bag. It was a cold night, and it rained. Although I was under the veranda, so I didn't get wet. My sleeping bag was snuggley warm.
Mornin... The sun is up and it is a bit wet on the lawn. "Granny, I am excited, I want to show you how far I can cast my fishing line.
"Wow, did you see that. Granny did you see how far it went."
Now I am sure I would catch a fish with a good cast like that.
See it lobbed right up near that tree. I know I'm getting better. Granny said, keep practising.
My shoes are getting muddy and my paws have gone numb with cold. Not long now and I will be sun baking in the sun. In fact it will be in 14 days time. Yippee!!!!
I came inside and Granny made me sit in the laundry while she cleaned the mud off my shoes. 
She kept telling me to "Put the fishing rod down while I get those shoes cleaned". " Come on Wilbur just while I get your shoes shiny again.". "Nope... I want to keep holding it, I might forget how to cast if I let it go." I don't know Granny says it will permanently be fixed to my paw soon.

I Hope all the bears that go to Good Bear Camp are getting ready like me.

Can you imagine Me (Wilbur) casting out off that jetty!!!!!

Warm Welcome to new followers 
Cathy Raggedy
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Alla makes beautiful Bears.

My thought for the day:
"Some people go through life trying to find out what the world holds for them,
only to find out too late that it is what they bring to the world that really counts"
by."Lucy Maud Montgomery"