Monday, November 28, 2011


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Market.
Granny went to her last market of the year. It was the Marion Market. I thought there might be Christmas stuff there, so guess who tagged along. ME.
First thing I saw was a Christmas tree. Wow !I like this; maybe the man in the red suit will be around here some where.
There were lots of decorations, with sparkly stuff on them. (Quite pretty) 
Now this is more like it. Chocolate Cherry ripe, Chocolate apricots, candy mango. and every thing yummy.
I like this stall. I just thought I would stay awhile and sample every thing. NO! I get hauled off and Granny said I must learn manners and NOT be greedy. Hmmf.
I really like these people, they raise money to prevent cruelty to animals. Granny wouldn't let anyone be cruel to me, or any animal.
This stall is called" Material Treasures"
I am discussed Granny thought it would be good to buy a bag to carry me around in. "Carry me around"
what on earth is she thinking. A bear like me has only ONE form of transport and that is in Granny's ARMS.
Well I could get this box to put cookies in for Granny for Christmas, and then I'm sure she would Share MOST of them with me!!!!!!get the jist.
I know, I know Granny was trying to take a photo of the lovely silver jewellery, but I thought she would love a photo of me with a bright scarf on.
Now have I every told you about Granny's hands when she gets out in the garden... You wouldn't want to know! They get so rough that when she pats me at night if I have a dream, I think I'm getting clawed by a lion.
Definitely hand cream is on the list for Granny's present.
Which one!!! How can a bear tell. This one is called Heavenly Cream. Well that sounds good, I might think I am in Heaven when Granny hugs me.
This was Granny's favourite stall, it was all white and looked so pretty. They had lovely clay tags to put on presents.
Can you see the little fairy lights.

You guessed it. The best time of the day CUP CAKE TIME.
Can you guess what flavour I had.  Not hard to guess.  Caramel Chocolate of course.
 I found a stocking with Smarties in, now that looks OK.
"Granny save me!" This looks like a bush ranger. Made of all different wood.

I SAT on Father Christmases knee. Can you believe that.
He said I had to hurry and tell him what I wanted because I was toooooo heavy. He did have a lovely sack of toys ,and he had a very kind face. Some how I thought he would have been a bit bigger.
Never mind I whispered what I wanted in his ear so Granny wouldn't hear.

I came home as happy as I could be, I saw Father Christmas. I'm sure I will dream about him tonight.
Peanut butter and Honey sandwich and off to bed.
See you all next week.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

 November is Purple
and it Heralds Christmas.
Granny loves November, because her world goes purple. The Jacaranda trees in the street are ablaze with colour, and she ooo's and arrrs, every time she goes out the door.
This is a picture of our street in November.
She even put a purple bow around my neck, and put a hat on my head that she "Thinks" is purple, I think she is colour blind. Don't you think it is blue? Oh well we do have to make excuses for Granny sometimes.
These petunias, are really mauve not purple but near enough. Then there are the agapanthus, the lavender.
Granny said it was  toooo many pictures to take them all.
Oh I hope those ducks don't come and bite my you know what while I sit here.
When I look out of my front window this is what I see. Now what words start with"P"  peanut butter, pumpkins, peaches, pashing,(Ha Ha) Pushing (the broom that Granny rides on when she is mad.) please don't tell her I said that. 

Granny got a lump in her throat, (now that is what she said.) how do you get a lump in your throat unless you eat something. Well what made her get this lump thing, is because two little dancing fairy girls picked these flowers and gave them to her. She loved them.
OK someone has to watch out for the Postman. I would rather be out there with my green scarf on.

At TEDDY and FRIENDS yesterday the theme was chocolate bears or Bears EATING chocolate.
Well, I was not going to stay home for that meeting. 
This is a basket full of Humphrey bears, that are chocolate colour. NO! I don't think I will sit with them.....
Now these are insy winsy chocolate bears.I won't sit with them, they would just annoy me climbing all over me for the entire meeting.

This chocolate bear looks very impressive, look at all his badges! To tell you the truth, I think he has got a biscuit tin just making out it's chocolate. No I won't sit with him.

OK; I have found a very, very good friend I would like to sit with all day. She is into sharing so that's good.

I had a wonderful afternoon, and I don't know why I am not very hungry now it's supper time.
I told Granny, I will only have half a slice of peanut butter for supper.She thinks I am sick.
"I'm not telling her why". Don't you tell either. Promise!!!!.........

See you all next week.


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Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is a cheeky little Hedgehog I have just finished  is called Lamington.
As you can guess he just loves helping his mum put the coconut on the
little lamington cakes; and got a few sprinkles on himself.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

WILBUR said;
The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the bee's were buzzing and the ducks quaking.
Granny and me went to Brown Hill Creek reserve to see the ducks.
It was such a beautiful day, I thought I might go yabbying, or fishing.
 If I could grab that branch I could swing myself out and dive bomb into the river and swim.
Granny yells." NO! NO! don't do that Wilbur, I didn't bring a towel."
OK that is fine I will try and catch Yabbies then. I sat in the sun, and watched the world go by.
 Well it gets a bit boring for a bear, if you don't catch anything in the first five minutes, so I went exploring.

Wow!!!!!! Where does this tunnel go. May be it is the secret tunnel to the pirates ship.
I had wobbly legs so I went looking for more adventure.

 This bridge looks exciting, What is over the other side.
I love these pretty ducks.If I sat on a rock in the middle of that big roaring river do you think they might come up to me?

Here ducky, ducky
"Granny they won't come close!!" "Can I have some bread please?"
What, I DON'T BELIEVE IT." You came to the park without any bread???"
Can you believe it there would be NO one that comes to the park with out bread.
Here duck, duck!!!! Just no luck with the ducks.

Oh man, I have to put up with a forgetful Granny.

We both found the swings, I was flying so high, I felt like a bird.
"I'm whispering"
Granny was toooooo Heeeaavy to go very high.
Then we found the game 0 and X 's es, I got the cross row first. 
I'm the Winner.
"Did you hear that Granny I won. Ha, Ha."
Wow, I could get quite used to the playground. The ducks wouldn't come up to me so I found one to ride in.
Then we saw a Kangaroo see saw. It was a bit big, but it was fun.
It looks a long way down to the water. "Granny do you think there would be a fish in there."
We were going home when Granny frightened me by jumping out behind a tree and saying Booo!
So I frightened her by popping out this hole.

Oh look what I found.I climbed this tree and found a hollow, I think something lives down there.
May be a bird, may be a possum,  may be a fairy, may be a BAT,,,,, I hope not. I can't hear humming so it wont be bee's.
May be a DINOSAUR!!!!!!
OOH! I'm going home before I find out.
I don't want to know ; I've got the heeby geeby's.
I will have supper of warm milk and peanut butter on toast.
See you all next week I'm pooped!!!!!!

Roses for you all this week.

"If ant's are so hard working why do they always
turn up at picnic's."

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wilbur goes to the Quilt and Craft fair.
WOW!!! that bear is sure BIG.
You all know I'm a big bear, well just look at this guy. Granny said she is happy she doesn't have to buy Honey for him.

It was the Quilt and craft fair, and Granny said I could go because "Teddy's and Friends" were having a
 20 th birthday party.
How could I give up the opportunity to have birthday cake.
Sure looks yummy. with Jaffas on top.
 This is a friend of Granny's that makes Lace.Hu HUm You all know how I feel about lace.
Well Coral showed me all these coloured sticks and she puts them Here and There and Every where.
Then is comes out lace. I'm sure I could get the hang of it if I tried.
This picture is from the Lace makers Guild of South Australia.
Next we looked at the "Hand knitters Guild of South Australia.
Well you know who, just could not help herself, in  getting me to try on a frilly pink hat.
All the ladies thought it looked lovely. Phew!!!!!! Was I glad when Granny said
I could take it off. 
You know us bears,  we just have to do things...... to please our Mums and Granny's sometimes.
This was more like it. They had a Christmas tree that had all knitted decorations on it. 
Now I just new you would want me in front of it. (Come to think, you can't see much of the tree).
Oh well; I think I look very handsome.
Now this was more my style. They had machinery. Boy teddies are very good with machinery.

Look it has a light so you can see!A  wheel and a thigumy jig that goes up and down.
I was getting my own demonstration. I felt very important.
Granny kept saying don't put your paw under the needle, you will cry ; it hurts so much if the needle stabs you.
WELL just look how close the instructor has her hands to the needle.

The Australian Rug makers guild had some lovely fluffy rugs and baskets.
Now get this??????!!!!! they said it was all made out of rags.
I can't see Granny's old knickers going to make a rug. OH! NO!
Please get me away from here quickly.

This is some photos of "Teddy bears and friends"  stall that Granny helped out on.
They sold Raffle tickets for Animals Asia, and The Starlight foundation.
Plus they had lucky dips for the children.

These rabbits and Pandas made friends with me, we kept telling that cook to make honey biscuits for us
to keep us happy.
Bye friends, I had a lovely time at the party with you.
You know who!!!! some one that starts with G ... not me... Is getting tired and needs to go home.

 When we got home Granny made warm milk for me with honey in. YUM.
Plus toast with peanut butter.
I'm a happy camper, and off to bed.
See you all next week.
 Hugs Wilbur.

It is always lovely to have friends drop by
We were so glad to have Violetta Velichko to visit us
 She has a blog called Blooming Valley. Take a look.

"Kindness is the language 
which the deaf can hear,
and the blind can see."