Sunday, March 29, 2015

Golly Day.

A bears best friend is Golly.
At our club, "Bears and Friends." we have a Golly day once a year.

We had big ones, small ones and some as big as your fist....
Some were weeny teeny little Gollies.

I wonder if any of these Gollies are related.
We had 450 Gollies at our meeting.
They sure out numbered the Teddy Bears.

The two sitting on the top of that hat box were made by Granny. She was so pleased to see them again. 
This guy was very big.. and look at the teeny weeny little ones at his toes. 
A case full of hugs 
This is where all the teeny tiny ones gathered, so they didn't get lost..
I think I will go and paint my face black, I feel as though I stand out like a soar thumb with all these gorgeous black beauty's.
Granny loves them and so do I. 
They always have so much fun when we play hide and seek in the dark. I can never find them. The problem is they can always find me.

I think I will try toast and vegemite for tea, it might make me look like those beautiful Gollies.

I will see you next week
Hugs Wilbur

This little bear is hungry. He has no stuffing in him at all, but he wanted to tell you all how cuddley he is. 
Granny hopes to finish him tomorrow.

Have a good week all my lovely followers.

My thought for the week.

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died."

Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Adventures.

Whoopie Do!!!
Adventures with my new hat..
Can you remember when I went to see Paddington Bear, I wanted a hat like his. Well Granny did make one; a brown one... what is wrong with her I needed a red one like Paddington.
So this week Granny dyed my hat.. Not dead, but red.
I love it, it has a gold band and little feathers in the band.
It is just right for adventure.
My Adventure today is snail hunting. Yes you heard me right I am going on a snail hunt. I want to see them come out of their little shells and see that slimey stuff that makes them slip along. 
I am waiting..... 
At last a snail. You do have to be very patient to see snails.
Granny doesn't like them in her garden, She says they eat her plants.

Look I found 5, now I am trying to keep still to see them come out of their shells. 
I have waited for ages, yelling"Granny How long do I have to wait."
She is no help at all. she just tells me as long as it takes.

Well it has taken too long, so now I will never know what that slimey stuff is that makes them slip along,
I was hoping to make a skate park out of it.

Oh well!!! at least I had an adventure, and I wasn't stuck inside with all that sewing and fluff and stuff.

Supper tonight will NOT be snails. I know French people eat snails.
No my supper is toast, honey and peanut butter with a glass of warm milk.

See you all next week.

Hi My beautiful followers.
I'm just letting you know I came inside and found a picture of a mumma snail and her baby. I still don't know how they make that slippery stuff.

My thought for the day

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Sewing afternoon.

What is a bear to do?
Home Sunday, with Granny and an old girl of a bear.
This is not my thing, I want to be out on an adventure.
Lace and fluff and stuff is not what I call an exciting afternoon.
This old girl is certainly not finished, needles are flying and pins are every where. I do have to be careful where I sit.

Embroidery is added to shawls,

I think I look like one of those old photos that were taken when NO one smiles.
Can you remember them?
Just so I didn't go stir crazy, we had the sport on the telly. 
This little bunny was finished this week, I was surprised he didn't want to play, he was more concerned about nibbling his carrot. 

Oh well a new day tomorrow, hopefully a much more exciting day.
Now it's time for toast, honey and peanut butter, with a big glass of warm milk.

I am certainly not dreaming about lace and fluff and stuff tonight.
See you all next week.

To all my beautiful followers, this Hakea flow is just for you. 

My thought for the week.
"If you ate pasta and then antipasti,
would you still be as hungry as when you started?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Felting Fairy Class.

Guess what????
I had to go to fairy class.
Yesterday Granny went to felting and they made these wispy fairy's.
They are made out of wool roving's and are very light and fluffy.
Here are some of the girls with their fairy's. Those people who were shy got the other girls to hold their little flutter fairy's. 
They were very quick to make. Granny said she wants to embellish her's a little bit. 

See we even have them flying in our garden.

Tell me where are the elves. I would much rather elves!!!!

I am locking my window tonight. I wouldn't if there were Elves. 
I don't want prissy fairy's coming in.

No fairy bread for supper. Just scrummy peanut paste, and honey on warm toast.
Washed down with a big mug of warm milk.

See you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur

This is a picture of a beautiful sun set in our street this week. 
It would be much nicer if those electricity wires, and telephone wires were not there. Can you close your eyes and imagine they are not in the photo?

Welcome Carmen. Carmen makes lovely miniatures.

My thought for the week.
" Home is not a place
it is a feeling."

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Day at Goolwa.

 The road to a friends house is never long.
Granny and I had a lovely day this week.

We had a very special friend staying from Sydney, and we went down to Goolwa , which is a town on the edge of a lake and the sea.

They had a wooden boat festival the week before and my friend had these wonderful boats in her house.

Out on their deck they had this very big Owl, who looked very wise. I think he was telling me something!!!!!!
I'm not sure what.

This is some fun pictures of the boat festival. 
I hope you like the boat made out of wine barrels. 
It was a few years ago that this one was sailed, but I thought you might like the picture.

I can just see myself sailing, and watching the pelicans as I went by.
I think I will dream about sailing all night tonight.

A lovely day spent with special friends.
Now supper of warm milk, toast, honey and peanut butter. aaahhh !!!
just what I need before bed.

See you all next week.

This picture is for all my lovely followers
We had a beautiful sunrise over Adelaide this morning.

My thought for the day.

"Don't cry because it is over,
smile because it happened."
(Dr. Suess)