Sunday, November 30, 2014

It is the Ho Ho season.

It's is getting to the HO HO!! Season.
I can't believe it Presents are arriving already. 
Dear Janice from Booh Bears sent Granny this lovely pin keep,because she won it in a give away.
Of course I had to open the box. I am very good at opening presents.

Both Granny and I think this pin keep is so, so pretty and special because it came all the way from the United States. It has a very sparkly flower on it. I think it is real diamonds don't you?
Thank you so much Janice. If you want to check out her lovely bears and cushions go to 
Granny is just finishing off two little bitty bears, So I am looking up some of Granny's Patterns for a new one!!!

Can you see me waving to all the Children that go past my window. I love seeing the smiles on their faces.

This is a quick photo of one of Granny's bears she has finished. Well that is wrong... she hasn't finished it at all. But nearly.
Happy First Advent Sunday to every one.

There was too much excitement today opening that beautiful parcel, so I am settling down for supper of toast, honey and peanut butter, with a COLD glass of chocolate milk because it was hot today. 

See you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur

These flowers are from Granny's garden. 
They are for all our beautiful followers. 

My thought for the week.

"Every one is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will spend it's whole life thinking it is stupid."
Albert Einstein.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The story of the manger.

"Granny can I sleep under this tree?"
"No Wilbur you will be all Grumpy tomorrow if you stare at those lights all night"
"Well Granny will you tell me the story of the Manger again?"
Oh dear, Wilbur you just love it when the Nativity scene comes out don't you?"

" Can I put the manger in, with the baby inside?"
"No Wilbur your paws are too big. Perhaps your little friends can help. Bucca and Honey Bun would love to help you."

"Can I shrink like them, I want to put the baby in?"
"Wilbur that is what little friends are for to help you do things you can't"

"Well can I put the fairy on ?"
"Wilbur that is not a fairy its an Angel."
"Well can I put Gloria on?"
"She is not called Gloria, That sign just means  Glory in the highest."
"Is that because she is on the roof and it is high up?"
"No Wilbur, she told the Shepards a baby was born, who was a King and our Savior". "Every year we get these questions. Let us just enjoy the  nativity scene."
"OH I do love Christmas, although there are so many questions that go through my mind."

We have Carols playing, and having warm chocolate milk, with toast, honey and peanut butter.

See you all next week.

This picture is for all my followers.   
If you came to visit you could walk down my pretty foot path.                           

My thought for the week.
"Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out.."

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Is it Christmas yet?

"Granny it is Purple time of the Year...
does that mean it is Christmas tomorrow?"
"No Wilbur, it is not Christmas tomorrow, in fact it is more than your paws, eyes, ears and nose all counted up together."
"When the purple flowers come out it seems as though it should be Christmas Granny."
"Wilbur it is 38 sleeps until Christmas so don't get excited yet."
"Why did you make the pudding this week Granny? It smells like Christmas with the pudding smell.
Any way Granny, how do I tell my tummy and my brain not to get excited."
"Keep calm thoughts, and keep busy Wilbur."
"The Christmas pageant was last week and Father Christmas is in the shop, so he must be coming soon."
"I don't believe you Granny... all the pretty floats look like Christmas to me."
"Wilbur, see this Candy Cane float; well we have not made our Gingerbread men or our Ginger Bread house, or our Short breads yet. So we have lots of work to do." 
"Granny, my brain won't be calm.... can we put the Christmas tree up right now."
"No Wilbur, may be next weekend."
"Granny my legs won't stop jumping."

"OK. Wilbur I need you to help me beat this butter to make shortbread's, it might keep you busy."
Now I am thinking about when they can come out of the oven to taste.

We cooked, and now I am tired. and having a supper of toast, peanut butter and honey, with shortbread's for dessert.

See you all next week.

This is for all my lovely followers.
This is a picture out of my window, If I stand on books, I can see how pretty it is.

My thought for the week.
"A lot of people are afraid of heights.
Not me, I'm afraid of widths."
Steven Wright.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A New Friend.

My cup is over flowing with Joy.
It is Wilbur here... Gd-day  every one.
The sun is shining, the flowers are out and I have a FRIEND...
His name is Bucca, and he was conceived in Tuscany.
I LOVE him so much.
Ines from  Guess who made him?

He was so glad to hop out of the pretty pink box, and he jumped right onto my shoulder and whispered in my ear....'Where am I". 
"You are in Australia little bear"
I told him not to be frightened I was his best friend, and would look after him well.
I would show him all around Adelaide where I live, and I would even show him a Koala, and a Kangaroo.

He was very excited.

You can see him in the box with a delicious bear chocolate.
It must have been a little warm in the box because the bear chocolate had his nose a bit skew wiff. I can tell you he tasted soooo!!! good. Bucca and I shared.
Do you know what was keeping Bucca safe on his journey. A beautiful little blue pot, filled with Lavender to make him smell beautiful.
How thoughtful  of Ines.

Granny and I will treasure him and love him for ever. 
He will last forever and more because he is made perfectly.
Just a tiny bundle of perfection.
Thank you so much Ines.

 Granny goes to Craft on Thursdays at a church. Each year they have a Display Day showing all the wonderful crafts that are made during the year.
The bear class displayed there bears like a toy shop.
This is the shop keeper with all the money.

Can you see me whispering in a bears ear.

There were so many different crafts Granny said it would be too long to show them all, so here are just a few.

Lead Light
Panel embelishments
Wool embroidery
Wood carving

Phew... What a busy day. I had to be nice to all those bears in the shop. 
I wanted a ride on that horse, but Golly would not let me.

Oh well I'm home and both Granny and I are having toast for tea?
With honey and peanut butter. 
See... I told Granny when you are tired that is just the right thing to eat.

I'm all snuggled up in bed with little Bucca.
See you all next week.

This photo is  especially for Ines. and my followers. From my garden.

 Please go to Iris's site and see here wonderful work

My thought for the day.
"A bad attitude is like a flat Tyre.
You can't go any where with out changing it." 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blackwood market. from Wilbur's eyes.

Hello!! all my mates,
Guess what it was market day again today.
So that means getting up early. Even before the birds had started chirping...
Where is the sun???
Well I can tell you the sun came out and every one had a lovely day. I thought I would show your these lovely Christmas ornaments that had candles in. It made them all flickering and beautiful.
Well do you guys get into trouble if you don't pick up your Lego... I know some one who is furry and golden and is handsome that gets into trouble if his lego is not picked up. I think one of these play mats, that you can pull the string and it is all tidy in a click of your furry paws. Good idea, don't you think?  
The lady was there that makes these amazing cards. That bus folds up just like a normal Birthday card, can you believe that!!! 

Well Granny told me to keep away from anything that had sugar in it.... She thinks it makes me go a bit hypo..
Hummmm!!!! who could resist these Christmas cakes.
I bought one and I do hope it is Christmas tomorrow, because I want to lick that icing.
You all know how puppies wag their tails and lick you to death... Right...
I had puppy lick all over me. This was a very friendly puppy. I just don't want to pick up his p....p you know that task..Well I am telling you that is NOT for me.
Boy oh boy I just needed a rest. I know... you will all say don't stop at the pink and pretty stall. Well my paws were hurting, so I sat on this basket for 2 mins. and something happened 
 Now it is not what you think!!!! I did not give a bear called Rosey, that rose. She just came up and plonked herself down very close to me...I think she had fur in her eyes, because I was not giving her the come on at all.  I was very polite, she asked me to smell the rose, I said " Thank you so much, I must not smell it today because I had quite bad hayfever last week."
Any way I told her I could hear Granny calling me to help her. So I had to leave.

See all those stockings and Christmas panels... well I'm thinking it tells me it might be Christmas tomorrow so I can lick that icing. 
It is time for supper of you know what!!PP..te and H...y on Toast..
With W.rm  M..k
Do you get my code.. I love making up codes.
I will see you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur.

 It was Halloween on Friday, so this is for all my follower
Who celebrate Halloween.
(I did eat some of the lollies we had to give children who come...don't tell Granny"

My thought for the week.
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are charming gardeners who make
our souls blossom."