Saturday, July 27, 2013

News from camp

 News from camp.
I just want to let you know Granny, that we are having the best time at camp, I was far to busy last week to write to you.
This week we have all made so many friends and every one is having fun.
I thought I would show them all how to do Dot Painting like the aboriginals do.
The bears are all very clever and did great paintings especially  Sissy and Blossom, they did very dainty little dots.

Will, Sweat Pea and Jason's dots were much bigger, some times man size dots.
This is a real aborigines  painting. They do thousands of dots.I think they must sit there all week.
We were far to busy to sit there that long.
Here is a lady doing very good work. I don't think she mucked around like us.
It was all to hard after a while we were sick of dots...... on paper so GUESS WHAT?
I painted spots on Will. and Jason. Sweet Pea got busy trying to chase the girls to put spots on them!!!!!
We all fell in a heap laughing.
OK, they got me back, and put spots on me like on Aboriginals when they have corroboree's

We were going to practice this dance but every one was worn out.
Time for a snack of Honeycomb and chocolate. Don't tell Granny we are having lots of lollies and chocolate.
It is just what you do at camp. Isn't it.?

I hope to see you next week.
Hugs Wilbur.

My thought for the week.

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm off and away.

Early morning, dizzy goodbye's ?

It was early morning and it was time to leave for our wizz bang Camp.
Here I come.
I said to Granny I thought we were leaving too early. and she told me she had a surprise before I left.
Hmmm!!! what would that be?
Granny's surprises are usually about a cake she has made.
I had my case all packed a week ago, I just had to put in my little bear that I snuggle up to when I go to bed.
Pick up my fishing rod and we are ready.
I was walking down the drive to the car, when I kept thinking WHAT surprise has Granny got for me.
We got to where the little planes were at the air port, I was telling Granny " We don't stop here Granny I am going in a very big plane." She told me to just get out and see what happens.
Well three funny planes landed and three pilots got out. They said they were taking me for a fun ride before my big plane took off.

I could choose which plane I went in.
They all looked funny. I said I will have a ride in the middle one please. 
I was trying to remember my manners. Granny said she would just watch.
Well, zoom, zoom.....away we went, I thought, this is going to be fun. Wow we were going so fast I thought my tummy was being left behind.

Well I didn't know if I was upside down, down side up or looking sideways. Whoosh, I was pinned back in the seat and couldn't move. Was Granny down there or up there in heaven. 
HELP I don't know where I am.
"Mr. Pilot are you going to crash, because I need to go to America, to camp."
"Before I go to America I do want to land on the ground, with out crashing."
Ooooow, we are going straight down!!!!! Mr. Pilot Pleease  pull that stick thing up. I think I could fly a plane better than this.
Ahrrrrrr....... at last we are on the ground.
I must ask Granny if we can do this when I get back from America.
I was scared, but it was fun all at the same time. I just had to go to the bathroom to see if my pants were at all damp.???? You know I could have got wet from the rain!!!! except it wasn't raining. I'm so glad I didn't have time for a big breakfast..

I said good bye to Granny and I told her she would be quite alright with out me. 
After all that hair raising ride before I left, it was like sitting in the most comfortable arm chair in that big plane.

I  looked out of the window and thought Camp Here We Come.
Now I need to keep busy. I took my pencils and wrote a big WELCOME sign to put up on the Big OAK TREE. Now all the bears and cubs will know where to meet.

I read my favorite book, and chatted to those beautifulllll cabin crew.   
At last we landed and off to the park. Oh!!!! the serenity,(Now that's a big word.)
All of us Bearcelors came a day early to get ready. We talked about making every one feel welcome when they got there, and what cabins the boys will have and what cabins the girls will have. 
Boys to the left, and girls to the right.

Then we wandered down to the lake and took a deep breath. 
We all couldn't believe we were eventually all here.
We all had supper together. You might guess what we had. Something that starts with H.

I will tell you more about it all next week I am too tired to think any more.
Hugs Wilbur

I saw this lion in the jungle and thought you might like to see it.
They have very friendly lions at camp.
A big welcome to
Mely Mel. she makes the most beautiful little plates and things for dolls houses.

"My thought for the week:-
Modern science is still unable to produce
a better tranquilizer than a few kind word."

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm counting the sleeps.

Do you ever sit and wish?
I found this thistle and I thought I would have a big wish, because I am so excited. 
 While I blew on it I made the biggest wish ever. Now I know you are not supposed to tell anyone what your wish is, or it won't come true. Well I am not going to tell you because you are all too far away. I am just going to key board it...... Guess?????
"I want the 4 sleeps left to go very quickly, because I  can't wait to get on that plane."
Yep!!! 4 more sleeps and then I will be off. It takes one whole day in the airplane to get there. So....... I have to pack another bag with coloring in books and books to read, plus my I Pad so I can play games.
And what else......FOOD.

Now this food I am putting in my small case.(Yes, Granny won.) I have peanut paste, Honey, marshmallows to toast, Jelly beans, chocolate, Tim Tams and honey bear biscuits.
Just encase any one hurts themselves I have bandages, in case of a snake bite. Band aids, sun screen, and I hope all the bears remember their tooth brush. Bears are not nice when they have smelly breath. Have you ever smelt a bears breath when they haven't cleaned their teeth? It smells like a dirty sewer pipe. 
Of course the fishing rod is for fishing and my sword is to protect all the cubs at camp encase a crocodile or a wild BIG BEAR comes too close. Those cubs coming to camp won't have one thing to worry about.
OH! I forgot to hide something in my case. It is alright you can see my bathers and shorts,but not something spotty. I have a surprise for everyone. Mum's the word?????

Supper time with toast, honey and peanut butter. I do feel comfy in my own bed.
"Granny, I can't sleep"!!!!!! "My eyes won't stay shut".
"I can see airplanes"  
Granny yells out to me to count sheep. I told her it is just hoomans that count sheep. So she yells back "Wilbur, count how many people you love." 
Well that is heaps so I think I will fall asleep before I have finished.

Next week I will see you all at camp.
I get there on Friday and most of the others come on Saturday.
I am meeting them by the big Oak Tree. 
See you all next week.

Autumn Wood Bears.
If you have a look at their site you will find melt you heart bears.

My thought for the week
"You can't wrap love in a box;
but you can wrap a person in a hug."

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sweet Lucy.

Sweet Lucy.

Sweet Lucy is a 17cm. tall and is made out of dense alpaca. She has ultra suede paw pads and is 5 way jointed. She has a wobble joint in her neck. She has black glass eyes and an embroidered nose that has been waxed and shone. 
She is filled with Poly fill and garnet for weight, so she is able to stand on her own.
Sweet Lucy has been needle and scissor sculpted, and is ready to give some one a big hug. 

Sweet Lucy is a collectors bear, and is NOT suitable for children because of small parts.
She was made in a smoke free and pet free environment.
If you are interested in Sweet Lucy contact me by email by finding my email address on my contacts button.
I accept Pay Pal, Money Order or Direct Credit.
Sweet Lucy is $85.00 Australian dollars plus postage.
I only send registered mail.