Sunday, March 23, 2014

Felted collar.

Granny said I had to show you the collar she felted first.
Then I can have my say.

I don't know what it is about felting, but Granny love to get amoungst the soap, and water, and rolling to make pretty scarves.
This one is for sale and she will put it on the side bar of things for sale.
It cost $66.00 Australian.

Well that's her out the way.
Now I can tell you, we went to a club called bears and friends, and the theme was coloured bear.
Granny said I couldn't go because I wasn't coloured.
If I am not coloured what colour am I?????
Beautiful soft gold of course.
That's a colour
Well I will sneak in her basket and see who's there.
ahmm... 'clearing my throat".
This rabbit is soft gold like me. She just has coloured flowers in her hair.
This bunch is all colours. Grey, blue, black(now that isn't a colour).
lavender and pink.

 I guess you could say these were coloured. I think they must come from a lot of different countries.

 Yes.... I know, I know... red is a colour and there seems to be a lot of red.

Well I did have eyes on this beautiful little cat. He is really very small and very beautiful. It was a purchase one of our girls made from over seas. 
So I am GOLD.. what better colour could you be but gold.
The sun is gold and people who are rich have a lot of gold.
I know granny must be rich because she has me.
Teddy bears are full of love and hugs, I am giving Granny a big hug tonight, because I'm GOLD.
Just letting you know my honey that is on my toast is gold as well.

See you all next week.

This will be one of the last roses before winter. See it is soft and beautiful light gold like me
I picked it for all my followers.

My thought for the day.

"By the time you find greener pastures,
you can't get over the fence."


  1. What a lot of lovely bear friends you have Wilbur! You certainly are golden!
    Granny's felted collar is grand. xx

  2. Beautiful collar!!! Oh, you are so sweet Wilbur, you are a Golden Bear for certain :-).

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Tell Granny the scarf is bee-u-tee-ful, just like her.

    Oh my mohair, since when isn't gold a color? It's the color of a sunset, sunflowers, sunshine, and yes HONEY. You should have been on the top of the guest list, the Guest of Honor.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  4. Well really, how rude of granny to be going round feeling people's collars, WE wouldn't like our collars felt...

    And how on earth could you not be a colour, plus some of those other ones are just dressed up in other colours, wasn't that cheating?


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  5. Wow "Goldie", for me you are the best! What was she thinking???!!! ...old.......

    but I Iove the scarve!

    Hugs! Pink

  6. Ah, the collar is beautiful, and what a lovely post. Gold is indeed a heart warming and very important colour!

  7. Love reading about Wilbur's adventures!
    Beautiful work on the collar,Kay, like the colors too, and of course Wilbur's color ;)
    Enjoy the last days of summer.
    Hugs, Delane

  8. Hi Wilbur,
    You are my favorite color of all! I think Granny should make something in gold colored felt to honor you ;-) Her work is really fabulous.
    I'm glad you got to go to the club and get all of those pictures for us.

  9. Hi Wilbur,

    Ohhh dat kan toch niet, oma heeft ongelijk
    hoor want jij hebt een PRACHTIGE
    gouden kleur. Je bent gewoon het zonnetje
    in huis, Trek het je maar niet aan hoor, haha.

    De vilten sjaal is FANTASTISCH mooi Kay,
    ongelooflijk veel werk maar het resultaat
    is SUPER geworden!!!

    Sorry, maar ik kan me nog steeds niet
    aanmelden als volger, heb het al heel vaak
    geprobeerd, maar.....eens gaat het lukken.

    Wens je een fijne nieuwe week toe,


  10. Wilbur - you're not only beautifully gold-coloured on the outside but you also have a golden heart (and a tummy full with golden honey *teehee*)... we can't understand why Granny didn't want you to take her to that coloured bear day. Hmmm... maybe she wanted some "ladies-only"-time? ;O) The scarf your Granny made is so pretty - and you're the most loveliest piece of gold ever...

    Flutterby + Birgit

  11. Dearest Kay,
    Wow, you create all sorts of lovely work, such as this beautifully felted collar!
    Great story about colored bears and I love that cat as well.
    Ending with your usual great quote: "By the time you find greener pastures, you can't get over the fence."
    We indeed will have a hard time jumping the fence!
    Hugs and happy new week.

  12. Wilbur,I think Granny's scarf is beautiful and it looks mostly gold like you. I can't think of a nicer colour for a bear. All the bears that live with me are gold too. Hugs to one of the best gold bears x

  13. What better colour indeed! Gold is the prettiest colour I know and you're right Wilbur ~ can you find anything lovelier than thick golden honey? It looks good and it tastes even better especially on toast with a cup of tea. I say go for Gold!!

  14. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Love the scarf and seeing all the colourful bears.
    My favourite are the gold coloured bears - so you are the best.
    Happy week

  15. Hello Kay
    Now that is such a stunning felted scarf. I know the time these take having created some wet felted works.
    Love your large bear and that cute rabbit.
    I too in the past used to create bears and still have a few in my collection.
    Yours are gorgeous!
    Have a great week creating!

  16. Indeed Wilbur you are Golden in so Many Ways - and Your Granny is so Talented making that Awesome felted scarf -( Note to Granny - I let my hubby do all the actual soapy stuffs LOL!) Your Creativity and JoY Shine forth in Every Post - No Wonder Wilbur is Such a Happy GOLDen Bear ~ LuV, TiGGy


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