Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A new mink bear

"Cinnamon Pie"
Cinnamon Pie is a little mink Bear. Made out of vintage recycled mink.
He has Light brown mink, legs, arms, ears and body with a cream chest and head.
He has ultra suede paw pads, with black shiny glass eyes. He is weighted with glass beads.
His face has been  extensively scissor and needle sculpted. He has a cute little button Polymer clay nose that has been shone. With shading on his nose.

He is so soft and ready to cuddle a new Mum.

If you are interested in Cinnamon Pie  please contact me by finding my email address on the contact button  at the side of my blog.

$166.00 Australian dollars, plus postage. I only send registered mail.
I accept Pay Pal, and direct credit.


  1. Oh dear, what a BEAUTIFUL bear!!!! I admire your sculpting skills! I love the expression! GREAT job! Hugs! Pink

  2. Kay, he is beautiful. His little facial expression is priceless.


  3. Oooohh, Cinnamon is really a very sweet nd cuddly guy. Hope he finds a wonderful new home... ;-)

    Big Bearhugs
    Tinchen & the reporter-girls

  4. Dearest Kay,
    What a lovely creature; almost realistic! Wish I could afford him...

  5. Słodki pluszak ! Dziękuję za odwiedziny. :)

  6. We have no doubt he is soft and cuddly... ;O) What a beautiful bear!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  7. What a handsome bear! I wish it was in my budget to give Cinnamon Pie a new home, but I am sure he will sell quickly. Beautiful work, Kay!

  8. Oooh Kay ,Cinnamon is a real beauty♥♥♥♥
    Hugs Ellen

  9. Ohhh lieve Kay, wat een beauty is
    "Cinnamon Pie" deze PRACHTIGE beer
    heeft zeker een heel hoog knuffelgehalte.
    Zo zacht en lieflijk.....

    En zo mooi het neusje en de stralende ogen.
    Zo enorm knap hoe je het gezicht zo
    prachtig in model hebt geknipt.

    Het is wel zeker dat Cinnamon Pie heel
    snel een nieuw huis zal vinden, PRACHTIG!!!


  10. My heavens but you are so talented. You and Joyce are amazing! I know there are a lot of you who are into making Teddies...and it is a great profession. I used to collect them..but never a handmade one until sweet Joyce gifted me with one of hers. Abby is my pride and joy!
    Love and hugs to you, Wilbur and the gang!

  11. Hi Dear,
    just found you on stone gable - The bear is soooo sweet - what a bretty face the little boy has!
    All the best from Austria

  12. Oh Kay,

    I love your little Cinnamon Pie!. So very cute and cuddly.

    It is so good to hear from you again. Thank you for stopping by and visiting the bears and I. Your kind comments are greatly appreciated.

    Bear Hugs,

  13. Kay Cinnomin Pie is awesome what an fantastic job you did. I love his coloring. Cinnomin Pie is perfect for him ♥

  14. oh my goodness!!!! Cinnamon Pie is the cutest mink bear ever!!!! you are so amazing with your bears!!! I am blown away!!!!

  15. Oh Heavens Kay, I can't get over how Incredible Cinnamon Pie is! I bet you are going to have Quite the time prying him out of Wilbur's hugging :)


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