Sunday, February 16, 2014

My first market of the year.

Granny and I went to our first market of the year today.
I needed new shoes.
What do you think of these Pepper Pig shoes? Granny says that they would not go with all my clothes. Psssstttt!!!! "What does she know" I liked them.
Just look at the sole of my shoe it is cracked, I have worn them out. 
I need new shoes!!!

This pair is Navy and white stripe. Now that would go with every thing...
"Hey Granny look at these."
She says the white would get too dirty when I trod in puddles.
Talk about a fuss pot. I don't think I am getting new shoes today.

It is Easter soon. Well not very soon, but Granny says soon because she says time goes fast.
I thought I would show you a few bunny's around the market.
More beautiful bunny's. We are all looking at that big jar of lollies!!!
 Well if I can't have new shoes I might get a hat. 
Now usually Granny makes me put on fluff and pink stuff Yuck....
At least today I found a Pilots hat. I really liked it. The trouble is it was too hot to have it on very long because my ears were cooking. 
I'm the masked bandit. Look out every one I am coming.. 

Aww these Ellies must be twins.
I was tired and I plonked myself down on this stall and it had a rainbow Elephant, I'm worried, I think she is looking Gooey Eyed at me..
This cute little chap hopped on my lap. Well they were friends for awhile. 
I had to move on because that Ellie was getting a bit fresh with me. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

At last I found some one that would not be up to any hanky panky.
Mr. Policeman. He was a great friend.

Early mornings make me tired,  I'm off to bed with toast, honey and peanut butter with a warm glass of chocolate milk.
See you next week.

Welcome friends.
A rose especially for you.
Welcome Elena Lavrova to my wonderful list of followers.

My thought for the week.
"How busy you are is not  important as why you are busy. The BEE is Praised; the mosquito is swatted."


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    That pilots would be great here, we had a little more snow last night. My ears would be cozy warm in that hat.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. I enjoyed all the pictures, so sweet! And the pilot hat looks great, as does the mask, a genuine super hero bear look!

  3. We think you should have gone for Peppa Pig!

    Oh, and we also think your friend at the end is a fireman, but you're right, you needed to get away from that rainbow ellie quick smart!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  4. Looks like you've had a fun day at the market - although you didn't get new shoes. But according to us Granny should have bought you that pilot hat! ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    What a great day you must have had at the market and I enjoyed seeing all the lovely goodies there.
    Hope the weather has cooled down a little over there and have a great week

  6. Hallo Wilbur,
    schade das du keine neuen Schuhe bekommen hast, aber die Kappe wäre auch schick gewesen.
    Liebe Grüße auch an deine Oma
    von Gitti

  7. Hi dear how are tou. I look Wilbur hi is ok, good really?? Very nice market whit a lot toys I LOVE!!!
    Kisses and hugs!!! BYE dear. NI

  8. Aw Wilbur I Loved Those Pepper Pig shoes Too! You Look FabMosT w/ all the new Goodies - That Aviator Cap was Awesome, No Wonder Lil Rainbow Elephant Gave Ya Da Gooey Eyes - Looks like You Had a Wonderful DaY Wilbur ~ LuV, TiGGy

  9. what a nice market ... lovely things everywhere
    hugs Iris

  10. The pilot's hat looksgreat! And we love the Pepper Pig shoes too. Granny really should have bought you this. You could wear the shoes and a straw hat when you go to the beach... ;-)

    Big bear-hugs
    Tinchen and the reporter-girls Lilly & U-BÄRtinchen

  11. Hello Wilbur!
    What a great day! but I tell you that I fell in love with that pretty white bunny with a rose! mmmmmm.....


  12. Looks like you had a great day at the fair. I liked the first shoes you tried and the super hero mask. You could be the new Superted! I think you muster been tired by the end of the day 'cos that policeman was wearing a fireman's hat!

  13. I love that pilot hat very much Wilbur! your ears too hot? what a pitty! btw: be aware of colourful ellies.....! xxx Pink

  14. Wilbur - the right shoes are awfully hard to find! At least you had a lovely place to shop and see some nice things while looking for shoes!

  15. Πάντα χαίρομαι όταν έρχομαι εδώ !!
    Πολλά χαιρετίσματα από Ελλάδα !!!


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