Sunday, February 9, 2014

Calling All Bears!!!!!!

I need all  bears opinions !!!

Can any of my friends tell me what is wrong with our human mothers or Grannies????

It was so hot, sweltering, blistering, baking, hot, hot, hot.
Granny decides to go to Felting. First get together for the girls this year.
Off she goes with all her gear. I decided I was sensible, and took a nap with a cold face washer on my forehead.  Trying to keep cool.

She comes home as pleased as punch, because she learnt how to do a fluted scarf.... !!!!What is that I hear you say. A scarf this hot weather...
YES and a wool one at that. 

Sooooooo!!!! you guessed it she wraps it around MY... I say My neck to see what it looked like.
Don't they know I feel hot as well.
I sure will tell some one soon!!!!!!****+++
That is why I ended up in the tub. All the towels, bubble wrap, netting and you know what has to be rinsed to get all the soap out.
Yes I volunteered very quickly to get in the tub and wash every thing. 
Something to stay cool PLEASE..

Too hot for warm milk, so cold it was... and of course, honey and peanut butter on toast for supper.
To all my followers , Happy Valentines day

My thought for the day.
"Consider the postage stamp;
It's usefulness lies in the ability to stick to one thing until completed."


  1. Yes Wilbur, i'm afraid all Grannies are crackers! x

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh dear, a wool scarf in the heat of summer? But you are so handsome that Granny knew you were the perfect model for the task.

    Want me to send you a picture of snow? That will keep you cool. We are expecting something major on Wednesday so I have my scarf all ready.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. Oh man, granny must be mad! Scarves in the middle of summer?! Mind you, LT doesn't normally remember to make them til about halfway through winter - which is worse?!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  4. I must hurry up before Birgit comes... You're absolutely right, dear buddy - sometimes a bear can only shake his head about the things our human beings come up with... Do you know what my Birgit does when we're having really hot days of summer? You'd never guess... she sits on the terrace and prepares her Christmas cards!!! (Just to point that out: When we have summer here Christmas is still 6-4 months away!!!) Buddy, keep your head high... remember it's your Granny and you love her and she loves you... although she abuses you as a scarfmodel during a heatwave... Be strong and keep cool - and try to get an extra glass of cool honey milk!!!

    Beary hugs

  5. She must have thought you were in the US where it is so cold...:-)

  6. Cor blimey, that's not fair, wrapping you in a wooly scarf in the middiddle of summer. Alan says can he borrow the scarf 'cos it's not very warm here at all. All windy and wet, but we seem to be alright at the moment anyway.

    Keep cool, maybe your girlfriend would like the scarf? Maybe she'd give a big soppy kiss to say thank you - yeeeugh.

    Hugs, and mischief,


  7. Dear Wilbur, I know it is very hot in your place (though it is hard to imagine for me right now when we have -20-30) But here is good news: you look great in the scarf that Granny made !!! :) I wish my Granny would do one for me :)

  8. У нас в Сибири только мечтать о таком теплом и красивом шарфе:) Очень красивый шарфик.

  9. It's a very classy scarf Wilbur but I understand there's a limit to what a bear can bear! I think hopping into the tub was a very wise decision.

  10. The smart scarf!!! When winter will come it surely will heat in cold weather.

  11. Oh oh Wilbur...she is a know what they say don't you? the older the......however, the scarf is beautiful and I whis I had a granny to make me one! Looks great on you! But, what is true is true: it is more than a bear can bear indeed!
    Thinking of you with all my heart dear Wilbur! xxx Pink

  12. A cute post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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