Sunday, April 28, 2013

Linda Benson's work shop, and Hahndorf Doll and Bear show.

Granny said she had the best 3 days sewing a brown bear that they made at the workshop .I am sulking because Granny has been too busy to play with me.
I couldn't post last week because she was busy.
I've even gone fuzzy because I am so up set.
Granny said to tell you all if you get a chance to do Linda's work shop you should do it.
They all made beautiful bears. Most didn't get finished. Granny's, is still sitting on the table getting stuffed and then the tail needs to go on.
This is a photo of all of us with the talented Linda  in the middle kneeling down.
They all are smiling and I was left home.

Poor little Bear. Taking the photo makes Granny see he has a crooked nose.  More stitching happening around here I can tell. 
Poor bear hasn't been sewn up, can you see the white where his tummy is falling out.
For goodness sake Granny, I can't bear!!!! looking at innards. Do you think mine look like that.
This big bear is by Linda, he has got the most gentle face. At least I got to know him because I met him at the Hahndorf Doll and Bear Sow.
Can you see me stoking him. I felt like I was stoking a pussy cat he was so soft and lovely.
This is more of Linda's bears, you will drool over them. Granny did. 

Grany said to share a few photo's of the show with you.

The best part of the show was seeing Shirley again. I love seeing  Shirley she is one of my special friends.
We had lot of talks while Granny was selling her bears.

Well that was a long winded post. See I told Granny we should have written to you all last week.
Now it is time for supper. Back to Peanut Butter and HONEY on toast.
See you all next week.

Welcome to Sophia. Sophia comes from Greece, and makes cloth dolls, ducks and puppies. 
you can find her at

My Thought for the Day.
"People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one."


  1. You did a great job with the bear , he is lovely . Great photos ! x

  2. O What a beautiful pictures you have .

    greetings corina♥♥♥

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    GROWL, I hate being left behind, so I know how you felt. GROWL. But, at least you got to spend time with Shirley at the show.

    I missed you and was worried that you and Granny were sick, but now I feel better.

    The bears are bee-u-tee-ful, but I love Granny's the best. I like his nose just the way it is, it gives him character. Don't tell Mom, but she has a crooked smile - again, it's part of Mom being Mom. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  4. Wilbur,I think your little friend is so pretty. Linda's bears are really nice, they have lovely faces.xx

  5. Hi Wilbur,
    We wondered where you were last week and now we know why you didn't post and relieved that you and Granny are okay.
    We know how it feels to be ignored. Our mom has also been too busy to play with us. She's been making dolls of all things. Not bears which we wouldn't have minded so much but dolls. The doll population is getting out of control. We can hardly wait until camp so we can get away from them.
    Tell Granny we think her brown bear is lovely.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. I did'nt know Linda's bears, thanks to Granny for these lovely pictures !! beautiful bears !!!
    Have a great week, Wilbur and Kay !!


  7. Hi Wilbur,
    You've reported our week very well. Granny and I had a lovely time at the show, and Shirley was so excited to spend time with you that she still hasn't settled down. Then our workshop with Linda - wow! The bear I made is still waiting to be finished too - Granny's bear is much further advanced. In fact I'd better go and give my bear a hug and tell him that I will try and finish him this week. Have a good one, Wilbur!
    Hugs from Kayzy :)

  8. I think Wilbur has a girlfriend. He looks like he fancies her alot!

  9. Not fair... so much fun at the workshop and you being left at home. We can only hope that you received lots of extra peanut butter toasts with honey. But Granny made a lovely bear, it will be a masterpiece once he's ready. And thank you for all those lovely photos from the show, but we loved the one of you with Shirley best! ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  10. Oh LT would *love* to do one of Linda's workshops, so it's probably a good job she's in Oz or we'd be abandoned too. Oh no, what if she decides to go all the way over there for a class...?!


    The Clan & Jack

  11. I'd be sulking too if I'd been left alone while Granny was socialising with all those brand spanking new bears ..... at least you chatted to Shirley ... she's very pretty.

  12. Lucky Granny to take a class with Linda, I bet it was a lot of fun for her, sorry not so much fun for you. The pictures are all great, thanks for sharing.

  13. Amazing! You made a wonderful bear - thank you very much for all the marvellous photos! :o)

  14. Danke für die schönen Fotos!
    Liebe Grüße an Wilbur

  15. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    what fun taking Linda's class and the bear is gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.

    Happy week

  16. It looks if you had a great weekend! It arose lovely bears!
    Hugs Melli

  17. Dear Kay,

    What a wonderful pictures...
    And a lovely class!

    And Kay that bear is so lovely..
    It was a lot of work, bur that bear
    is amazing!
    I love that bear...his nose is co cute!
    A new friend for Wilbur haha..

    Big hugs...also for Wilbur...


  18. Que bonitos todos!! parecen de verdad.
    Paqui y Mari Jose

  19. Well, Wilbur..Granny's little unfinished guy who isn't quite born yet..looks absolutely wonderful. Granny is quite an artist! She really is!
    All of those dolls were beautiful..and I honestly was not jealous when I saw you with Shirley! Not in the LEAST! AARRGGGGGGG!


  20. HI Wilbur, you were being very badly treated last week. Imagine being left tohind like that. 'S not fair I say. Mind you looking at the bear making photos I know what you mean about bear innards. When LT was show us how bears got borned it was like a horror show in reverse. It quite upset me, but the end point was worth the wait, so I know your brown friend will be fine.
    In the meantime, Granny surely owes you lots of extra peanut butter and especially honey.

  21. Okay those bears are complete works of art, simply fabulous!!! The talent in this world is amazing...


  22. Hi Wilbur,
    being left behind is never fun. Your Granny's bear is wonderful. Goodness looking at innards would make me throw up!! Hide your eyes until it's stuffed. I think you and Shirley make a lovely pair. Probably this picture has made a lot of your admirers jealous. Not me though, I always say it's nice to have lots and lots of friendships before we get old. Mama said we are never too old to pursue friendships.



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