Raggedy Anne

Raggedy Anne is wondering if she has shared
her toys with her brotherlately.
Raggedy Anne is 46cm. tall. She is made out of
dyed calico with painted socks and eyes.
She has cotton knickers and frock with lovely wool hair.
She holds her best friend Ted. Ted has seen better days
although she would not want him any other way.
Her face has been painted and airbrushed.
Her fingers are wired so she can hold Ted. Her
little button nose is embroidered with embroidered
mouth and eyebrows.
This pattern was designed by Sweet meadow Farm.
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Frosty is made from a calico base
 then plaster of Parisis put on to the calico
which is then painted white.
His nose is polymer clay, with bead eyes.
Frosty has weight in the lower part of him to
give him a good weight.
He stands on a wooden base that looks like his shoes.
He is adorned with a felt hat and polar fleece jacket.
Plus a snuggly scarf to keep the chill at bay.
He Carry's a broom to sweep unwanted snow away
Little birds are his special friends, so he has a 
little bird house so they can keep warm.
Frosty is 35cm.high
Cost $30.00 Australian dollars + postage.(I only post registered mail)
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I accept Pay Pal, Money Order,and Direct Credit.
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Maude is made from calico, with a painted face.
She wears a floral cotton frock with lace and pin tucks.
A few little flowers broach nestle at the base of her neck.

Her hat is damask and her bag matches her hat
She has velvet flowers on her hat with tulle veiling.
Her shoes are painted to look like leather.
She is demure and has cream pantaloons
with lace.
She will sit because of weight in her body, or you could hang her.

Maude is 64 cm. long without her hat.
Email me before ordering.
$55.00 Australian dollars. + postage. (I only post registered mail.)
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Maude is ready to post now.